PokéClass Episode 14 – Machamp, Back at the Top!

This week is another deck analysis on one of the top decks at the moment appearing at City Championships, Machamp. This deck used to struggle to keep up to speed with everything that wasn’t SP or Regigigas, but, with Machamp Prime from Triumphant, this deck is slowly crawling its way back to the top spot! Watch for analysis and skeleton list!

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  1. Anonymous

    Another nice thing with the Donphan option is that Earthquake damages your bench, powering up Champ Buster.

    • venny kid  → venny

      Whoops. Hit the reply button before I was finished. I would like it if you could possibly make your voice a bit louder in your videos. Great video as well!

  2. Adrian Worthington

    If you run Umbreon then you are gonna need a Darkness/Rainbow energy and that’s gonna be hell to get out so I would’nt bother with Umbreon.

    • Matthew Tidman  → Adrian

      Yeah, I tried running it in testing before cities this last weekend and even with four fighting and four rainbow the deck was just too clunky to be consistent. I ended up going Machamp/Donphan.

      I think Umbreon/Machamp is a cool idea, but it fails in execution.

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