Infernape (Majestic Dawn MD 22) – Card of the Day

pokebeach.comFor today’s review, we’ll be taking a look at the interesting, but rarely played Infernape MD. Infernape has 110 HP, which is quite low for a Stage 2 Pokémon. It has a nasty +30 weakness to Water, meaning Gyarados and Kingdra decks will give you trouble. Infernape also packs a very useful free Retreat Cost. Fire is a pretty good type to be as you can hit Steelix Prime, Scizor Prime, and Dialga G LV.X for a lot of damage.

Infernape comes with two attacks, “Mach Punch” (which sounds like it should be on Machamp, not Infernape) and “Mega Bravo”. “Mach Punch”, for the very reasonable cost of C, dishes out 30 damage and 10 to a Pokémon on your opponent’s bench. While this is actually pretty good value (40 damage for C), it just won’t cut it when much more powerful attackers are in the format.

“Mega Bravo”, for a single R Energy, allows you to discard as many R Energy attached to Infernape as you like. For each one you discard, this attack does 40 damage. First let me say that Infernape, like Magnezone Prime, has a very nice attack that, granted you have the proper Energy, can 1HKO anything. However, the biggest problem with this attack will be providing a consistent Energy stream to Infernape.

pokemon-paradijs.comSince Infernape is a Fire-type Pokémon that uses R Energy, you will have access to a number of helpful Fire-yype Pokémon, most notably Heatran LV.X and Typhlosion Prime. Heatran LV.X allows you to get back two of those R Energy you lost, which will allow you to shoot out a minimum of 80 damage each turn with Infernape.

Your other option is to use Tyhplosion Prime, which, at the cost of putting one damage counter on Infernape, will allow you to take a R Energy from your discard pile and attach it to Infernape. While this does give you the option to potentially get more than two Energy on to Infernape each turn, the damage will add up very quickly. Overall, Heatran LV.X would be your best bet, but I don’t recommend either one as Infernape just isn’t a good enough attacker. If you’re going for something like this, go with Magnezone Prime.

My Rating 1.5/5

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  1. Red Ados

    At DP-SF(I think) my cities were won by a Infy-Typ(MT)-HeatX by a player who would later go to worlds. This card used to be better, but the format just isn’t in its favor.

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