Christmas Presents, City Championships Discussion, and Listener Questions – SixPrizes Radio December 10th 2010

Hey everyone,

We made our second attempt at SixPrizes Radio last night… I think it went a little better than last time, though there were still some technical mishaps on my part. I overcompensated with some of my adjustments to the sound, so the quality is still a little suspect. Next time it should be better… third times the charm, right??

Besides the sound, I realized I also messed up reposting the UStream live feed and chat modules to the site, so our Facebook page and Twitter never updated to give everyone notification we were on. We had a smaller turnout than last time, and I realized that’s probably a big reason why.

Next time I’ll make sure the Facebook page and Twitter get updated, and I’ll send an e-mail out as well.

A big thanks to everyone on call last night, as well as everybody who listened in live. Zach, Kenny, Cam, Mikey, John, Chris, Tyler, Kyle, Jack, Venny, and anyone else I missed… thanks for being there!

Also thanks to James, Michael, Derrick, and Jacob for the call in and e-mail questions. We really appreciate it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the show and we’ll slowly make headway in improving the quality of everything… the more times we mess up the quicker we can fix things.

If you’d like to be featured on the show next time, here’s how you can get on…

Call in number: 719 966 7371 (aka 719 WOOPER1… goes straight to voice mail if you’d like to leave a question)


And if you’d like to be a guest on the show, you can e-mail about that too and we’ll get in contact with you.

Direct Download – Run-time: 44:47

P.S. Please continue to leave suggestions if you have any below… I’m making it a goal to improve at least 1 or 2 things each week, so keep reminding us of what to improve. We can’t fix everything at once, but over time it will get better.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m sad that I couldn’t be a part of this one, but I’ll do my best to make it whenever I can : (

  2. Kyle Warden

    I tryed to get the question up but you guys alas gave up hope a few seconds to early, oh well it should be there for next week :)

  3. Peter Bae

    I fell asleep because I was sick :( would have loved to listen in lol and to call in to ask questions which I prob won’t do beacuse of long distance calling <.< (sorry a bit broke XD)

  4. Peter Bae

    I fell asleep because I was sick :( would have loved to listen in lol and to call in to ask questions which I prob won’t do beacuse of long distance calling <.< (sorry a bit broke XD)

  5. Ed Mandy

    This one was better, but the pace was slow. The guests don’t really know what’s coming, so everyone seems to just wait around for someone else to speak. It gives it more authenticity like a more normal conversation, but a lot of the time, I’m left feeling like, “Just get on with it.” or something.

    If the guests had a script (even just a basic outline), then they’d know what was coming next. Sharp guests may even study ahead and have points that they intend to bring up. This would really help for the listener questions, too. If the guests actually knew what the question was, they might try to answer it. I’m not sure that everyone even knew what a couple of the questions were.

    Now, note that I’m listening to this as a podcast, so it’s not live. The live interaction is cool, and if you want live Q/A, then you can’t script it so much. As a podcast, though, it seems a bit messy.

    Yeah, I know I sound critical. I’m just bringing up what I notice. I would still keep listening even if it stayed the same. It’s good, but I think it still has room to improve.

    Thanks guys!

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