Find The Perfect Poké-Gift this Holiday Season

Hi everyone! With only about 1 week left before Christmas, we wanted to be sure you got a look at some of the hottest-selling merchandise. These are the top 10 this year:

#10 The Chuck Norris Card

Do you have a friend who just can’t seem to win a tournament? Well, those days are over thanks to the new Chuck Norris Pokémon card. This all-powerful gift will ensure a victory in your loved one’s heart. Make sure to buy 4 for your deck!

#9 Creepy Pikachu

Do you have a reclusive or Goth-dressing niece or nephew, and you just don’t know what to buy? Well, this sadistic Pikachu costume might just do the trick!

(WARNING: Please do not unwrap and display in front of children ages 8 or below.)

#8 Ultra Rare Pokémon Nintendo DS Game

Have a video game addict in the family that already owns every DS game? Well, here comes this ultra rare Pikachu Foot Version, which is sure to kick up some good cheer this year!

#7 Giant Inflatable Pikachu

What could be more fun than buying your favorite youngster a giant inflatable Pichachu???? This particular edition has a bonus entrance located, well, very conveniently close to the ground (this picture is actually disturbing). Great for sprucing up a party or grooming your child for a career as an OB/GYN!

#6 Russian Nesting Dolls

The perfect collector’s item for the Poké-fan in your family. The collection actually contains over 700 nesting dolls, some of which are so small that you have to use a magnifying glass to view. Gotta catch ’em all!

#5 Zombie-chu T-shirt

You’ve just realized that you have quite a few Goth and vampire-like relatives (which might explain your interest in a card game involving imaginary creatures with strange powers). Comes in Medium, Large, and Eaten-Way-Too-Many-Bags-of-Fusion-Doritos Sizes.

#4 Sea Blaster Deck

Once this article was published by Travis Yeary, this deck has become the biggest rage since Tickle-Me Elmo. Be prepared to take Worlds with this incredibly versatile deck that will make your opponents tremble with fear!!!

#3 Pichachu Gangsta Mobile

Yo homeys!!! Attract the ladies in this fully pimped-out Pichachu cruisin’ machine! When you see people in the car next to you laughing and pointing, just remember that they are not laughing at you, but with you.

#2 The Most Expensive Poké-thingy on eBay

Have $24,999.95 that’s burning a hole in your pocket? Well, buy the most expensive Pokémon item listed on eBay! You will definitely impress all your friends when you show up at league play with this baby in your deck.

#1 Merry Christmas Wishes

You know, Christmas really isn’t about what we get, but what we give. So, instead of spending a bunch of money of Poké-stuff this year, let’s just wish each other the very best Holiday season full of good cheer. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. Peter Bae

    I would love a Chuck Norris card for christmas :D but I dont think I have the capabilities to make a good deck out of it. Awesome read :D GJ

  2. Kyle Warden

    Tony you thought the same thing when i saw that inflatable Pikachu hahaha. I need the Gangsta Mobile, all dem girls would want me now lol

    • Tony  → Kyle

      Yeah, I think those inflatable Pikachu’s were designed in a test lab somewhere without thinking about the appearance. Very funny picture though!

  3. Travis Yeary

    What does that $25,000 card do? “Search your deck for everything, shuffle your deck afterward?” that’s insane!

    Also, thanks for the mention lol.

    • Daniel Norton  → Travis

      It says “Congratulations on coming second in this tournament” or words to that effect.

      It’s from the second championship tournament in Japan in 1998, three copies of the card exist from that year. It’s not worth $25k though, maybe $3-4k.

      • Peter Bae  → Daniel

        its worth 25k imo xD only 3 in the whole wide world, PSA 10 rating mint (since it’s in a trophy) lol. IF PSA 9 rating Cyber Stein from ygo (which there is more tha n3 in the world) is at like 6k, this is easily 25k XD

        • Daniel Norton  → Peter

          It hasn’t been rated by PSA, it’s still in its original case.

          And has that Cyber Stein actually sold or is it just another Buy It Now listing?

          On the UPCCC we’ve had a big chat about the value and everyone seems to agree that around $3k is a decent price for it. Also the seller sad he would probably let it go for something around like $4k mark.

          If you think it’s worth $25k, then just hi that big blue button…..

        • Peter Bae  → Daniel

          if I had cash lying around everywhere yes… 3 in the world? would be lucky to have one :P but i dont htink anyone in their right mind would spend 25k on that xD

    • venny kid  → Travis

      No because if you searched your deck for everything, you’d deck out. “Search your deck for everything you need” would be more like it

  4. Colin Peterik

    Great article. I lol’d.
    Besides the fact that the Chuck Norris card was obviously made by an 8 year old…

    • Tony  → Colin

      yeah….I actually had a better Chuck Norris card that I found but accidentally erased the URL and had to settle for this one. Still, the basic concept is the same: Chuck Norris = Supreme Power

  5. venny kid

    The nesting dolls kinda actually look cool. Just a thought.

  6. Joshua Pikka

    Great article.

    Gotta love Pokemon Foot Version, I know weirdos who would want that game.

    The inflatable pikachu is hilarious. Lol its like a Giant Pikachu giving birth to a bunch of kids.

    Seriously do people think where they are putting the wholes?

  7. Andy S

    Finally, someone shows what Pikachu does in his spare time!

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