SP-ar Wars Episode IV: Garchomp Strikes Back


The evil wizard SPoldemort has used the dark side of the force to create genetically mutated Pokémon clones called “Pokémon SP” that he used to dominate competitive Pokémon play and take over most of the known universe. Almost all other Pokémon had to retreat to their remote, 9-Sleeve plastic planet of Binderia.

However, there was a prophecy that, one day, there would be a “Triumphant” set of cards that would once again bring balance to the SP/Evolution sides of the force. This series of articles will detail the heroic struggles of 3 valiant and almost-forgotten Pokémon and how they hoped to bring down SPoldemort and restore order to the universe.

As the Pokémon SP took control of the galaxy during battle roads, the Rebel Stage 1 and 2 Forces discover new allies in the Triumphant quadrant. Led by their fearless leaders Gengar Lockwalker and Lando Gyaradosian, the rebel forces manage to form a secret base on the world of Supreme Victoria. Here they also find the Pokémon Garchomp who is very strong in the force and send him to Master Comoda to equip him with new “Triumphant” skills that will help him fight against his evil SP nemesis, Garchomp C Level X.

The Story Continues…

pokebeach.comOn his way to Comoda’s planet of Toiletula, Garchomp SV reflects on what has made him such a great fighter so far:

130HP. This amount of HP is good for a Stage 2 and enough to withstand damage from most of my opponents, even a direct strike from Garchomp C Level X (without Lucario GL)

Dragon Intimidation Poké-Body. If someone damages me while I am active, they have to return 1 energy attached to them to their hand.

Guard Claw Attack. This does 40 damage but also reduces damage done to me next turn by 20.

Speed Impact. This attach does 120 damage minus 20 damage for each energy attached to the defending Pokémon.

Free retreat. Helps to get me to the safety of the bench.

C energy attacks. I can use any types of energy, including Double Colorless, to power my attacks.

However, being a realistic Pokémon, he reflects on why he was captured by the Empire in the first place and forced into the SPoldemort’s genetic mutation labs which created Garchomp C and its Level X:

2-3 energy attack. This made me a little slower than my SP counterpart, especially since I don’t have SPoldemort’s energy gain.

Colorless weakness. I could usually survive a hit from Garchomp C LV.X’s Dragon Rush, but when his sidekick Lucario GL showed up, I got taken out by x2 weakness.

After this reflection, Garchomp was a little discouraged, but he hoped Master Comoda could give him a few pointers to help him when he faced his SPoldemort’s minions. He found the little runt sitting there on a log, and he couldn’t help but wonder… could Master Comoda really help him?

“Fearful You Are. Stronger You Must Be. Strong is the SP side of the force. Resist fear and anger you MUST!”

Ahhh… always wise words that flushed right down to the soul. So, Garchomp committed himself to learning how he could use the power of friendship (Pokémon buds), skills (Supporters and Trainers) and the Force (Energy) to become strong enough to fight in the intergalactic city championships.

First, Comoda focused on friendship. “Fight alone you must not. Many enemies you have, but many friends you have as well”, Comoda cautioned wisely. “Give you an edge friendships will” So, Comoda suggested the following Pokémon:

4-3-4 Garchomp SV
4 Spiritomb
1 Unown Q
1 Celebi Prime
2/1 Uxie LV.X LA
1 Smeargle UD
1 Crobat G (often a double agent working for both sides)

Comoda also explained why these were helpful:

Garchomp. “Other Garchomp there are, but suck they do. Perhaps powerful Garchomp Level X is, but waste attack it does. Build consistency with Garchomp SV you must.”

Spiritomb. “Stop SP trainers you must. Critical it is to speed your evolutions. Sacrifice Spiritomb is often necessary.”

Smeargle. “Copy Powers it Can. Use wisely a Jedi must.”

Unown Q. “Wise it is to attach to Spiritomb, Celebi Prime, or Smeargle. Start with him you must avoid. Easy target for the dark side”.

Celebi Prime. “Increase energy quickly it will. Defend against other stage 1 and 2 cards a possibility. Use the force (i.e., pick the right energy) wisely, young Garchomp.”

Uxie/Uxie LV.X. “Setup and draw power useful to all Jedi.”

Crobat G. “Helpful he is for extra damage, though clone he is.”

Stage 2 Jedi Skills (Supporters and Trainers)

pokebeach.comGarchomp would need to maximize his use of his skills if he were to effectively take on Spoldey’s crew. He and Master Comoda flushed out the following list of Supporters and Trainers:

3 Rare Candy
3 Bebe’s Search
4 Pokémon Collector
2 Pokémon Communication
1 Luxury Ball
1 Palmer’s Contribution
3 Broken Time Space
2 Expert Belt
3 Seeker

Their logic was solid:

Rare Candy/Broken Time Space- helpful to speed evolutions

Bebe’s Search/Collector/Communication/Luxury Ball- great way to find Pokémon friends

Palmer’s Contribution- needed to recover Garchomps and G Energies

Expert Belt- Give Garchomp a chance to do extra damage when needed

Seeker- Allow Garchomp to retreat and heal or reuse Poké-Powers on the bench


Being Colorless (but not gutless), Garchomp could abuse special energies. In addition, running Grass energies would allow Garchomp to use his Poké-bud Celebi’s energy acceleration powers.

9 Grass
4 Double Colorless
3 Rescue


Comoda then discussed matchups, not only against the SP side, but also against other forces that you had to be on guard against, even allies like Lando Gyaradosian.

LuxChomp (even). LuxChomp SP would be a fairly even matchup, but would require care around Garchomp C Level X. Recovering Garchomp via Seeker and recover energy would be very important.

DialgaChomp (unfavorable). Alas, when Garchomp C is paired with Dialga G, it creates a very difficult matchup as it cancels out Garchomp’s and Spitromb’s Poké-Bodies.

Gyarados (slightly unfavorable). Gyarados doesn’t usually work with a lot of energy, so this gives Garchomp an advantage. However, Gyarados’ quick recovery could be challenging for Garchomp late-game if things didn’t go smoothly.

VileGar (slightly unfavorable). Gengar runs low energy which helps Garchomp’s attacks, but Gengar’s resistance can cause problems for Garchomp. And, Fainting Spell is difficult.


While still a little unsure of his powers, Garchomp at least felt he could take on SPoldemort and stand a chance now. He also looked forward to seeing how Blaziken and Luxray would manage to take on the Empire in the weeks to come.

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  1. Ryan Tur

    Wait a second, there are no other Garchomps in the format right now besides Garchomp C. You’re not saying Garchomp C sucks are you?

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    Best article in a long time, next week will we see Commander Luxray?

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    Great article. Was very entertaining but whats the point of Crobat G with no Poketurn?

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    you are a genius. Great idea, and the list is pretty good.

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    That was very entertaining. Very good.

    Star wars + Pokemon = FUN. :D

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