Card of the Day – Hoppip (HeartGold SoulSilver HS 67)

Welcome to today’s Card of the Day. I’m working hard on releasing them more consistently. Today, I’ll be reviewing a card from the COTD request thread, Hoppip HS. Yeah, I know… Well, let’s see what we have here.

pokebeach.comHoppip is a Basic Grass Pokémon with a terrible, very donkable 30 HP. It has a x2 Fire weakness, which hurts because Blaziken FB hits you for weakness. The -20 Resistance is great, resisting Machamp Prime, Donphan Prime, Machamp SF, and Promocroak. The Retreat Cost of one sucks, but it’s manageable.

Now, here’s me telling you that its weakness and resistance will be irrelevant 99% of the time: Hoppip is a 30 HP Basic Pokémon, which means that even without its weakness it’s 1HKO’d by Blazikent FB’s “Vapor Kick”, let alone the LV.X’s “Jet Shoot”. Just like its weakness, the resistance is also useless; Donphan Prime and all of the others will still 1HKO you. However, there may be a rare use for these stats, so we won’t write them off completely (not that I can actually think of one now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one).

Hoppip has no Poké-anything, but it does have an attack. Is it good enough to warrant Hoppip some play? Well, I don’t know. “Bounce”, for G, does 10 damage with the option of switching it to your bench, which is nice for escaping the more dangerous active slot. However, by far the biggest reason you would want to play Hoppip is for getting out its Stage 2 Evolution, Jumpluff. Seeing as it’s the only Hoppip in the format, you don’t have much of a choice if you want to run Jumpluff.

Rating: 3/5 (It has terrible HP, but the attack is kind of useful… sometimes)
Other rating: 5/5 (By Hoppip standards, it’s by far the best Hoppip in the format)

Yeah, I know it was a short review, but there isn’t much to say about Hoppip HS.

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  1. Anonymous

    lol I actually didn’t ask for this, I was surprised as you guys to see hoppip here!

  2. Sam Marshall-Smith

    Hmmm…. I wonder who suggested this..COUGHJ-wittz*COUGH.. Ahem.

  3. Ryan Burnett

    Yeah, I suggested this! Haha you actually did it! :D

  4. venny kid

    With the whole Jumpluff line, I find it funny that Rare Candy skips over SKIPloom. Just a thought. Agreed that J-Wittz probably asked for this one. Lol.

  5. Zachary Slater

    This is kinda ridiculous lol. We should at least go over Jumpluff if we’re going to review one of the worst starters in the game…

    4/5 times you can donk this easy with SPs.

    • theo Seeds  → Zachary

      okay, I agree, but I think this was a joke. Hoppip is so awesome that you’ve got to review it sometime.

      GO HOPPIP GO!!!! GO HOPPIP GO!!!!!!

  6. wisconsinsquad

    Hoppip is not a good card, and will not see play because Jumpluff is not popular anymore, due to the absense of Claydol… 1/5 Rating

  7. Gabriel Sellers Taylor

    Somebody must have been bored to do this review. I do appreciate these though. It was a well-written review. Maybe we can see a Luvdisc review sometime (February maybe?).

    • Dakota Streck  → Gabriel

      Yeah, I was slightly board when I wrote this, but that isnt’ the point. If it’s requested (unless if I have a really, really good reason), I’ll eventually review it and today was Hoppip’s lucky day.

  8. theo Seeds

    Hoppip vs. Luxray GL Lv. X

    HOPPIP WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What the heck just happened?

  9. jordan richards

    nice love the analysis keep it up 
    check out

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