Bug and Suggestion of the Month Winners for November 2010

Here are our bug and suggestion of the month winners for November 2010. Each winner gets free access to any 1 Underground article of their choosing.

Bug of the Month

Ian S. is bugged by our lack of videos!

This is something I would really like to starting doing again. While I personally am not extremely knowledgeable about the game and couldn’t shoot videos of myself giving tips and advice, what I could do is start conducting interviews at tournaments and recording match play (if the players oblige). I’ll have to get a new camera, but I think it would be fun and everyone would enjoy watching those kinds of videos.

Suggestion of the Month

Jonah D. suggests that we make Underground articles available for individual purchase, rather than requiring a full membership to access them.

I thought this was an interesting idea and I’d like to get some feedback whether other people would like to see this or not. I am not sure how much each individual article would be, but they would be affordable (though getting a membership would still be a better deal).

If you are not an Underground member and would like to see this option, please leave a comment or message me and we’ll get something set up.

I am also awarding a Jonah D. (Genguy) with a free article for a few suggestions and bugs he had sent in.

If you would like to report something that bugs you, click here.

And if you would like to make a suggestion, click here.

Thanks to everyone who submitted bugs and suggestions last month! Good luck to all who submit new ones for December. :)

Reader Interactions

23 replies

  1. Kenny Wisdom

    Would anyone be interested in watching recorded RS games w/ live audio commentary? That’s something I’m working on at the moment.

  2. Jacob Swiney

    Honestly, if i had to pay for individual articles, id be pissed. I love reading all of them and 15 a month for so much content is absolutely fine with me haha. Videos ARE a must tho.m J-Wittz, PokemanDan, Get on the ball! ;D

  3. Zackary Ayello

    +1 to making articles open for individual purchases. That way, younger kids can get the article on the deck they play, just in time for last-minute xmas lists.

  4. Ian Sedelow

    Hahahahaha I won the free UG article but i’m already a member.

    • venny kid  → Ian

      You could “give” it to somebody esle…(hint,hint). lol. I totally agree with the lack of video content on SixPrizes. I would be cool to see live tournament coverage too.

  5. Travis Yeary

    Oh yea. There’s alot of articles, I just wouldn’t want to read, and then there’s some underground articles where I’m upset because I don’t want to pay over ten dollars to read that one article lol. Making individual articles buyable is genius.

    • Ian Sedelow  → Travis

      Honestly all the articles and the help they give you is worth every penny. I’ve taken away so much from one month of UG.

  6. Olliver Barr

    Great job guys! While i would probably not buy them, it sounds like a great idea.

  7. thomas clip

    Individual purchase is something that I think is great because some articles I don’t want to read and others I really want to read.

  8. Matthew Tidman

    +1 to wanting to be able to pay for individual articles. I dropped my subscription after the free period, and I’ve been generally happy with that, but there have been a few times when I wished I could read just one of the articles. I’d love to see them for $1 an article, which equals out to more than the subscription if more than 15 underground articles are put out during the month. I probably wouldn’t pay more than $2 per article, though unless I really wanted to read it.

  9. Michael Randolph

    Just purchased a brand new video camera for event coverage, and playtesting videos.

  10. Anonymous

    I would like watching redshark games, and I would also like the possibility of buying certain UG articles, but at a really cheap price, no more than a dollar. Seriously, there have only been a few UG articles that I’ve really wanted to see but I wanted to see them.

  11. Anonymous

    +3 for individual purchases. Would love to see more vids too.

  12. John Rea

    Hey Adam, The Commenting Etiquette Box is great, I also think a little Box with some Pokemon Abbreviations would help some of the newer Pokemon players, or some of the players who have been out of Pokemon for some time, Or a link to Woodstocks Common Abbreviations Thread. :D

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