The Vile Disruption Deck of Doom

Hey guys! Peter Bae here once again to talk to you about this disruption deck that I made. This deck was talked about a bit in my Oshawa Autumn Battle Road report where I faced Curtis. So the deck is owned by Curtis and I guess whoever helped him make it, and I’m just here to write an article about it as I loved how the deck performed.

So what is the point of the deck? Well, it uses many cards from Undaunted to reduce your opponent’s hand size down to 0 or to just useless cards, then controlling top deck, starving them from resources, and then hitting with medium damage with Houndoom to get easy 6 Prizes or donking them.


Pokémon – 23
3-3 Houndoom Prime
2-2 Weavile UD
1-1 Umbreaon UD
3 Sableye SF
1 Jirachi RR
1 Unown Q
2-1 Uxie LV.X
1 Azelf
1-1 Slowking HS
T/S/S – 27
4 Team Rocket’s Trickery
3 Pokémon Collector
2 Cyrus’s Initiative
2 Judge
3 Bebe’s Search
1 Palmer’s Contribution
2 Pokémon Communication
2 Expert Belt
4 Super Scoop Up
1 Luxury Ball
3 Broken Time-Space
Energy – 10
4 Special D
6 Basic Dark

Before I start talking about the card choices, this is my build and I have no idea how Curtis’s build was. Obviously, the build can be changed to fit your liking but this has worked out quite well for me.

What do these cards do?!

pokegym.netHoundoom Prime
This is the star of the deck and your only attacker other than Sableye. His stats are pretty basic. Stage 1 Dark-type Pokémon, 90 HP, x2 weakness to fighting, -20 Psychic resistance, and 1 Retreat Cost. So far, it doesn’t sound all that bad other than the x2 weakness to Fighting, which spells trouble against Machamp and Donphan. However, his first attack will make up for his x2 weakness to Fighting.

His first attack, “Fire Counterattack”, for 1 D Energy does a measly 20 damage or 30 with Special Dark. However, the good part is that if your opponent has a Fighting Pokémon in play, it does a whopping 20+60 damage for a total of 80! This can easily Knock Out any Machoke and Machop before they become Machamp, and since you are a stage 1 with 1 attach attack, you will be setting up faster than Machamp. Donphan Prime still spells trouble but the number of Donphan players has decreased. His second attack is what shines though.

His second attack, “Dark Roar”, does an average 50 damage for 2 D Energy, or more depending on whether you have Special Dark or not. The tricky part about this attack is that your opponent has to discard a card from their hand when you use “Dark Roar”. Although, your opponent chooses what they discard, most likely they won’t have an option with their already measly hand of 1 most of the time. (You will want to know why, so keep reading this article)

Weavile UD
This is an awesome card for the deck. The stats are also pretty basic, stage 1, 80 HP Dark-type Pokémon, x2 weakness to Fighting, -20 to Psychic, but no Retreat Cost. So the stats aren’t too bad because of the free retreat. You really do not have to worry about the weakness as this card will never have to attack or be in the Active Spot unless your starter or Houndoom is Knocked Out.

pokebeach.comHis attack “Feint Atack” is pretty mediocre. For 1 Dark and 1 C energy, you do 30 damage to any Pokémon. I guess the 30 snipe isn’t all that bad but not enough for it to be an attacker. His Poké-Power “Claw Snag” is what shines him out of many Undaunted released cards. When you put Weavile down from your hand, you get to look at your opponent’s hand and discard any 1 card from their hand. This is very nice as you can abruptly end the Cyrus chain, drop a vital Pokémon, or energy drought your opponent. And it works very nicely with the theme of the deck.

Umbreon Prime
Umbreon Prime is a card chosen to specifically help against Donphan Prime and further improve your Gengar matchup despite the type advantage you will have. Umbreon Prime is also a stage 1 Dark-type Pokémon. It has all the same stat that Houndoom Prime had (1 retreat, 90 HP, x2 weakness to Fighting, -20 Psychic resistance). Umbreon has an attack called “Moonlight Fang” that does only 30 damage for 1 Dark energy or 40 with Special Dark. It might not be much but the effect of the attack makes up for it. When you use “Moonlight Fang”, Umbreon is protected from all effects of attacks, including damage, from a Pokémon with Poké-Body or Poké-Power. This can give you many turns while you set up or try to rebuild because 90% of the Pokémon in any deck has a Poké-Power or Poké-Body. Umbreon also has a second attack, but if you were to be put in to a spot where you have to use it, you’ve pretty much lost the game.

Sableye SF
This is one of your starters in the deck. Sableye has been proven to be a great card for many decks like Sableye and Gyarados for its donking ability, and the power to fish out any Supporter to use it as its attack. Sableye is a Dark basic Pokémon with an average 60 HP. He has no weakness, which is great, and -20 Colorless resistance is great against Garchomp C and Ambipom G donk. His 1 Retreat Cost is a bit saddening but Unown Q will do the job. He has a Poké-Body called “Overeager”, which makes you go first regardless of the dice roll unless your opponent has a Sableye. So, make sure you do the dice roll regardless of your active Sableye. Going first might sound dumb but his 2 attacks are so good that you can go first and still have an overwhelming advantage.

His first attack “Impersonate” is a great attack that requires no energies; it let’s you search your deck for a Supporter, discard it, then use the Supporter card’s effect as the attack. This is great as you can refresh your hand if it is bad with cards like Judge, while ruining your opponent’s hand, or use draw Supporters like Team Rocket’s Trickery (which will be further talked about). His second attack, “Overconfident”, is an absolutely amazing attack that can potentially win you the game in the first 5 seconds of the game. For 1 Dark energy, it does an unsatisfying 10 damage. However, if the defending Pokémon has less HP than Sableye, you do 40 damage, or 50 with a Special Dark. 50 is enough to Knock Out most of non-SP Basic Pokémon, especially with Gyarados coming back in the format.

pokemon-paradijs.comJirachi RR
Also another starter, but less desirable than Sableye during the very early stages of the game. Jirachi is a Basic Steel-type Pokémon, 60 HP, +20 weakness to Fire, -20 to Psychic, and an amazing no Retreat Cost. Jirachi has a great Poké-Power called “Final Wish” where, if your Jirachi were to be Knocked Out by damage, you can search for any 1 card from your deck. Jirachi’s first attack is also the only attack you will be using as you do not run any Steel energy for the second attack. Jirachi’s first attack, “Detour”, lets you use a Supporter card that you played for the turn again as the effect of the attack. This is awesome as you can potentially drop up to 4 cards with Cyrus’s Initiative to completely cripple your opponent, or use Judge twice in case you got a bad hand, or use any other great Supporter twice.

Slowking HS
Slowking HGSS is also another Stage 1 card that fits perfectly with the deck. He is Psychic-typed, average 80 HP, x2 weakness to Psychic, no resistance, and a disappointed 2 Retreat Cost. He has a mediocre attack that isn’t worth mentioning because you won’t be able to use it. However, his Poké-Power “Second Sight” is what fits perfectly with the deck. “Second Sight” lets you look at top 3 cards from your or your opponent’s deck and rearrange them any way you like. This has very good synergy with the deck as you will be dropping your opponent’s hand count to 0, while controlling their top deck. I chose this over Chatot G as it is once-per-turn Poké-Power, and you don’t have to run 4 Poké Turn for it.

Team Rocket’s Trickery
The main Supporter of the deck. This card was also introduced in the set Undaunted and is probably never going to see play other than a deck focused on discarding your opponent’s hand like this one. Team Rocket’s Trickery lets you draw 2 cards and your opponent has to discard 1. This card wasn’t chosen because of the drawing effect, rather the discarding effect. If you have Jirachi RR active, you can draw 4 and your opponent has to discard 2, which is great.

Cyrus’s Initiative
I’m sure most of you know about this card from the dreadful decks Sablelock or Chenlock. Cyrus’s Initiative lets you flip 2 coins, and for each heads you can choose a card from your opponent’s hand and put them to the bottom of the deck (and you view their hand, by the way). This fits with the theme perfectly as you can reduce their hand size by 2 cards.

Super Scoop Up
Super Scoop Up is a Trainer card that is basically a Poké Turn with a coin flip. If you get heads on that coin flip, you can pick up a Pokémon with all cards attached to it. This is great as you can use it for healing, reusing Poké-Powers like “Claw Snag”, “Set Up”, or just to get Slowking away from the Active Spot.


vs. Luxchomp 60/40 in favor of Luxchomp
Early-game is probably the hardest part with this matchup. If you can get Houndoom up turn 2 doing 50 with discard and get good rolls with Cyrus’s Initiative to drop their hand, the match is basically in the bag. Make sure you control top decks so they don’t top deck into Bebe’s for an Uxie. However, LuxChomp will still have the advantage with their fast recovery and their ridiculous speed as they will most likely attack before you will get the chance to set up properly.

vs. DialgaChomp 60/40 in favor of Weavile/Houndoom
I, personally, believe this is one of the easier matchups for this deck. DialgaChomp is a fairly slow deck and if they don’t get a turn 1 “Deafen” on you, you will probably outspeed them and discard their hand away for an easy win. Also, watch out for Promocroak.

pokebeach.comvs. VileGar 60/40 in favor of Weavile/Houndoom
This is your easiest matchup. Spiritomb start is not too bad to deal with as you can easily Knock it Out with Sableye. Your attackers (Houndoom and Sableye) both have type advantage against Gengar. As long as you can keep them away from dropping the Vileplume or Gengar SF, it should be fairly easy.

vs. Gyarados 70/30 in favor of Gyarados
This is probably harder than your LuxChomp matchup. You will be helping them discard Magikarp with your “Dark Roar” and Team Rocket’s Trickery. However, if you can “Claw Snag” their search cards for Gyarados or Gyarados itself, or use Cyrus’s Initiative to do the same thing, you should be able to Knock Out their 1~3 Pokémon on the bench and active for the game.

I know I should post more matchups, but I haven’t been able to play that many decks with this deck. I’ve only tested these ones so far and this is what it felt like. In theory, your Machamp matchup should be easy if you can keep Machamp away, but when they get Machamp set up, it will most likely be 6 turn, 6 Prize loss for you.


So far, with the testing I have done, Weavile/Houndoom has been a very good contender against all the top tier decks. I’ve rarely gotten bad hands, and, even if I did, I was able to refresh my hand by using Judge or just give my opponent a bad hand with my Supporters. I believe this deck can do very well at Cities, Regionals, and upcoming tournaments, and I hope everyone can try it out as it is unbelievably fun to see the faces of those who top decks for 8 to 9 turns with 0 cards in hand.

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    • Peter Bae  → Julliant

      Well the point is hopefully lock him before he gets set up lol. Its quite possible for this deck to stop a decks set up easily in the first few turns with cards such as Team Rocket’s Tricket x2 with Impersonate and using it form hand or Jirachi RR, Cyrus’s Initiatve x2, Weavile Drops, etc. But yes, once Tank decks get set up, it is very hard for the deck to walk over as the daamge output isnt the best. And yes, Seeker would be a nice addtion, along with VS Seeker lol except I jsut didn’t have the room anymore xD

  1. Dakota Streck

    Well, I think you have a very good list for the deck, but I don’t think the actual deck will work with bad matches against LuxChomp, Gyarados and IMO, Machamp as well.

    • Peter Bae  → Dakota

      Despite popular beliefs, lol it works fairly well against LuxChomp. I’ve beaten 1 Luxchomp and Lost to 1 Luxchomp and even than, the loss was very close, 1-1 prize until they taken the last one, and when I won, I think I was up 2 prizes. I have yet to test the build out, and since the rise of Gyarados, I believe Honchkrow SV will be a good tech

    • Peter Bae  → Perry

      ya but all tanks deck also takes a while to get set up lol except dialga chomp, and tanking isnt really big in my area, there is not even one dialga chomp player actually lol, I used to be the only one, not I stopped cuz I got bored of it xD too many top cuts at BR XD thought i should test other decks for cities

  2. L M

    Why not put 1-1 Honchkrow SV in here to help against Gyarados? You’re already running the energy and if they use your cards against you to discard their Magikarps, just put them on the bench for safe keeping.

  3. Kevin Kuphal

    Giratina Lv.X would be a great tech in this deck. With the Poke-Body requiring your opponent to discard in order to attack, even if they were to pull a good top deck draw, they’d have to dump it to attack.

    • L M  → Kevin

      I was thinking that too. The only problem is getting it back to the bench. Right now the list doesn’t run any Warp Points or Warp Energies (or Level Max if you’re feeling lucky). The only thing that can help it get back right now is Unown Q and discarding what little energies the deck has. Also a problem could be had with a Giratina start. Where you need to bank on hitting a Super Scoop Up. If the list was altered to include switch cards I could understand the including of Giratina, especially the basic version with the “Let Loose” Poke-Power. But as of now the list has a lot of free retreaters and the list may already have enough discarding. I’m definitely going to be doing some experimenting with Weavile very soon!

      • Kevin Kuphal  → L

        It takes up more room, but a Level-Max could always level up on the bench and while not the most useful basic, the Strafe attack will switch Giratina back to the bench

  4. Matthew Tidman

    I’m curious how the deck has performed at tournaments. Between you and Curtis what’s the best the deck has placed so far?

    • Peter Bae  → Matthew

      Well at the time, I was running DialgaGarchomp, and he absolutely had the control over me, constantly making me drop cards and making me top deck bad cards. However, He couldn’t find a way to draw in to Poke-Turns or hit enough heads on SSU to reuse Chatot G (this wouldnt happen with Slowking HGSS). Also the fact taht when he Chatot G my top 4 cards, he got, Dialga G and 3 Cyrus’s Conspiracy LOL so I was able to get out of the lock and over power him as he used most of his resources on Chatot G (once again not going to happen with Slowking HGSS). Also, his loss to me was because this deck is really weak once the lock comes off against a Tank deck. However, he managed to top 4, face Dialga Chomp (Zach’s unconventional, but very good build), and lost to him 2-1, tkaing game 3 in to Sudden death. I’ve yet tto run this deck at a tournament, but I hope I can at Cities as I just need few more cards for it. I think it can do very well. I’ve been testing it at locals which consists of now, Gyarados, LuxChomp, VileGar etc. I’ve yet to go against Gyarados (will be teching in 1-1 Honchkrow SV for it), but Luxchomp match up seems to be 50/50 or 60/40 in Luxchomp, and VileGar I could say the same but 60.40 to Weavile/Houndoom because of Fainting spell and type Adventange

  5. Lancun Seriuth

    Have you considered running Houndoom G? It’s a Fire Type that uses Dark to attack…not to mention that it essentially locks the opponent’s active if you disrupt their topdecks, further adding to the disruption

  6. Profile Deleted

    I really like the ambipom from TF, that makes opponent discard 2 cards.

    • Peter Bae  → Profile

      Ambipom TM is a very good choice actaully. It can use DCE, (despite there is none on the list but you cna make changes). But I hate the damage output, 80 HP + x2 Fighting weakness makes it OHKO from Machamp’s Take Out. And the fact that it is shuffled back in to the deck

    • Kevin Kuphal  → Profile

      I was considering the Ambipom RR. Once you have someone locked up, moving energy off their attacker could be disastrous if they had managed to get someone set up at all.

      • Peter Bae  → Kevin

        Well the full lock is acutally Houndoom attacking soon as their hand is at 1~2 as now they will have absolutely nothing to work with. That few turns you give them with Ambipom G could backfire, but also bring you very good results.

  7. Giorgio Pasqualini

    I see, that forum is the Pokémon TCG official Italian forum. As you said and as I had forgotten, you need to have 5 posts in the forum in order to see the discussion I linked in the previous message. That discussion wasn’t open to everybody because we were talking about decks and strategies for the Prague Cup 2010… Well, I’ll show you what I was talking about…La follia pre europeo ha portato a questo: [Crazyness before European Cup generated this:]Torta * Visualizza Profilo * Visualizza Messaggi Forum * Messaggio Privato * Visualizza ArticoliTorta è onlineDetto ”Il bello”…L’avatar di TortaRegistrato dal 05 Jan 2009Località Trieste (TS) / Osio Sotto (BG) 27 Pokémon 4-4 Weavile UD 2-2 Houndoom UD 2-2 Slowking GS 3 Sableye SF 2 Jirachi RR 1-1 Giratina PL LV.X (Giratina Let Loose) 3 Uxie LA 1 Azelf LA 23 Addestramento 3 Broken Time Space 3 Team Rocket Trickery 3 Pokémon Collector 2 Bebe’s Search 4 Super Scoop Up 3 Pokémon Communication 2 Judge 2 Cyrus’s Initiative 1 Luxury Ball 10 Energie 4 Buio Speciali 2 Buio 2 Psico 2 Warp EnergyI have just pasted here the list (without the analisys) that I posted in that discussion. This list gained almost 60 comments, and in the end gained this form:4-4 Weavile UD2-2 Houndoom UD2-2 Slowking GS2 Jirachi RR3 Sableye SF2 Uxie LA2 Unown Q (Grazie Dr.Caterpie)Addestramento (27)4 Broken Time Space3 Pokémon Collector2 Bebe’s Search4 Team Rocket’s Trickery2 Cyrus’s Initiative1 Cyrus’s Conspiracy (Grazie Gatsu)2 Looker’s Investigation4 Super Scoop Up4 Pokémon Communication1 Luxury BallEnergie (8)4 Energie Oscurità Speciali4 Energie OscuritàThis list (with some fix) was also used by the Italian national champion of 2006 and 2007 during the prague cup and he closed the tournament 4-3.Of course I’m not saying you copied it from me or something like that… My first comment at your list was not that serious, it was a sarcastic way to underline that Italy got it first! =)

    • Peter Bae  → Giorgio

      Lol XD oh, I don’t mind xD I’m kinda sad that it only went 4-3… If I ever top a national or regionals with this.. I’ll be sure to mention Curtis and the Italians.. as I believe the forum was italian? (I can’t speak em.. had to use translator)

      • Giorgio Pasqualini  → Peter

        Yes I am the “inventor” of that deck and I’m Italian myself. The forum is Italian and thanks to all the Italian community the deck was improved. However, I am not Curtis but Torta LOL (if you meant to mention me). Torta is the Italian translation for Cake LOL

        • David Reichenberger  → Giorgio

          How is anyone the “inventor” of this deck? The whole idea was obvious as soon as translations were released for the cards. “Weavile and Houndoom AND Team Rocket’s Trickery!? Let’s build a deck!!”
          It’s like, “Keine Scheiße, Sherlock”.

        • Giorgio Pasqualini  → David

          When I posted my first post I was (as I said) saying something without any attempt of revendicating anything.. It was just a a sort of gag that I thought when I saw the list of that deck! The following posts were to explain to you the meaning of what I said… I wrote inventor between inverted comas, as I said, I just noticed that we both had the same idea (not talking about weavile+houndoom+trickery only, but also jirachi which means trickery and cyrus in. x2, slowking which means draw control and sableye as a starter…) However, I’m glad that I was not the only one who put his trust in this deck, and I’m happy to see that by the other side of the world there is someone who got almost the same, identical idea… Ich auch hoffe, dass du, david, was Ich sagen wollte verstanden haette..

        • Peter Bae  → Giorgio

          you could be the inventor, but your not the one I got the idea from, infact its curtis. What I meant was If I do win anyhting major with this deck, you and curtis will be mentioned. However, there is really no point in taking credit for a deck that didnt do well

  8. Dane Carlson

    Awesome idea! I’ll have to try it! And, just wondering, do you think this would probably be rogue or not? (It’s just ‘cuz I like to play rogue decks.) :)

  9. thomas clip

    Great article! Might want to try this deck out, as I love disruption… :D

  10. theo Seeds

    My friend Blake runs this but with a way different list> I don’t like the deck and never will.

  11. Joe Dyer

    Do you think your deck would run more consistently if you swapped out the ssu for seeker, and why puut in uxie X if your bench is already going to be fairly packed?

  12. Nick Galli

    I would suggest a heavy hitter in this deck because too many decks top deck the exact cards they need to get out of the lock. Honchkrow sv possibly? using its poke power to put unwanted basics from the discard onto the bench to take up their much needed bench space with say an koed uxie? Great idea just needs a back up plan if lock does not succeed

  13. Tom Contello

    I like the idea of TRR and Jirachi a lot. TRR by itself even i feel is an extremely underrated card. A 2 for 1 is always really good in pokemon.

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