SP-ar Wars Episode 5: Revenge of the SPith – Luxray



Even though the Rebel Stage 1 and Stage 2 forces continued to disrupt the SP Empire during City Championships, SPoldemort and his minions weren’t giving up easily. In fact, they had found ways to counter some of stronger Jedi like Lando Gyarardosian and Gengar Lockwalker, and the Rebel Forces once again found themselves on the defensive.

Using information gathered from the spy Crobat G (a double or triple agent- no one was sure), the Rebel forces decide on a bold new offensive to free several captured Rebel leaders, including Luxray Solo, from the moon of Endor. They would also attempt to steal the SP cloning technology on the moon and use it against the Empire.

The efforts would be led by Luxray Arceusian who was originally from Endor. He had a personal score to settle with SPoldemort as his brother Luxray LegendsAwakener had been captured by the Empire and used to create the incredibly powerful SPith Lord Luxray GL Level X.

Little did Arceusian know that the Lord Spoldemort was well aware of these plans (Crobat G, you freakin’ back stabber!!@??!!?) and had sent Luxray GL Level X to deal with them once and for all.

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The Plot Thickens

On their way to Endor, Luxray provides the rest of the team some background on his home moon. It is actually inhabited by 2 interesting creatures- little furry, annoying chipmunk-like creatures called Ewoks, and very aggressive-yet-friendly Poké-cats called Luxrays. In fact, a Luxray’s favorite food was a furry little Ewok (this fact was not disclosed in the Star Wars series in fear that little children would be traumatized when seeing an Ewok-eating frenzy) However, when SPoldemort arrived with his cloning operation, the Luxrays and Ewoks formed a truce.

Luxray also explained that Spoldemort used captured Ewoks to create SP clones. This made sense as both Ewoks and Pokémon SP were both really annoying and way too powerful for their size. However, it made you feel a little bad frying an Pokémon SP when, deep down inside, it was really just a cute, cuddly, slightly-violent miniature teddy bear.

The Luxray Twins

The Luxray twins are similar and yet different. Luxray LA has a powerful Poké-Body “Rivalry” which allows it to do 50 more damage if your opponent has a Level X in play. It also has 2 attacks. For CC, “Plasma” does 40 damage and lets you also search your discard pile for a lightning energy and attach it to Luxray. Its second attack, “Shock Volt” for LLC, does 100 damage, but Luxray must discard all L Energy.

Luxray AR, also at 120 HP, has no Poké-Powers or Poké-Bodies, but it does have 2 powerful attacks. The first, “Flash” for L, does 30 damage, and if the Defending Pokémon tries to attack next turn, flip a coin. If tails, the attack does nothing. Its second attack, “Gadget Volt”, does 60 damage, but if Luxray has a tool card attached, Luxray can discard this and do 100 damage. So, with Expert Belt, Luxray AR could do 120 damage and then discard the Belt so that, if Knocked Out, your opponent can’t take 2 Prizes.

Although they don’t have great synergy with each other, both are powerful in their own way and can provide some situational advantages.

Preparing for Battle

Thanks to Crobat G (seriously dude, which side are you on??!@???), the rebels are able to locate the cloning lab and free Luxray’s brother as well as download the cloning technology with R2D2. As they burst out into the forest and race toward their space ship, they are confronted by Luxray GL Level X. And, he’s not alone. With him are his favorite sidekick Garchomp C as well as a whole freakin’ host of Ewok-mutated SP Poké-thugs.

The Luxray brothers, trained by Comoda, marhsall their friends (Poké-buds), Skills (Supporters and Trainers) and Power (Energy) to enter this epic battle.


4 Shinx AR #74
2 Luxio LA #62
2 Luxray AR #5
2 Luxray LA #8
1 Unown Q MD #49
1 Lucario GL RR #8
1 Azelf LA #19
2 Uxie LA #43
1 Uxie LV.X LA #146
3 Smeargle UD #8

Supporters and Trainers

4 Rare Candy
3 Bebe’s Search
3 Pokémon Collector
2 Pokémon Communication
1 Luxury Ball
1 Palmer’s Contribution
4 Expert Belt
3 Professor Oak’s New Theory
2 Pokémon Contest Hall
2 Junk Arm
2 Department Store Girl

Energy – 14

8 L
4 Double Colorless
2 Rescue

The Pokémon selection was as follows:

pokebeach.com2/1 Uxie- Provide setup and draw power and alternate attack against Machamp
3 Smeargle/Unown Q- provide secondary setup powers and extra supporter play during the game
4/2/2/2 Luxray line- Provide maximum ability to get Luxray into play
Lucario- provide x2 weakness threat to Gyarados and Kingdra

Supporters and Trainers
Collector/Bebes/Communication/Luxury Ball- Great setup options
Rare Candy- Speed Luxray evolutions
Palmer’s- recovery lightning energy or a KO’ed Luxray
Expert Belts- critical to maximize both Luxray’s attacks
PONT- refresh hand when needed
Contest Hall- help under trainer lock to get Expert Belts in play
Junk Arm- recover Expert Belts when needed (and perhaps other trainers)
Dept. Store Girl- recover Expert Belts when needed

Double Colorless- both Luxrays and Uxie LV.X can both utilize well
Rescue Energy- to help recover Luxray as it is a Stage 2
Lightning- power up Luxray’s attacks


Luxchomp – Slightly Unfavorable
Luxchomp is so fast, and Luxray will have a hard time keeping up. However, Luxray will be able to 1HKO most of the time, whereas it will take Luxchomp 2 turns to usually KO a Luxray. Beware the donk or slow start.

Dialgachomp – Unfavorable
Dialga LV.X will shut down Luxray LA’s Poké-Body, and if Dialga LV.X gets special metal energy into play, it is difficult for Luxray to 1HKO it with “Gadget Volt”.

Gyarados – Even/Slightly favorable
With Lucario GL in play, Luxray has a strong type advantage. However, Gyarados has speedy recovery, and Luxray may struggle to keep up later in the game.

VileGar – Slightly unfavorable
Luxray runs a lot of trainers and few ways to discard them. Plus, Fainting Spells could really hurt Luxray.


The Luxray brothers stand their ground against the SP forces but are clearly losing ground. However, when all hope looks lost, a swarm of fuzzy, violent Ewoks come storming out of the forest and overwhelm the LuxChomp forces. If it hadn’t been for that lucky break (or was it the Force at work?), Luxray and his companions looked like they would have been gonners.

The Rebel Forces head back to their base on Binderia and begin to build their own clone machine. They feel that Blaziken would be a great way to go and manage to create Blaziken FB and Blaziken FB LV.X. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any spare Ewoks, but with further testing, it appears chickens work just fine. As we approach Episode 6, the rebel forces are ready to take on SPoldemort and destroy him and the Death SPar once and for all.

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11 replies

  1. Kyle Warden

    Crobat G= Free will but helps SP so it isn’t found out about the free will and destroyed.

    • Tony  → Kyle

      wow- getting a little metaphysical, but I do believe in free will, especially free will to create decklists and whacky articles :)

  2. matthew green

    I ran this deck at my last cities. I even had the smeargles. I didn’t use contest hall, I used BTS.

    I was doing well, 2-0 until I hit a luxchomp deck. It was a close game, but either myself or the deck was just not good enough. Then crushed by another luxchomp deck.

    Ultimately, I think this deck is a good deck, just another deck that falls short to luxchomp though.

    Excellent article of course.

    • Tony  → matthew

      that’s cool you actually played a deck like this! The LuxChomp matchup is bad for just about everyone, but that’s neat you were able to do as we as you did. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanos Prokopidis

    Porygon-Z G can be another double agent here, recovering discarded Expert Belts. Other than that, I’d go with BTS over Contest Hall for two reasons. One, it benefits an opponent SP player way more than you’d like and two, if you don’t hit a Rare Candy, you may end up with an Expert Belt Shinx on your bench praying to be sniped by Garchomp.

    I’d also probably go with 3 AR/1 LA on the Luxray, the AR seems much better to me. I wouldn’t like to just hope my opponent is running Lv.X’s in order to do some good damage.

    • venny kid  → Thanos

      Agreed on the Contest Hall. I played it as the Stadium for my ToxiTank tech in BLG and it REALLY helps anyone playing SP. As in:
      Contest Hall for Luxray GL + Gain
      Cyrus for Radar, Electric, Cyrus
      Radar for Luxray GL X
      Bright Look + Flash Impact = KO

      Really good for SP Players, and you DON
      T need worsen your LuxChomp matchup!

  4. venny kid

    Okay. Crobat G is officially on SP’s side. Why?
    He has the SP badge on the side of his card.
    He was designed to abuse PokeTurn and PokeRadar to get out critical damage
    He helps Luxchomp against the Almost (not really) autoloss to Donphan Prime

    But anyway..
    Great Article! The Star Wars theme is awesome, I love it.

  5. theo Seeds

    my little brother is still in jrs so would this be a decent deck for him to play?

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