Card of the Day – Mewtwo LV.X (Legends Awakened LA 144)

Welcome to another Card of the Day! Today, I’m reviewing Mewtwo LV.X, from Legends Awakened.

Mewtwo LV.X was brought to use in the 2009 season and was quickly realized as an amazing SP counter because of it’s Poké-Body, “Psybarrier”, which states “Prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to Mewtwo by your opponent’s Pokémon that isn’t an Evolved Pokémon”. Yeah, you can see why it was good. How can SP kill what it can’t even touch?

pokemon-paradijs.comLet’s back up a bit with the basics of the card. Mewtwo LV.X is a Basic Level Up Pokémon with a nice 120 HP and Psychic Coloring, meaning you’ll hit Uxie LV.X for weakness as well as Machamp SF & Prime. Uxie LV.X would traditionally hit you for Weakness, but thanks to “Psybarrier”, you safely evade that threat. However, you will be hit for weakness by Gengar SF, which is a big downfall. The no Resistance is disappointing and the Retreat Cost of 2 sucks, but sadly, all is expected.

Its only attack, “Giga Burn”, for PPC does a massive 120 damage. However, you must then discard all energy attached to Mewtwo. That is a very steep cost, even if you do have a high chance of getting a 1HKO. Thankfully, if you play the Majestic Dawn Mewtwo, you will have other options of attack, such as “Energy Absorption” to retrieve those discarded Energy and “Psyburn” for a vanilla 60 damage.

Mewtwo LV.X was an amazing SP counter in 2009, where a big number of decks played it to fight the Tier 1 Demon. However, now that Garchomp C LV.X has entered the format, both of LuxChomp’s main attackers have a way to play around Mewtwo. In addition, many LuxChomp decks, as well as DialgaChomp run Dialga G LV.X, which shuts of Mewtwo LV.X’s Poké-Body, making it an easy 1HKO target for their Uxie LV.X.

Overall, I think Mewtwo LV.X was a great card, but as new sets came along, Mewtwo was left behind.

Rating 3/5

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  1. Zackary Ayello

    What’s with the change in the way the card of the day is posted? Was the slot on the left side of the page not getting enough hits?

      • Zackary Ayello  → Red

        Hmmm, i figured it would be automatic. An hour and a half later, still not on the side. Hoppip must secretly be a huge tank that ohko’d mewtwo back to the main page.

    • Adam Capriola  → Zackary

      That was a boo-boo on our part, forgot to categorize the article so it didn’t go up right. Just fixed it, so it should be cool now.

      • Zackary Ayello  → Adam

        Aww. I liked my idea better. Oh well. To get slightly more on topic, there’s only one thing missing from this article. And that’s the hilarious Mewtwo from Rumble! Heh

  2. theo Seeds

    nice arty. I give card 4/5 by itself and 3/5 when considering metagame.

  3. Andy S

    3/5? You should at least give it 4, especially in this SP infested format.

  4. the sidewalk

    This card clearly deserves at least a 4/5. Every competitive player knows that this card can win games without ever having to attack. Sure, DGX ruins it like it does every other card with a body, and sure, Drifblim and Machamp laugh at it… But its potential in tournaments is something that should never be underestimated. I would run this in anything using Psychic energy. Those two slots can win you games so long as you introduce him strategically.

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