Card of the Day – Bronzong G (Platinum PL 41)

pokemon-paradijs.comToday, I’ll be reviewing Bronzong G from Platinum. Bronzong G has great Metal typing, allowing it to abuse Special M Energy, which is a great bonus. It has an average 90 HP for a Basic Pokémon SP, as well as a bad Psychic weakness, handy -20 Fire resistance and a terrible Retreat Cost of 3. Thankfully, being an Pokémon SP, it can use TGI Poké Turn to get it out of the Active Spot when needed.

Bronzong G is a supporting Pokémon SP because its only attack, “Psychic Pulse”, for MC and a TGI Energy Gain, does a measly 40 damage and 10 to your opponent’s bench. Even with Energy Gain, it has bad value and very little reward.

However, its attack is not the reason you’d play Bronzong G. Instead, you would make room for it in your deck for its Poké-Power, “Galactic Switch”, which allows you to move an energy card attached to one of your Pokémon SP to another Pokémon. However, you must then put 2 damage counters on it.

Last year, when I was playing LuxChomp, I didn’t like it because it was a bad starter and didn’t seem to do that much for it. I still don’t play it in my LuxChomp lists. However, Sablelock and DialgaChomp are two decks that should definitely play Bronzong G because they’re able to use it to its full potential.

My recommendation: I would pass playing it in LuxChomp, but definitely play it in DialgaChomp. Also, I’d say to really test it out in Sablelock as well.

Rating 3.75 (Great card in two of the most popular decks with the only downside being the Retreat Cost.)

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  1. Tyler Z

    Bronzong G in LuxChomp is too good to pass up.

    Being able to switch the Electric Energy off Luxray after attacking then Galactic Switching it to Garchomp so you don’t have to have a DCE to Dragon Rush every time. Or picking up a DCE/Psychic off Dragonite/Ambipom/Promocroak and switching it to Garchomp. It overall makes the deck much more efficient and helps it accomplish its goal of taking 6 prizes in 6 turns.

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