Poképedia Offers Amazing New Content for Competitive Deckbuilders!

pokepedia.netPoképedia, created by my fellow Floridian, Dave Christian, has unveiled the first of a breakthrough in Pokémon TCG strategy technique. It essentially turns a decklist creator into a machine to compute statistics, which can then be used to analyze decks with mathematic evidence.

If you have never been to the Poképedia search engine, then you are really missing out.

With such a comprehensive categorization system and search criteria, you can see how you can get detailed and specific types of search results. The results can be quite extraordinary.

After inputting a deck, which includes coming up with a username and password (no registration needed- you don’t need to give an e-mail or a name or anything like that, this is just for your convenience), you can analyze the deck. Right now, this is limited to merely telling you the odds of you having a mulligan, or having a donkable start (starting with only 1 pokemon, or the odds of starting with), the odds of starting with certain energy or tech cards, etc.

He should expand this section to include more complicated and challenging computations to give us details on anything from the odds of your specific deck getting a turn one stage 2 out to the odds of your sableye-based deck getting to use a turn 1 collector– all things considered. I hope to be able to assist in this process (and I encourage any of you to involve yourself as well– the more eyes the better). This may take some time and interface to resolve. It may never actually come out, but some of it is quite is doable quickly, and the potential is great.

I highly recommend putting a couple of decks into this website’s search function. Go ahead and bookmark it with your Pokémon website area, as its search capabilities are similarly top notch. I expect the website to continue to expand its offerings, and come up with new probabilites for you to test out with. I can guarantee that the top players would use this decklist editor over any other because of these offerings- so why wouldn’t you?

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  1. venny kid

    Loving the mathematical statistics idea! Can’t wait to see it expanded!

  2. Anonymous

    The stats are amazing, and you know if Ryan Vergel is behind then that they’re correct. Really great stuff!

  3. Anonymous

    i think we are going to see some awesome stuff with this in the future!

    we are close to having things like “odds of a t1 collector when running sableye” and “odds of being able to spray your opponent on their first turn” :D

    stay tuned!

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