6PR Episode 3: Heated Justin Bieber TCG Discussion (and some Pokémon too)

SixPrizes will be shifting its focus from the Pokémon TCG to the Justin Bieber TCG (JBTCG) effective immediately. As we bid adieu to Pokémon, you can listen in to our last radio show ever. /end sarcasm

Thanks for everyone who tuned in last night and interacted with us through the chat and via call ins, it was a lot of fun! I gotta say this episode is PG-13 though (sorry Justin).

The intro got cut off because I forgot to hit record, but on call we had Bittyboy72, Jimbo0123, Cam Tooth, Nui Wong, Frank Diaz, Chrisrocks, Chemical, and Tyler Z. Huge props to Bitty for doing the hosting, he did a great job.

We start off talking about Pokémon related things then trail off toward the end, but overall I’d say it was easily the best show yet.

If you’d like to be featured on the show next time, here’s how you can get on…

Call in number: 719 966 7371 (aka 719 WOOPER1… goes straight to voice mail if you’d like to leave a question)

E-mail: radio@sixprizes.com

And if you’d like to be a guest on the show, you can e-mail about that too and we’ll get in contact with you.

Direct Download – Run-time: 56:58


P.S. Please continue to leave suggestions if you have any below… I’m making it a goal to improve at least 1 or 2 things each week, so keep reminding us of what to improve. We can’t fix everything at once, but over time it will get better.

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  1. Kyle Warden

    Man it was beast, you know you all wanna play the game too xD, Bieber Faction on the bieber forums xD

  2. Anonymous

    i will use the “baby baby baby” deck. i it will pwn everything!

    • theo Seeds  → Anonymous

      I think my screaming teenage girls deck will beat it. but if it somehow went into the life tcg, i think the mugger deck would kill both of ours

  3. Brandon Bittinger

    WOW! We went on for an hour? It sucks that the first part got cut off?

  4. Brandon Bittinger

    WOW! We went on for an hour? It sucks that the first part got cut off?

  5. theo Seeds

    if i was a tech nerd and knew how to, i would photoshop devil horns into that pic.

    there is a heated discussion going on about who will kill us first: Justin Beiber or Taylor Swift. Justin Bieber can charm, but Taylor’s last name makes her very agile.

  6. Derek Coontz

    Decent episode.
    It does seem a tad random. Maybe it’d be in best interest to set up the general topics of discussion beforehand.
    And honestly the younger kids voice was somewhat.. annoying..

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