DialgaChomp – The Three Course Meal

Hey guys it’s Chemical here with my very first article. DialgaChomp is one of (if not the most) complicated decks in the current format. With DialgaChomp there is so many ways for the list to go, I can’t even count how many; so I am here to give you a basic skeleton list with no techs to help against any deck.

pokebeach.comLet’s start off with the meat of this three course meal, Dialga G. Now Dialga is only played in two different ways in lists, you have the traditional 3-1 line of Dialga focusing more on the trainer lock and then you have the 2-2 line which is more toward tanking with Dialga G. With this decision most people, including me, run the 3-1 line of Dialga. Now I am not telling you the 2-2 line is bad or anything, but most people play a 3-1 line.

Next is Garchomp C, the baked potato. Garchomp C is run either in a 2-2 line or a 3-1 line, just like Dialgachomp. I honestly haven’t got a clue why some people run a 3-1 line but I think it’s because they want to focus on not using an Aaron’s to get both of Garchomp C and his LV.X back.

The 2-2 line is used to help heal Dialga G with it’s Healing Breath Poké-Power, and mostly will be on the sidelines until Dialga G needs to be heal. The one time it should be active and not healing your Pokémon is to snipe your opponent’s Garchomp C before they snipe your own Garchomp C.

Now we have our gravy which is the Pokémon who help us “Set Up.” One of the Pokémon in this category is the ever so pricey Uxie from Legends Awakened. Uxie is used for one main purpose and that’s to help you “Set Up.” The most Uxie LA seen in this deck is around 2 because SP is already in a good condition for setting up. The 2 Uxies will usually only be seeing the bench to help you out.

One optional Pokémon to help setting up is Uxie LV.X also from Legends Awakened. This card will see the bench and the Active Spot in lot of games. Uxie LV.X is used for its Poké-Power “Trade Off” which lets you look at your top 2 cards of your deck and choose one to put into your hand and the other back in your deck. Uxie LV.X is also good for attacking with its “Zen Blade” move that deals 60 for a Double Colorless Energy. It is also considered a Machamp counter, which is DialgaChomp’s worst enemy.

pokebeach.comThe next Pixie on our list is Azelf which is used for only one reason and it’s to get out your prized Dialga G LV.X or any other Pokémon in your Prize cards. The last Pokémon to help set up, and optional is the Pokémon Staraptor FB LV.X. Staraptor FB LV.X is a great card because of its “Fast Call” Poké-Power that lets you search your deck for one Supporter card and put it into your hand. This can help you out when you’re in a Supporter drought or need a certain Supporter.

In its own little category is Crobat G. This bat Pokémon is used for only one thing; putting extra damage counters on your opponent’s Pokémon by using it’s Poké-Power “Flash Bite.” This card will make any KO out of range possible and helps you out so many times through out a single match.

Onto the Trainers and Supporters which I doubt need much talking about. Our first contender is the 4 Cyrus’s Conspiracy as this card helps SP out and honestly helps SP pull its weight around. Cyrus is used to get any Supporter card or you can chain Cyrus and grab Team Galactic Inventions Trainers, such as Poké Turn, SP Radar, Energy Gain, and Power Spray. Cyrus can also get you a basic energy.

You will need to run 4 Poké Turn as it helps you out in so many ways. One way is Poké Turning a Garchomp C LV.X to re-heal your Dialga G, use it just to pick up your Dialga G to automatically healing it, or use it to pick up Crobat G for another 10 damage from Flash Bite. Run 2-3 SP Radar used to grab anything SP, or the SP LV.Xs that can’t be searched for by Pokémon Collector.

Energy Gain should be in multiples of 2 or 3 and is used to reduce energy costs on any Pokémon SP. This is used to get an early trainer lock with Dialga G or to have enough Energy to Dragon Rush with Garchomp C. Finally you should run 2-3 Power Sprays to block your opponent’s set up by not letting them use their Uxie and Azelf’s Poké-Powers.

pokebeach.comLet’s get to the other staples in DialgaChomp. You should use 2-3 Pokémon Collector because it lets you search for anything that isn’t a LV.X in this deck. Running 1-2 Aaron’s Collection to get back Knocked Out Pokémon SP or basic energy and sent directly back to your hand is a good idea.

The third to last Trainer card in DialgaChomp is Pokémon Communication which is in a 2-3 slot range so you can get any Pokémon including your LV.X cards. Now we have Luxury ball which seems to make it to most lists because it can get any Pokémon with one draw backs; you can’t get a LV.X card. Lastly is Expert Belt which also gets left out of the list but is good for using Deafen to get a lock going while dealing a nice 30 damage a turn. You want to play up to 2 of these.

Finally the most frustrating part of the deck, the energy lines. You will automatically run 4 Special Metal as it reduces damage done to and of your metal Pokémon you attached this energy to by 10. Now we have 3-4 Double Colorless Energy that helps get a quick two energy to Dragon Rush any Pokémon with Garchomp C. Run 1-2 Warp Energy because of Dialga’s hefty retreat and to get your Garchomp up to heal your Pokémon.

We also have Call Energy which is often not included. This sucker is used to get 2 Basic Pokémon to prevent donks, or get enough Pokémon SP to use a Power Spray to stop your opponent’s Set Up. Now we are at Basic Metal energy which warrants 1 or 2 copies, and is used usually with an early Dialga G to get the Trainer Lock going while you put an Expert Belt on a benched Dialga G.

Well that’s my analysis on cards used in DialgaChomp. Here is the skeleton list for the deck:

Pokémon: 123 Dialga G PL
1 Dialga G LV.X PL
2 Garchomp C SV
2 Garchomp C LV.X SV
2 Uxie LA
1 Azelf LA
1 Crobat G PL
T/S/S: 234 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
4 Poké Turn
2 SP Radar
3 Energy gain
3 Power Spray
3 Pokémon Collector
1 Aaron’s Collection
2 Pokémon Communication
1 Luxury Ball
Energy: 114 Special M
3 Double Colorless
2 Warp
2 Basic Metal

Total Cards: 46

You now have 14 card slots for techs or other recommend cards. First I will give you a list of common Pokémon techs. Next I will give you Trainers, Supporters, and Stadiums that can be used, followed finally by Energy.

Pokémon Techs:
Brongzong G
Skuntank G
Lucario GL
Toxicroak G
Toxicroak G Promo
Ambipom G
Dragonite FB
1-1 Drifblim UD (Used as a Machamp Counter)
Uxie LV.X
1-1 Staraptor FB LV.X

Expert Belt
Bebe Search
Energy Exchanger
Pokémon Contest Hall
Conductive Quarry


Now, here is my current decklist. I am not planning on changing it, but you can give me any advice you would like to share.

Pokémon: 183 Dialga G PL
1 Dialga G LV.X PL
2 Garchomp C SV
2 Garchomp C LV.X SV
1 Staraptor FB SV
1 Staraptor FB LV.X SV
2 Uxie LA
1 Uxie LV.X LA
1 Crobat G PL
1 Brongzong G PL
1 Dragonite FB SV
1 Lucario GL RR
1 Azelf LA
Trainers/Supporters: 294 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
3 Pokémon Collector
2 SP Radar
3 Energy Gain
4 Poké Turn
3 Power Spray
1 Pokémon Communication
2 Expert Belt
2 Energy Exchanger
1 Bebe’s Search
2 Aaron’s Collection
2 Conductive Quarry
Energy: 134 Special M
2 Warp
2 Call
1 Metal

Happy holidays everyone!


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  1. Peter Bae

    i’ve had tremendous succcess with DialgaChomp this season at BR (not missing a single top cut), and I must say, it is possibly the most complicated decks in the format. I only believe that it hasn’t won many Cities because of the complicated mechanics of the deck and not many people knowing how to play the deck to it’s full potential. As of now, most DialgaChomp build seems to favor 2-1 instead of 3-1 for more tech room also. The only problem I see with the article is the skeleton list and your finished list xD. I think Bronzong G is a must, not a tech, therefore should be included in the skeleton. Also, I never really favored Lucario GL in the deck, but I haven’t played it since, and if Machamp seems to be coming back, wouldn’t be too bad. However, you wrote an amazing article and hope to see more from you :) Good job

    • Kyle Warden  → Peter

      Thank you, I should mention that the Lucario GL in my list also played as my only counter to Regigigas xD.

  2. Kyle Warden

    I would like to say I played my list yesterday and took 2nd place with it.

  3. matthew green

    Just don’t see the reasoning behind two call energies. Either you want to start with it or you probably wont need it. So i say four or none. Otherwise great article.

    • Dakota Streck  → matthew

      I feel that, since you’d already be running 2-3 Collector, couldn’t four Call be considered a tad overkill, taking your deck up to 7 cards that search for solely basic Pokemon?

    • Kyle Warden  → matthew

      I thought I had that in my article 0-4, Oh well but Call can be great, in fact it got me to Power SPray uxie twice in my matches and late game you can use them for Grachomp C’s Dragon rush discarding.

      • matthew green  → Kyle

        Unless i missed something you mentioned what call is used for but you did not mention why you are only running two in your deck list.

        Of course call can get you the extra SP turn one so you can power spray right away assuming you have a spray. However, if that is your plan you would want four sprays in your deck.

        I would only advise to run four or none or at least three. If it works for you this way than that’s great as well.

      • Adam Capriola  → Kyle

        I removed the line where you said you could use 0 to 4 because you could use 0 to 4 of almost any card in a deck. :P

        I don’t think you mentioned why you use 2 though… but regardless good article. :)

    • Peter Bae  → matthew

      Agreed, I personally hate call energies.. it is absolutely terrible unless I have like an Unown Q start, no Bebe’s SEarch, SP Radar, Pokemon Collector or any other Pokemon searching card which is like near impossible. Call energy just becomes dead after the initial use. 3~4 Pokemon Collector will easily last you the whole game, Call energy just takes up valuable 4 card tech spot

      • the sidewalk  → Peter

        “Absolutely terrible” is pretty excessive. If your energy requirements permit colorless energy in a discernible way, Calls are more or less common sense. I agree that it sucks when you draw your first Call on t2 (hah), but being able to use a supporter, then Call at the end of your turn as opposed to being cornered into using Collector for set up is pro. Not sure if someone can debate that. Not that I’m looking for a debate or anything, just had to say something when I read that someone felt a potentially epic card was “absolutely terrible”. However, I also agree with those who say run four or none… or at least Energy Exchanger to make up for the Calls that you’re not running.

        • Kyle Warden  → the

          2 Energy Exchanger
          2 Call Energy
          Thats what I run, either late game I attach it to garchomp for discard or I exchange it for another energy card needed.

        • Ryan  → Kyle

          Call is like a hot bipolar woman…sometimes you like her, other times you don’t. But, in all seriousness, I find it hard to fit in Dialga lists and not having any does not hurt too much. Plus, it is very expensive fore one of them.

        • Peter Bae  → the

          lol I just never really liked Call Energy despite the love that everyone has towards them. Yes it is great with your Lone Pokemon start, going first, with no Pokemon Searching Supporter in hand. But what are teh chances of you gettin those starts. Let’s Take a Look at SP decks.
          Pokemon Searching tools consists of
          SP Radar
          Pokemon Communication
          Pokemon Collector
          Cyrus’s Conspiracy (which allows you to get SP Radar)
          not to mention the absurd amount of basic count in the deck due to being SP Pokemon. around 15.
          If you take the average number of all the cards, that is total of around 28~32 cards depending on player chocies. So yes, getting a Call energy in there does help you get a consistent start, but you already have half the deck being a 2nd Pokemon anyways. I’d rather make those 4 card room a tech against a deck XD. I never really took in consideration of Prizes either and the fact taht you draw 7 xD

        • Martin Garcia  → Peter

          You would be surprised to know how many times you can start with a lone uxie/azelf/bronzong g/lucario gl/crobat etc, and no supporter at all.
          Call energy is needed in sp, but as many said before, its 4(maybe 3 if you cant fit the 4th one) or nothing. I dont particularly like it in dialga, just because the deck already runs so many different and more important special energies, like DCE, warp and sp metals.
          Also, its true that top decking a call late game is not all that impressive, but with garchomp, dragonite, ambipom, luxray, blaziken, crobat, and staraptor all having a colorless cost, i would say its not so bad, its also important to know when to save your e-gains for a surprise counter.
          Finally, call can get you out of sticky situations against trainer lock, if you play a consistency starter like chatot or smeargle, i have done it lots of times when my hand was totally crap.

    • Zachary Slater  → matthew

      First thing I was gonna mention was the lack of Call. Bump it up to at least 3, starting with 1 with only 2 isn’t gonna happen too often, and after that they’re just dead draw.

    • Kyle Warden  → matthew

      Search for 2 pokemon for a Power SPray if you go first.
      Can be used with SP Radar to search out SP Pokes
      Can be used to search out pokemon with bebe’s Search
      Can be exchange by playing Energy Exchanger
      Used as discard for Dragon Rush
      1 energy for any pokemon in the deck needing any energy for attack cost
      Takes up deck space

  4. Alex Dickens

    Staraptor isn’t even that good without a Stadium.
    I also don’t get how you are beating other Sp’s with only 1 Dragonite FB and 2-2 Chomp…

    • Kyle Warden  → Alex

      Sadly there wasn’t even one SP at the event other than me running it, every thing was Gyarados, regigigas, and Machamp plus tons of Rogue.Staraptor is only used for getting a Supporter, i never even use it to attack.

  5. the sidewalk

    Why so little regular metals? I would think that whiffing on drawing energy would set this deck back a lot. Being able to Cyrus for energies is at least 30 percent of what makes the SP engine as viable as it is. I’m honestly really curious about this and not objecting for the sake of objecting. hahah

    • Kyle Warden  → the

      I ended up taking a basic metal out because even when searched I always seemed to have it in my hand not being used and I honestly get the energy I need when i need it

  6. Kyle Warden

    Thanks for the 1,000 views on my first article, didn’t think I would reach that many, the goal was 500.

  7. Nilay Patel

    Awesome article. I would take out one Uxie, both call energies, and add a premier ball and two proffesor oaks new theory.

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