Card of the Day – Chatot G (Supreme Victors SV 54)

Today’s Card of the Day is everyone’s favorite parakeet, Chatot. Chatot G from Supreme Victors is a Colorless-type with average stats. For being an Pokémon SP, it has a below-average HP of 60, a poor x2 weakness to Lightning, and an always fantastic resistance to Fighting-type. Unlike its Majestic Dawn brethren, Chatot G has a Retreat Cost of one, but that is okay!

pokebeach.comNow that we have the obvious out of the way, let’s take a look at this musically malevolent bird: it has a Poké-Power (so it must be good) and an attack that requires no energy.

Its Poké-Power, “Disrupting Spy”, allows to you look at and rearrange the top four cards of your opponent’s deck when you play Chatot G down. This alone is the reason why the card sees play. In lock decks, such as Sablelock, being able to control the opponent’s draw is crucial to maintaining the lock. Deliberately causing dead-draw can be considered cruel, but that’s exactly the point!

Also, working in the same vein as Slowking HS, rearranging the top cards allow other, less popular stars, such as Primeape SV and Absol G LV.X, to be more effective. One can now “Top Drop” that Tyranitar or “Darkness Send” your opponent’s Cyrus’s Conspiracy and Uxie, thereby crippling set up.

But wait! What about its attack? Well, “Search and Escape” allows you to get any Trainer card from your deck for the painless price of shuffling Chatot G back in. It is a Pokémon-to-Trainer card, if you will, with an effect akin to Pokémon Communication and Energy Exchanger. Need that Luxury Ball? No problem! Poké Turn to reuse Absol G LV.X’s Poké-Power? Not an issue! Power Spray for next turn’s predicted “Set Up”? You got this game in the bag, brah!

And upon Triumphant’s release, Chatot G can too benefit from cards such as Seeker or that fifth Poké Turn via Junk Arm. Its Power can be used over and over again until the opponent starts crying or just scoops altogether. What a wonderful way to end the match, right?

Note: Do try to be kind with this evil bird. Its power is in your hands… leaving your opponent with none in theirs.

Rating: 3.5/5 (It’s great in specific decks, but not meant for all.)

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  1. Dane Carlson

    Chatot G is a great card. It’s Disrupting Spy Poke-Power is simply amazing. I currently have it in my DialgaChomp deck, and it has won me plenty of games. I think it deserves a spot in almost any deck, even non-SP decks, as it has no need for other SP Pokemon to be in play. In other words, CHATOT G IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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