Poké Drawer + (Stormfront SF 89) – Card of the Day

pokebeach.comHey, what’s cracking? Today, I thought I would take a look at a very interesting card, Poké Drawer +. We’ll start off with the basics, it’s a Trainer. That’s about it. Now, being a Trainer is pretty good as you can use as many of them as you want each turn. The only downside is that they’re a big liability against Trainer lock. This is especially true because, like all of the other “+” cards, they receive a big boost when played two at a time.

If you play one, you get the simple effect of drawing one card. While its not a terrible effect, it would never see play over Pokédex Handy 910is. However, when you play two at a time, you may search your deck for ANY two cards you like and add them to your hand. Yes, you heard right, they don’t even have to be Pokémon. You can get that Rare Candy you need to get Machamp in play or that desperately needed Copycat for a new hand, etc. The possibilities with this card are endless.

However, there are a few downsides to this. First of all, you must have two at a time to get the effect, which means you’ll probably need to play the maximum four copies of this card. This means that you must devote four slots in your deck and have four times the liability against Trainer lock. However, despite these set backs, I still consider Poké Drawer + to be a great, unique tool for mid-speed decks to get what they need.

pokebeach.comMy Recommendation: Don’t play it in super fast decks like SP or slower ones like Steelix, but in decks that are somewhere in the middle. Also, I really suggest trying it in Charizard and Magnezone decks, where they each have a great engine to reliably get two of them when they’re needed. Also, Junk Arm works great with this card.

My Rating: 3.5/5 (Good card, just a little luck based.)

Help: If anyone knows why they changed Pokédex Handy 910 to 910is, I would love to know. In fact, the first person to send me an e-mail saying why they did this as well as explaining if they’re counted as the same name Unlimited will get to choose any card they would like for me to review and I promise I’ll do so within 7 days.

I’m at dstreck96@yahoo.com


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    • theo Seeds  → Eric

      how? no, gyara does not get these because they don’t work well. you can use 7 drawers, but what will you get with them? sableyes?

  1. Eric

    With Gyarados, you can also do Pokemon Collector+Regice+2 Karps and that could be just as strong. Just without the trainer lock.

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