Dayton, OH City Championship Report

In this article, I will first give you my report and then my afterthoughts.

Is it me or am I becoming just like Kenny Wisdom?

I wake up really early this morning and know that today I have my first Cities and a party right after it. I take a long shower, talk to Pokéman on the ‘Beach, eat some breakfest (coffee is awesome) and was off. Let me tell you, the ride wasn’t pleasant either since EpicDonks kept texting me to get over to the store for the event.

I get there and, I swear, three people borrow a total of ten cards from me for their decks. I sign in and, somehow, one guy is sick and one couldn’t make it from Columbus, thereby putting us two short so we don’t have a top 4 at Dayton, Ohio for the first time ever. I would later find out I am the only guy in my divsion running SP. We have four rounds and a top 2.

pokemon-paradijs.comRound 1: Kaitlyn Y. w/ Kingdra/Machamp

Did I ever tell you I run DialgaChomp? No, well, it wasn’t a fun match because I was stressed out most of the game. The whole game I think I am in the clear because all she has in play are Kingdra Prime… until she searches for a Machop,. I think, “Great. Here I am about to start off the day at 0-1.”

I set up a benched Garchomp C to snipe the Machop because she hasn’t drawn into any of her Broken Time-Space yet, but she doesn’t play the Machop until she gets her BTS. I basically “Remove lost” everything and, with 3 Special M Energy, she can’t do squat while I heal. In the end, I don’t see one Machamp the whole game, and I take all 6 with her taking none. Even if she got out the Machamp, I had saved a Poké Turn, my Uxie LV.X, and a Double Colorless Energy in my hand, and my Lucario GL was benched with my Crobat G.


Round 2: Wyatt M. (EpicDonks) w/ Machamp

I was dreading this. I mean, seriously guys! TWO MACHAMP DECKS IN A ROW! I can’t do anything and I take 1 Prize while he takes 5 before I scoop. I just wanted to go eat my Taco Bell. It’s at this time I think that maybe I shouldn’t have played DialgaChomp.


Round 3: Justin w/ Leafeon

I faced this Leafeon deck at league before and he didn’t have a lot of Uxie, so he played 2 Dodrio. I end up sniping a benched Eevee and Power Spray the “Echo Draw”. Once again, I win with him taking only a single prize. Justin ended up playing everyone from our league that day.


Round 4: Ben I. w/ Yanmega

At this point Henry P. and Ty W. are playing right next to Ben and me. He goes on telling me this is his best record ever, and he says that he usually goes 0-3 or 1-3, so I keep my cool and think “easy win”. I start Staraptor FB to his Yanma. I draw, attach, and “Quick Attack” for 10. He draws, attaches, and ends his turn. I Collector for a Crobat and “Quick Attack”, putting him at 30. He evolves Yanma and ends his turn, hitting me with “Shoot Through” for 20 on Staraptor and 10 on my benched Garchomp C. I use my 4 Poké Turn to put his Yanmega at 70, attach an Expert Belt, and “Quick Attack” for the game.

I find it funny how, with all the games I won, my opponent never took a prize, except for one. In order for me to have a chance at top cut, I need Henry to lose, my 1st and 3rd round opponents to win, and my 2nd round opponent to lose. This all happens.


I had a party to go to and I wasn’t planning on top cutting, so I decided not to resleeve. Somehow, I snuck in as 2nd seed and get to face Ty. I start resleeving and EpicDonks was nice enough to help me resleeve my deck into Gold Player’s Choice sleeves. The match is Ty with Regigigas versus me with DialgaChomp, and I see Ty asking some guy for pointers against DialgaChomp.

Top Cut: Ty W. w/ Regigigas

Game 1:

pokemon-paradijs.comI can’t do anything, and for some stupid reason I thought ‘Gigas was weak to Colorless. I send up my only Fighting-type, Lucario GL. If I had retreated it next turn, I could have dealt 160 to his Expert Belted ‘Gigas and stood a better chance. But I don’t and I only take 1 Prize while he gets all six.

Game 2:

Same as the first game but he uses “Sacrifice” to heal damage off and he KOs my belted Uxie LV.X for game. The two matches end after about 45 minutes and he always seemed to start off with a DCE for his active ‘Gigas.

I wasn’t too surprised to lose to Ty; it seems that when we meet, it’s always to decide who is gonna place first or second. I get my 10 packs and leave. I pull 1 Gengar prime, 1 Celebi prime, 1 Bottom of PDL, and 1 top of CDL. I end up with a boat-load of Rescue Energy, Twins, and Seeker. I had a great time and I had plan to dedicate this tournament to my dead Poké-Friend from Texas, Teru.

2nd place
Gengar Prime
DialgaChomp being the one deck I own with
Winning record
Top cutting
Taco bell

Not learning from my mistakes
EpicDonks going 2-2
Trevor going 2-2
No Medal :(


DialgaChomp is still a great deck to play. I must mention that I did make misplays, and Wyatt and me already knew each other’s entire decklist the night before the tournament. I think Ohio, at least for seniors, has now decreased on playing SP. At the tournament I was at least expecting five people, including me, to play SP but I ended up being the only one playing SP.

I will warn you that Regigigas is becoming much more popular and you may start to see it in your area. With all that, I have nothing left to say and so I bid you a farewell.


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