Our First Go At SixPrizes Radio…

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and was on the call last night! There were some technical difficulties, the sound wasn’t great, and we were pretty unorganized, but we gave it a shot!

In this show we talk about the first weekend of Cities and answer listener questions. On call were Zach Lesage, David Reichenberger, Mike Fouchet, Frank Diaz, Colin Peterik, Josh Wittenkeller, Kenny Wisdom, and Jason Chen.

Sorry to anybody who was on the call then got kicked off (Jason)… I couldn’t figure out how to add people back in.

I’ll be working out the kinks over the weekend so the next time we do the show it will be a lot better.

The show will hopefully be available on iTunes as a podcast soon… I’ll be submitting shortly after this post gets published.


P.S. I’m just going to say this is PG-13 as is… there is a little bit of cursing. It is a pretty raw audio file, I edited some portions to make the volume higher, but that’s really it. You’ll probably have to adjust your volume throughout and there are a lot of blips and bloops that will be corrected next time.

Call in number: 719 966 7371 (aka 719 WOOPER1… goes straight to voice mail if you’d like to leave a question for next time)

Direct Download – Run-time: 37:30


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  1. Anonymous

    Love the idea of Six Prizes Radio. I would include a show synopsis in the post. Is this something you’ll be doing regularly?

    • Adam Capriola  → Anonymous

      Yeah we’ll try to do it somewhat regularly. My goal was to push out this first show as soon as possible so we would know what to fix for next time.

      I’ll add a little synopsis now and add the run-time as well.

  2. Anonymous

    please do these like every week xD I haven’t had time to listen yet but I really have wanted a good competitive Pokemon TCG podcast for quite some time now and there just aren’t any. iTunes asap also please!

  3. Justin Mills

    If you’re looking for a good model, Bulbacast was a Pokemon podcast that was really top quality stuff. Look it up, give it a listen?

  4. Ryan Tur

    Yeah, this seems like a pretty good idea. I had two issues with it:

    1. Yes, the technical aspects. the volume fluctuated quite a bit, and sometimes it was hard to make out what people were saying through all the static.

    2. I was a bit insulted by the person saying European results are like juniors. Just because our tournaments aren’t that big, doesn’t mean we all play bad/gimmicky decks. We deserve at least a bit of respect…

    • Anonymous  → Ryan

      if it makes you feel any better, I test with Europe all the time and was the one who included you guys on my list : )

  5. Ian Sedelow

    Kenny sounded like a helicopter pilot. He must have some sort of head set.

    • Adam Capriola  → Ian

      LOL yeah Kenny is gonna try to get a new mic for next time. I messed a lot of stuff up on my end too… like I didn’t realize all those dumb Skype notification sounds on my end were coming through and being recorded. If I clicked like 1 thing I could have turned them off but didn’t realize it.

  6. Derek Coontz

    Can’t wait to check it out after school. I’ll be really excited if you actually get a podcast series going.

  7. Michael Skoran

    First, let me say that I really appreciate this endeavor to create a radio show about Pokemon. I think it’s long overdue in the TCG. Having listened to it yesterday, I have a few suggestions.

    -Make the voicemail questions be read from a script. It’s annoying to have to listen to something as simple as “What do you think about Gyarados dominating the first weekend of city championships” be dragged out into “So, uh, I was just wondering, like, uh, what everyone thinks about, you know, Gyarados dominating the first, umm, week of cities.”
    -Have the hosts at least partially plan out or outline what they’re going to be talking about. For example, if the topic is “how did you do at the tournament this weekend?” outline what deck you faced each round and if you lost, why. A deckbuilding mistake, bad luck, or bad match-up? Someone was talking about going 3-2 with Mew Prime/Rhyperior (at 3 tournaments? don’t remember exactly). I would’ve liked to know if the losses were to Dialga G, failure to set up, or losing the prize trade. I’m not talking about a whole tournament report, just an overview of the matches and metagame in their area. You have 5+ people, so there should be a decent amount of time filling content.
    -I missed the first few minutes of the show, so ignore this if it was already done, but I would like to hear everyone introduce themselves at the beginning of the show. The majority of the audience haven’t met these players and don’t know them by voice.
    -Make guidlines for submitting questions (for voicemail, twitter, etc.) They can’t really help with a lot of the deck strategy questions without knowing the decklist. That type of stuff should be relegated to the forums or in-person help. For example, someone asked about how to play against Machamp with Magnezone. Personally, I would use 2/2 Magnezone SF#6/Prime, 4 Seeker, and 1 Mesprit. Let the opponent take an early prize or two against Spiritomb while charging Magnezone Prime, then play Mesprit and Judge in the same turn you OHKO their Machamp with Lost Burn. I don’t know if the person who asked for advice is willing to accomodate for these changes, though. That’s why deck help won’t work on the radio. It’s supposed to be a conversation, but only 1 side is talking.
    -Try to keep the cursing to a minimum. I don’t care, but I’m sure there are parents who would like to listen to the show with their young children, but hesitate, thinking there might be fowl language. So in a way, you lose 2 viewers. Cursing won’t increase your audience, but lack of it certainly could.

    I know the first show was more of a test run than anything, but maybe some of these suggestions can help things run more smoothly next time.

    • Adam Capriola  → Michael

      Thanks for the feedback man! Yeah it was mostly a test run to figure out what worked and what didn’t.

      1. Next time I’ll try to pre-screen the voicemails better, and if it’s a good message we’ll put it on air, otherwise we’ll read from a script like you suggested.
      2. We sort of a had an outline… it was originally going to be each person talking about their week 1 of Cities (and answer some specific questions relating to their experience), then we were going to talk about what to expect for the upcoming weekend but we got off track. We’ll definitely be more organized next time.
      3. We said everyone’s name at the beginning, but yeah I agree it’s a good idea to give a little more background (like where they’re from, etc…)

      4. We’ll work on some guidelines for submitting questions… mainly I think the only real type of question that isn’t going to work is going to be deck fixes. Anything else is probably ok.

      5. Yeah we’ll try to keep cursing down, or at the very least I’ll edit cursing out afterward. I really like the idea of doing the show live because there is more interaction (we had a chat going while we were talking so people could ask questions too), so the live factor means there are going to be slip-ups, but for the final product I’ll make sure to edit better.

      Thanks again for the suggestions man, I really appreciate it.

  8. Matthew Tidman

    Kind of sorry I had to miss it, but I had to practice for my next Cities some time. Hopefully I’ll be able to check it out after it’s published as a podcast.

  9. Ed Mandy

    I just listened to the recording, and it was good. I like the format of a podcast, because I can listen to it at my leisure. Having it a live radio experience is cool, too, but I know that I’m unlikely to tune in at any specific time. Therefore, I like the option of listening to the recording later.

    My issues with this first one were mainly technical. At times, I had to turn my volume way up, and others I had to turn it down. Sometimes one guy would be loud, and someone else would reply almost inaudibly. A few of the voicemail questions were good but some were pointless. They bad ones could have been weeded out better. Stuff like that ought to get ironed out over the next few episodes, though.

    Finally, I’d like the next episode’s discussion to center around Lesage’s banning. That could prove entertaining (but maybe not for him).

  10. Joshua Pikka

    Good Job Adam and crew

    I love the idea of the radio show, and you had some good players there.

    But there is the problem of it being annoying to listen to and hard to listen to because of technical problems.

    If you get more organized and fix some technical problems you guys will be great.

  11. venny kid

    I LOVE the fact that you guys are doing a radio show! For the future, you need a script or something. But as a start, it was great minus the weird bloopy noises that occurred. Look forward to next time!

  12. Derek Coontz

    Show was great but there was a lot of background noise from Skype chat. But overall it was interesting and I’d love to hear more.

  13. Adam Capriola

    I think just got all the sound issues sorted out. We’ll have to do some some checks before we start to get the volume right, but everything will be configured correctly for next time. :)

  14. chrataxe

    Awesome Adam, love it. I’m just now getting finished up and I think it was awesome. Obviously, there was the technical issues but I know they will get ironed out.

    Just curious, what software where you using? Skype? Anything after that? I’ve been running a lot of ideas through my head how to “optimize” a radio show over the computer as far as getting different channels for each caller, just curious how you’ve been doing it.

    • Adam Capriola  → chrataxe

      Skype and Audio Hijack Pro (for Mac) mainly… Safari and iTunes for the music + call in sound clips and UStream to broadcast live.

      CamTwist (Mac) is optional if you want to include video on the UStream.

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