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  1. Tweed Moore

    How do you fit the mesprits, Dialga G and extra Seekers in the deck as well as the norms of junk arm, SSU, crobat G and turns? Do you run Cyclone energy?

    • Anonymous  β†’ Tweed

      I only run 1 mesprit, 3 turns, and no cyclone energy. The full list is on 6P Underground–it’s not that hard to fit everything, especially if you cut some cards to 3-ofs intead of 4-ofs I’m surprised Adam posted this–I was afraid you guys wouldn’t like it because of the lack of dialogue

      • Tweed Moore  β†’ Anonymous

        Josh, we always like the things you post dude! So you run like 4 collectors, 3 Bebe’s, 3 seeker, 2 PONT?

        I love cyclone in my deck, but maybe its not the best strategy? I gust away their active and normally all they have to promote are basics that have under 90 HP for OHKO’s. So instead of the dialga G I tend to kill the uxie, crobat, garchomp C, Bronzong G or azelf. It seems to work, but maybe not going after his main attacker is not the best idea. I also find the cyclone’s useful to possibly gust away spiritomb before I get regice out. But those 3 spots could maybe be used better for mesprit LA and Dialga G X.

        I plan to try out those techs instead of mine. Thanks

  2. venny kid

    I’m preparing for Cities and would like to know just how much worse BlazeChomp is than Luxchomp, because (no surprise) I can’t obatain any Luxray GL X, but own a Blaiziken FB X. Is it better/worse, less/more consistent or disruptive? Is BlazeChomp a bad play?

    • Peter Bae  β†’ venny

      BlazeChomp isnt that much worse than Luxchomp now. You hit steelix, DGX, Scizor Prime for weakness, and can counter Vileplume pretty nicely with Blaziken FB Lv.X Luring flame + Jet SHoot OHKO on vileplume. Its a cheaper man’s luxchomp. ONly problem I see now is beacuse of the rise in gyarados, it could have some trouble, but you have vapor kick which can do some nice damage too without having to jetshoot which causes you to take extra 40 dmg. (Regardless youd prob die one hit to gyarados anyways). I’d say if LuxChomp is 10, BlazeChomp is like 7.5 now

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