Prof-It! Episode 34: City Championships 2010 Week 2

Hey everybody, it’s J-Wittz here, complete with voice! In this episode I cover a lot of ground, I talk about my city championships, the International metagame for masters, and some advice in general that I’d like to share that I learned from my tournaments so far. Enjoy!


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  1. Anonymous

    Don’t forget 2AM playtesting/deckbuilding the night before (or morning of) Orland Park. =P

  2. Profile Deleted

    You forgot to insert theme song it seems, anyway cool episode

    • Anonymous  โ†’ Profile

      Oh that was intentional : P. I considered putting in the old theme song but it wasn’t in a compatible format. Me and Colin have to get on that new one, though!

  3. venny kid

    Just to be nit-picky, the title should be episode 34, not 24 :)

  4. Derek Coontz

    Even though I’m a very new player, my friends in my league are very experienced. I’m gonna head up to city’s in Akron with them in January. I’ll probably have my butt handed to me but it should still be fun to get a taste of the competitive experience.. Hopefully I’ll pick up some tricks.

      • Michael Randolph  โ†’ Peter

        I remember when I saw my first opponent walk up and unroll a pokemon mat and It was at my first tournament as well. I was like “omg Im gonna lose so bad, this guy must be awesome he has a mat and everything!” I ended up beating him so I agree, don’t let more experienced players intimidate you with fancy gear.

        • Anonymous  โ†’ Michael

          My first game back into Pokemon I beat Pooka (eventual National champion that year) with an underskilled deck while eating chicken nuggets. I must have looked like the scrub of the century, but I still won a game that many players can’t claim they have : P. Even if you win or lose, it should be a good experience

  5. Peter Bae

    wow 4/1 and you still missed top cut? that is very unusual. But I love this format despite the SP still kind of reigning the top cuts. I love the variety of the decks thats seeing play, Machamp, Gyarados, Vile Gar, Dialga Chomp, LuxChomp, Magnezone, Tyranitar :D its great

    • Anonymous  โ†’ Peter

      Yeah, I’m definitely a bigger fan of this format than the last. Even without claydol there’s a bit more variance beyond SP mirror all day. Although I’d still much rather a new format without SP than the one we have now

      • Peter Bae  โ†’ Anonymous

        Same :D Can’t wait for the format when PL is rotated out.. but there wil lbe so many good cards gone :( annd all my cards are PL and below other than the TM cards and some HGSS Staples

  6. Eric Lari

    Do you think sablelock loses consistency when you run blaziken and honchkrow. I went to cities 2 weeks ago with sablelock with honchkrow and afterwords thought the fire tech might help. Does it create many problems for you when you run both techs?

    • Anonymous  โ†’ Eric

      Yeah, it does lose a little consistency for sure–it’s all up to your playstyle for what you decide to fit in your deck–I tend to overtech my stuff pretty often in order to prevent losing matchups

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