Roseray: The Cat Is Back!

Last format, Luxray GL LV.X was the biggest thing around. The ability to drag up benched Claydols with “Bright Look” and take cheap prizes off of them was unmatched for two main reasons:

pokebeach.com1: “Baltoy+Claydol=draw” “Baltoy+Claydol+Luxray GL LV.X= No draw” This simple equation was what drove Luxray to town. The only thing used more then Luxray GL was Claydol and Luxray GL LV.X could 1HKO a Claydol using “Flash Impact” with the help of an Expert Belt or a “Flash Bite” and Pokéturn.

2: Because of Claydol’s hefty 2 Retreat Cost, when it was “Bright Look”d it would stay active for 1-3 turns depending on the deck it was being played in. (Decks with Double Colorless Energy or a high Warp Energy/Point count could retreat it much faster.) After Claydol was “Bright Look”d active, Luxray GL could be retreated or Pokéturn’d.

You would then promote a sniping Pokémon such as Garchomp C LV.X to snipe the bench while Claydol was stuck active. This strategy both stalled your opponent as well as earned you a few cheap prizes.

These 2 factors in the Luxray GL LV.X Claydol equation were what put Luxray GL LV.X at the top of the world! Or format that is…

Now that Claydol has left the format, Luxray has been losing its uses. Dragging up Uxies and Azelfs doesn’t work very well as most decks now now run 1 Unown Q. The new phrase is, “The winner of the Garchomp war wins the match,” and Luxray has been left out of this statement.

Even with Gyarados leaping back into the meta, Garchomp C is still more prominent in the all around point of view. Luxray GL LV.X is starting to slow down, but with a new twist in it, I believe it could really work. I proudly present to you: “Roseray.”

Pokémon – 19

4 Roserade GL RR
1 Toxicroak G PL
1 Unown Q MD
2 Uxie LA
1 Uxie LV.X LA
1 Skuntank G PL
2 Luxray GL RR
2 Luxray GL LV.X RR
1 Lucario GL RR
2 Crobat G PL
1 Giratina PL
1 Azelf LA

T/S/S – 33

2 Aaron’s Collection
3 Galactic HQ
1 Luxury Ball
4 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
4 Power Spray
3 Energy Gain
4 Poké Turn
2 SP-Radar
4 Pokémon Collector
2 Bebe’s Search
1 Expert Belt
2 Pokémon Communication.
1 Judge

Energy – 8

3 L
2 P
1 G
2 Warp


Roserade GL RR

pokebeach.comThis card is what really differs this deck from a regular Luxbox. A regular Luxbox would focus on quickly hitting your opponents weak Pokémon while this decks focus is on disrupting, stalling and delivering a swift cleanup with Luxray GL LV.X. This is in a sense your main attacker as you will be attacking with Roserade GL more than with Luxray GL. Roserade GL has an average 80 HP for an SP.

Average bottom stats include a times 2 weakness to fire and no resistance. It’s grass type which is not really a favorable type to be, but not much resists you. Most would market this as an average SP, but I think it is one of the most underrated Pokémon SP and deserves a better name. Its attacks have very fair synergy as one complements the other.

Its first attack, “Poison Bind” does 10 damage, poisons and prevents your opponent retreating next turn. All this for 1 C energy is a pretty good deal. Factor in E-Gains and you don’t even need to attach an energy to Roserade. This is mainly used to lock your opponent’s starter Pokémon such as Sableye SF or Spiritomb AR but in conjunction with Luxray GL LV.X’s “Bright Look” it can be used on practically any tech.

Its second attack will rarely be used, except when your opponents active Pokémon will be Knocked Out by poison damage in between turns. It does 30 damage for the manageable cost of a Grass and a Colorless. It also says that if your opponent’s active Pokémon is affected by a special condition, you may do 30 damage to a benched Pokémon instead. I would only use this attack in a situation where the energy drop is convenient, but it is still an okay investment.

Sabelock= 4 Sableye/Smeargle
Machamp= 4 Machop
Gyarados= 4 Sableye
Dialgachomp= 3 Dialga G
Luxchomp= 4 Luxray GL / Garchomp C

These are the preferred starters for the Tier 1 decks right now. Only two of them contain Starting Pokémon other than the main attackers. However, the odds of your opponent starting with one of their tech Pokémon are much greater in a deck without starters. This really lets Roserade GL thrive as starts with tech/starter Pokémon versus Roserade are highly favorable to Roserade. I believe four Roserade GL is the perfect amount as you wan’t to start with it most of the time.

When locking Pokémon with Roserade GL after the initial starter lock, avoid Pokémon SP. Your opponent will Pokéturn these. I’d lock Azelf LA and Mesprit LA but I’d avoid Uxie as they can “Psychic Restore” themselves to the bottom of the deck. Remember that you want to stall and Roserade GL’s attacks should not be used aggressively.

Toxicroak G PL

pokemon-paradijs.comNo, this is not the infamous Promocroak. This is its predecessor. When SP first came out, SP toolbox was popular. Some of these toolboxes would use Honchkrow G and Weavile G to set up, then use the Toxitank combo for the real damage.

Since then, Toxitank has disappeared except for the occasional Dialgachomp. However, with Machamp clambering to the top, it’s time for this frog to step in again. Toxicroak has fair stats for an SP. 90 HP is above the average and a Psychic typing is nice. However, mediocre bottom stats slow this card down with a double Psychic weakness and two retreat.

Toxicroak G has a Pokébody called “Anticipation” which states that Toxicroak G is immune to all effects of attack except for damage. This renders Machamp SF’s “Take Out” useless. Machamp is supposed to plow through SP but with Toxicroak G blocking its way, it’s stuck having to rely on “Hurricane Punch.” Machamp Prime can use its “Fighting Tag” Poké-Power, but because of the higher Power Spray count, you can usually afford to spray both Uxies and “Fighting Tags.”

Toxicroak G has only 1 attack. “Deep Poison,” for the easily manageable cost of one P Energy and one C Energy, does 20 damage. However, if your opponents active Pokémon is poisoned, the attack goes from doing 20 to 60 damage. What does this do? Well with Skuntank G, one of your three Galactic HQ’s and Lucario GL, you have a Machamp SF depleting combo.

“Toxicroak G + Skuntank G + Stadium = Toxitank” “Toxitank + Lucario GL = Antichamptoxitank” Another simple equation. With a stadium in play, Skuntank G poisons Machamp, Toxicroak’s attack then does 60 damage and with Lucario GL in play, you do 120 damage to Machamp SF. The poison from Skuntank’s “Poison Structure” will boost the damage to 130. Just enough to defeat a Machamp SF. This combo can be used multiple times with Aaron’s collection, so you should get a few hits out of this. When facing Machamp Prime, you will have to use a “Flash Bite” or two.

This also combos with Roserade GL nicely as they will be poisoned from Roserade GL’s “Poison Bind.” After a few turns of locking, you may want to bring up Toxicroak G and finish them off.

Uxie LA

Standard draw. Most should know what this card does so I’ll only do a brief analysis.

Uxie has nice stats barring the 20 weakness to Psychic. Its Poké-Power “Set Up” is one of the best in the game, allowing you to draw cards until you have seven cards in your hand. Its attack, “Psychic Restore” does 20 damage for a C Energy. It also allows you to put Uxie and all cards attached to it on the bottom of the deck. This could be useful if you have no cards in your deck but, other than that, Uxie’s attack should rarely be used. I believe that two is the perfect amount as you rarely use them more than twice.

Uxie LV.X LA

This card, while rarely ever convenient, is still too good not to have space in this deck. Uxie LV.X has Terrible HP for a Basic LV.X. Regigigas and Garchomp C outclass it in that category easily. It’s basically an add on to Uxie LA and provides Donk potential should you start with Uxie. A times two weakness to psychic is to be expected and one Retreat Cost pairs so nicely with Unown Q. “Trade Off” is basically a PokédexHandy910is every single turn. Its only attack, “Zen Blade” for the cost of two C Energy does 60 damage and can’t be used next turn.

Like I stated above, use it to Donk and only to Donk. VS. Machamp go for the Antichamptoxitank before Uxie LV.X as this deck doesn’t run Double Colorless Energy.

Skuntank G PL

pokemon-paradijs.comThis smelly skunk is stupendous! It allows you to squeeze in the extra damage needed to get a 1HKO. Average SP stats include 80 HP, times two weakness to fighting and two Retreat Cost. “Poison Structure” will poison the defending Pokémon if you have a stadium in play and they aren’t an Pokémon SP.

The heart of the Antichamptoxitank combo, it also possesses a vanilla attack which can be used as a last resort. “Smokescreen” allows you to do 20 damage to your opponents active as well as having a 50/50 evading effect. This should only be used as a last ditch effort. Get this out ASAP VS. Machamp and don’t forget this allows Luxray GL LV.X to 1HKO any 70 HP’d Pokémon without a “Flash Bite”

Luxray GL

Without Luxray GL you can’t have a Luxray GL LV.X right? I believe two is the correct play as I feel it is much more consistent. Playing a 3-1 Luxray GL LV.X line plus two premier ball may be versatile, but I’d rather spend those extra two slots with a little surprise and the fourth spray. This card is the SP average, having 80 HP, double weakness and one Retreat Cost. Lightning typing is both a curse and a blessing, hitting Gyarados for weakness but being weak to Donphan Prime. It sports two attacks, each fairly powerful.

Its first attack, “Bite” does 30 damage for the flexible cost of 2 C energy. Great for Donking Squirtles and 30 HP basics. That’s about it. Its second attack “Trash Bolt” is much better. For the strange but approved cost of one Lightning energy and two C energy, it does 70 damage if you discard an energy card from your hand. This is a great way to discard useless Call energy, as well as doing high damage. In fact, this is the highest damage in the deck.

During your Gyarados match up I would use the basic Luxray GL over the X when KOing a Gyarados, as it will most likely be revenge KO’d next turn. When you have the chance, use the basic over the LV.X as you wan’t to conserve your Luxray resources for late game. However, we wouldn’t have this guy in our deck if it wasn’t for…

Luxray GL LV.X

pokebeach.comLove. Hate. Jealousy. These and many more emotions are packed into one card. Luxray GL LV.X is in essence, your secondary attacker and is a very good one.

Its main purpose here is to aid in the Roserade GL lock. However, after you have taken 3-4 Prizes with Roserade GL you will want to clean up with “Flash Impact”s. Luxray GL’s stats are above amazing. How else is it one of the best cards in the game? 110 HP is average for an SP LV.X no retreat is really nice and a 20 Metal resistance enhances your DialgaChomp matchup.

Its Poké-Power “Bright Look” is probably the most broken thing in the game with Power Spray slightly over it. “Bright Look” allows you to choose one of your opponent’s benched Pokémon and switch it with their active Pokémon. That’s basically a Gust of Wind right there. This allows you to bring up one of your opponent’s weaker Pokémon and Knock it Out it with either “Flash Impact” or “Trash Bolt”, allowing a cheap prize every turn.

Luxray GL LV.X’s attack “Flash Impact” does 60 damage for the cost of a Lightning and a C energy. With an Energy Gain attached, you are banging out 60 damage a turn for one energy! The downside to this is you must do 30 damage to one of your Pokémon. Some decks use Quagsire GL to soak up this damage but this deck is fine just laying that damage on one of your higher HP’d basics such as Skuntank G or Toxicroak G.

This card is the key to your LuxChomp, DialgaChomp, and Gyarados matchups for a few reasons: VS. LuxChomp or DialgaChomp, they will immediately reach for their Ambipom G and Dragonite FB. They won’t suspect you play no Garchomp C until mid game, when those Garchomp C counters are already benched. Take advantage of these cards and quickly KO them with Luxray GL LV.X. Take prizes off Uxies when there is nothing else worth Knocking Out as they are more of a pain for your opponent than you.

VS. Gyarados you should never neglect a prize off a belted Gyarados SF. Remember that it is instinct for your opponent to reach for their Garchomp C counters and when you Knock Out those your opponent will reach for their Luxray GL counters. Watch out for Promocroak and if he appears lock him with Roserade GL as they can’t “Leap “Away” when poisoned.

The most important thing to know about using Luxray GL LV.X is that if you can’t take a prize off one thing in one turn, pass it up. 2HKOing just doesn’t work very well when your are trying to turn the game in your favor quickly.

Lucario GL RR

This card has been rising in popularity lately as G-dos and Machamp are both bigger than ever. Lucario GL is used primarily for Its Poké-Body “Boundary Aura” which makes all Pokémon in play have a times to weakness. This is great in an SP deck as all SP’s already have a times two weakness, putting your opponent and you on the same field. Lucario GL’s other stats are not that impressive. 80 HP is fine, 1 Retreat Cost is nice and its attack, “Combo Throw” will never be used. Get this out VS. Gyarados and Machamp as soon as possible.

Crobat G PL

You can usually slap this card into any deck you are making. It is played so much that it is probably the second most used Pokémon in the format with Uxie just a bit higher. The only deck that doesn’t run this off the top of my head is Machamp and Regigigas but they have other forms of increasing damage such as Black Belt. Some decks will play it with four Pokéturn, some with none. I like three personally but it all depends on how tight your list is. Crobat G suits the SP average except for a horrible weakness to Lightning. Free retreat is always nice and this card can be a good starter.

Crobat G’s attack, “Toxic Fang” poisons your opponent, but instead of applying one poison damage between turns, the opponent takes two. While not the greatest attack, it can win games at times. Its Poké-Power “Flash Bite” is the real reason it is played so widely.

“Flash Bite” states that when Crobat G is played from your hand, you may put one damage counter on any one of your opponent’s Pokémon. Ever been 1 or 2 damage off a Prize card? Well Crobat G is an easy solution to that problem. If you run 2 Crobat G and 4 Pokéturn (like this deck and many others do) you have the potential to do 60 damage in total to any Pokémon on the board. Some decks will utilize this and Poké Blower + to spread damage around the board, but your deck isn’t aiming to do that. I believe two is a good number as you wan’t to get as many 1HKOs as possible without barring consistency.

Giratina PL

pokemon-paradijs.comThis is easily the most controversial part of the list, and I don’t blame you if you remove it, but I felt this card too good not to include. This card really started in the founding days of Sabelock, but when Judge came out, Giratina was easily replaced. Regigigas builds used this card, but Regigigas didn’t do so well last season. I merely play this card for the element of surprise as well as its interesting strategy for warding off Power Sprays. (below)

Giratina PL has some very bulky stats. 100 HP is nice but the three Retreat Cost will really let you down. The weakness and resistance are good, but it will only be active if you happen to start with it. Its only attack, “Earth Power,” is so terribly horrible that I will not be discussing it.

Giratina’s Poké-Power “Let Loose” is essentially a Judge in Poké-Power form. When Judge came out however, it was deemed much more reliable and therefore better to play. “Let Loose” will refresh your hand while disrupting your opponent so you will get the best of both worlds. “Let Loose” can be particularly interesting when it comes to Power Sprays. Let’s say for you wanted to “Bright Look” an Azelf LA but know your opponent has a Spray in hand. If you drop Giratina PL they will have two options:

1: Do nothing. If they do nothing your opponents Power Spray will get shuffled away via “Let Loose”. Your Luxray GL LV.X will get shuffled in as well but if you happen to grab a Cyrus, SP-Radar, Bebe’s Search or Pokémon Communication you will be good to go. Supposing your opponent plays three Power Spray (average) then your opponent will have a much lower chance of drawing into one of their Power Sprays than you drawing into one of the 10 cards above. While this is based on more of the luck of the draw, your opponent is still disrupted. This method works more into your favor the thinner your deck gets.

2: Spray it. If they do, go ahead and use “Bright Look

Both these options can work in your favor, just remember to give your opponent a clear explanation of what it does so they will hopefully Power Spray it.

If your hand is very small, before searching for an Uxie, ask your opponent how many cards they have in their hand. If they have more then 7, go for the Giratina. Giratina is a great card and if your opponent doesn’t see it coming, it can be very powerful.

Azelf LA

Azelf LA is another one of those staples that everyone runs. “Time Walk” lets you take a peek in your prizes and swap any Pokémon found there with a card in your hand. You can also write down your prizes and rearrange them so you know which prize to draw. Azelf’s only attack, “Lock Up” does 20 damage and prevents retreating for only one Psychic energy. This could be great but Roserade GL (we run four) outclasses it in retreat locking. Its other stats are Identical to Uxie LA with a 20 Psychic weakness and 70 HP. I wouldn’t recommend retreat locking with Azelf unless you are in a really bad situation where all your Roserade GLs are prized.

Other Cards

Cyrus’s Conspiracy

If this card wasn’t here, the deck would crumble. Your support for every SP deck, it must be put in here and talking about it is probably not the best way to spend the time. Four is a must and anyone who questions the use of this card in this deck can consult a Professor.

Power Spray

pokemon-paradijs.comIt happens to everyone once in a while. You desperately need this one card which will win you the game. You draw into an Uxie LA, play it down and announce “Set Up” Your opponent says “Power Spray” annoyingly and you scoop. Power Spray is easily the most broken card in the format and all SP decks should run at least three. Since Seeker came out, if you managed to Spray two Uxies your opponent would be put at a disadvantage. However, Seeker has come out and cards such as Mesprit LA, Uxie LA, Spiritomb LA and others can now be easily reused. I find 4 Power Sprays combat this and is a very surprising tactic when your opponent doesn’t expect it.


Beside Cyrus this is the heart of SP decks. The ability to reuse a “Flash Bite,” “Bright Look” or “Healing Breath” is amazing and without Pokéturn I believe SP wouldn’t be dominating the game.

Energy Gain

This is the third most important factor of SP decks. Imagine if all Pokémon could use Energy Gain. Garchomp SV would be Tier 1 as all decks would be using less energy and DCE with E-gain would be possible turn 1. However, only SP can utilize Energy Gain so it doesn’t ridiculously turn the format upside down. Some might replace the fourth Power Spray with the fourth E-Gain but it is all really personal preference. I run three as you usually don’t use four in a game.


SP-Radar is the newest expansion to the SP-Engine and only increased SP’s playability even more. It’s basically a Bebe’s Search in trainer form but only for SP’s. What could be better?

Aarons Collection

This is SP’s form of recovery and is easily searchable with Cyrus’s Conspiracy. It is better than most recovery cards (barring Night Maintenance) as it allows you to bring the cards recovered directly to your hand.

pokemon-paradijs.comGalactic HQ

This stadium sets the mood for your SP build. It allows you to put two damage counters on a Pokémon after it evolves. It is mainly used with Toxitank but if you have one in hand, play it ASAP.

Luxury Ball

Pretty simple in this deck. It allows you to grab any Pokémon (excluding LV.Xs) from the deck. In this deck you may wan’t to replace it with Great Ball or SP-Radar as you run no Evolutions.

Pokémon Collector

This card is an absolute staple now that Roseanne’s Research has left the format. Grabbing three basic Pokémon from your deck allows you to set up so much faster. I believe 4 is the correct play but drop it down to two should you add in Call energy.

Bebe’s Search
This card has been a staple since it came out. Most decks have been playing more now as trainer lock has been more popular then before. I believe that 2 is a fine play as trainer lock is still large.

Expert Belt

This card has been dropped from most SP decks as the format is now based on more 1HKOs. I think this card still deserves a chance in SP. With this deck, if all goes like planned, you should be using Luxray GL LV.X more for your cleanup than your early game. Because of this I find that one is perfect and two would be braking the bounds.

Pokémon Communication

This is like a Bebe’s Search but you must put a Pokémon on the deck as opposed to any card. I play two for consistency but you may want to cap it at 1.


This is like Giratina PL but in supporter form. This is basically a hand refresher with added disruption and if you would prefer to replace it with a P.O.N.T or Copycat, be my guest.

L Energy

I probably don’t need to go very in depth with this one but I find four is overkill and two is not enough. This is used to power Luxray GL and it’s LV.X.

G Energy

This is just for Roserade’s second attack and could easily be dropped for a VS. Seeker or Junk Arm.

P Energy

pokebeach.comCrobat G, Azelf LA and Toxicroak G can all use P Energy. I like using two but it if you want to drop it down to one I recommend a VS. Seeker.

Warp Energy

This card can be your best friend, but this deck’s worst enemy. Versus decks that run a high Warp Energy count (Vilegar, Dialgachomp, Sabelock) I suggest going more offensive with Luxray and Toxitank. I run two in this deck but I think if your meta contains more Donk decks then replace this and two Pokémon Collector with four Call Energy.


The strategy is fairly straight forward. You start with Roserade GL and retreat lock. Using Luxray GL LV.X you can lock any little tech on the board. After taking 3-4 Prizes, drop Giratina PL or play Judge and clean up with “Flash Bite” “Poison Structure” and “Bright Look


I haven’t tested these to a great extent so you may disagree with most of my matchups.

VS: Vilegar: Favorable 65/35

This match is an interesting one as it really thrives on starts. If they start Spiritomb and you start Roserade GL you have an advantage over them. Your game should work like this:

1-2 Prizes off Spiritomb

1-2 Prizes off Uxie LA

1 Prize off Vileplume

1 Prize off Haunter/ Gastly

1 Prize off Gengar.

Before their Spiritomb dies, use all your resources to set up a Luxray GL LV.X You should use your Cyrus’s for recovery cards and Power Sprays. Power Spray their Uxies and you should be good to go.

VS: Regigigas: Slightly Unfavourable 45/55

Whatever you do, wherever you go, don’t let them Power Lock you. The moment they drop that Mesprit LA you are going down the drain. You should retreat Lock their Sableye whenever you get the chance. Your deck can’t take prizes off massive Tanks with healing and thrives on taking down other things. Search for a Giratina PL ASAP and drop it hopefully interfering with their start. Many Gigas decks don’t run Warp energy and have replaced SSU with two Seeker and two VS. Seeker. If you face a build that you don’t think runs SSU or Warp energy, lock Pixies active until time is called. Make sure the Pixie dies at the end of your opponents turn so you have a chance to “Bright Look” and lock again. Spray their Mesprits before Uxies and if they use Azelf, Spray it. If your Meta is Gigas infested I suggest running a higher Judge count and four Call energy.

VS: Mewperior: Favorable 70/30

This will be really easy for you. Set up a Luxray GL LV.X ASAP and if you can lead in the Prize trade, you win. You can start attacking turn 1 while Mewperior takes 1 turn to begin attacking. This matchup should be excessively easy for you if you out speed them. Even easier if they run a heavy Smeargle UD line which you can lock active.

VS: Mirror: Even: 50/50

As with all Mirror matches, it all depends on who gets the better start. I don’t expect this deck to be the next Luxchomp so should you run this deck, you will rarely face the mirror.

VS: Dialgachomp: Favorable: 60/40

Like most SP matchups, they will most likely use Collector for Ambipom G, Dragonite FB, Garchomp C. With these filling their bench, you can easily earn a few quick Prizes. “Deafen” lock hurts, but is very easily managed. Once they stop Deafen locking you will start to stall out their Uxies and take prizes off they’re other techs. If they use Azelf, immediately Spray it. This will be fairly easy but just make sure you never touch Dialga G. A well timed Giratina can be extremely crucial in this matchup as it removes they’re Warp energy and Garchomp C LV.X.

VS: Sabelock (the original): Even 50/50

This is probably one of the only times where the original Sabelock (Sableye, Honchkrow G, Garchomp C) has an edge over Chenlock. This version will still run Promocroak and focus on really heavy disruption. If you start with Roserade GL to Sableye, you will probably lock them early. However they will counter your lock by using “Impersonate and messing with your hand. By the time that Sableye is dead they will probably be building up a Garchomp C, Honchkrow G and have you under Chatot G lock. If you get out Luxray GL LV.X they will Promocroak you and depending on where you put your “Flash Impact” damage they will snipe it with Honchkrow G. If they miss the lock though,
It will be an easy victory as you can remove their Chatot G, Honchkrow G and Pixies with ease.

VS: Chenlock: Slightly Favorable: 60/40

This matchup is pretty easy as long as you keep with the Prize trade. They can’t disrupt you as heavily as Sabelock and “Luring Flame” shouldn’t hurt as long as you don’t bench Toxitank. Go for the Luxray GL over the retreat lock and you should pass with flying colors.

VS: Machamp: Unfavourable: 35/65

This isn’t a great matchup for you UNLESS, they run a very heavy Smeargle UD count. If they don’t, get out the Antichamptoxitank ASAP and cross your fingers that they draw badly. After Knocking Out a few Machamps, clean up best as you can with Luxray GL LV.X. Power Spray no more than 2 Uxie’s as you want to save some Power Sprays for “Fighting Touche”s. If they play Smeargle, take your time and and lock a few. Remember to conserve your recovery resources so you won’t get behind on prizes.

VS: Luxchomp: Slightly Favorable: 55/45

As with all SP matchups, they will go for their Garchomp C counters. You must make sure to stall their Uxies and not their Bronzong G. If you set up faster then them you will probably win. Just watch out for Power Sprays. If they are running a Blaziken FB tech, go for head on attacking. If they are running Dialga G tech, you should go for the regular retreat lock but watch for “Deafen”. Use the Giratina/Spray formula to guard your “Bright Look

VS: Gyarados: Favorable 70/30

This will tilt easily in your favor for quite a few reasons: 1) You can take prizes off their Sableye with Roserade GL. 2) You can take prizes off Belted Gyarados’s easily (“Trash Bolt” Galactic HQ, “Flash Bite” “Poison Structure”. You should use Pokémon Collector at the beginning for Luxray GL, Luxray Gl and Giratina PL. Play down your Luxray Gl’s, do whatever you need to, and “Let Loose” to shuffle away their Magikarps. This will get them off to a bad start and from there you should cruise to victory.


While I don’t suspect Roseray to be the next big archetype, I do believe some players out there may help it rise to tier 2. It has decent matchups across the board and has an advantage aver most tier 2 decks, barring Regigigas and Donphan. I think this deck has a fighting chance VS the metagame and I hope you consider Roseray as YOUR next deck.

Until Next Time,


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  1. George Derr

    There are several masters in this area playing Roserade GL as a tech. It is very annoying, especially to high retreat Pokemon that don’t have Warp Energy outs!

  2. Dakota Streck

    I didn’t think it was that great of an article, if I’m being perfectly honest. The list isn’t perfect, quite a few grammer mistakes, I think your match ups are a bit off and I think the overall focus of your deck will need a bit of reworking.

    However, I do give you props for a the detail and effort you put into this as well as providing a very interesting read.

        • Charlie Yates  → Dakota

          I’m sorry Dakota but I must agree with them. I’ve been on this site for only a little bit and although you write great articles, so do other people. What I love about Six Prizes is the community feel, but your comments are sort of discouraging, probably to the newer writers as well. If you offer criticism, it is often vague or does not help the writer. I am a fan of your writing, but I hope that you will give constructive criticism to help future writings and not your unjustified honest opinions.

    • Jonah Davids  → Dakota

      Jee Dakota, I put a lot of time into this, I’m assuming you put as much time into your COTD’s as I put into this, possibly more.

      Look, Dakota. I really respect you as a TCG player and writer but if you are going to say negative things, please stand up to your opinion and say it a bit nicer. Providing the flip side of an article is okay, but please post it more like feedback. For example, instead of saying “Your matchups are a bit off” you could say: “I don’t entirely agree with your matchups, the regi matchups would be more like…”

      See what I mean?


      • Dakota Streck  → Jonah

        I can understand what you guys are saying, but compared to a lot of people on this site, I’m a saint (I won’t name names). I do my best to give honest, truthful opinions from the perspective of an experienced player. I am very sorry to you Genguy or anyone else who feels that I am insulting them personally or their article. I understand that articles take a long time to write and gather info for.

        From now on, I will attempt to comment with more detail and in a slightly less harsh manner. I edited my original post with some more details.

    • Charlie Yates  → Dakota

      Dakota, from what I see, you are a really talented writer and a great player. I only hope that you keep giving comments like this more often to help the newer players, new people on the site (like me), and the other writers. I know it might take a little more work than just saying if you liked it or not, but it really does help. Thank you!

  3. Louis Lion Thompson

    Why on earth do you need 4 roserade? Sure its your ideal starter but it isn’t going to be killed often and they just become dead draws later.

    • Andrew Adams  → Louis

      “Sure it’s your ideal starter”? If a card is your ideal starter, you have to run 4 or there’s no point. Consistency. Broken Time-Space is always dead draw later into a game, but that doesn’t mean an evolving deck can just run 1.

  4. Dane Carlson

    I love Roserade GL. I include it in every SP deck I make. So to me, a deck revolving around Roserade is a deck I want to play. :) Also, I was wondering… could you include a 1-1 Garchomp C line as a healing tech (not as an attacker)? Please reply.

    • Jonah Davids  → Dane

      I think that would be an interesting Idea but what really needs healing? Luxray GL doesn’t really need to be healed as will only attack late game. Nice idea though.

  5. L M

    I think this deck would have a tough time against other SP decks. You’ll have a tough time retreat locking any of their Pokemon besides Azelf due to Poke Turn. If they run Warp Point or Warp Energies then there are no real safe ways to lock their retreat. Also one of your heavy hitters (Toxicroak G) can only make a worthwhile attack if it is setup by Roserade the turn before. I think that is asking too much of circumstances when going against a decent SP build.

    I feel retreat lock works best with a good amount of hand disruption. However there are only two cards in your list that do that and one could be Power Sprayed. I also think the Energy Gain count should be at 4. That way you could use an Energy Gain on Roserade GL more consistently which will free up your energy drops on Pokemon that have heavier attacks. On the other hand, I guess you have Expert Belt taking up that fourth spot.

    Although, I definitely like the idea behind this article’s deck. It’s probably because I’m a sucker for any interesting SP Toolboxes. I have used Roserade GL before. It’s nice to use with Luxray GL’s “Bright Look” because it adds a special condition to stop pesky Poke-Powers. I think “Poison Bind” is a beast against starters like Spiritomb and Smeargle. However, I think you tried making a deck out of what should be a one card tech. I know you put emphasis on having Roserade GL in the beginning so you can hit those starters quickly, but what is the rush? Those starters just go to the bench and then you can just “Bright Look” them up to stall.

    If you’re trying to build an anti-meta deck maybe you should add some Garchomp C counters of your own. I feel like your opponents’ typical SP counters would harm you just as bad as they would Garchomp C. Dragonite FB would OHKO Roserade GL and Ambipom G could deal 60 damage or really power up your Azelf or Giratina with “Tail Code.”

    I like how this article was detailed and brought a change of pace to the SixPrizes front page! I look forward to reading more articles like this in the future! Keep up the great work Genguy!

  6. Profile Deleted

    4 really seems like too much imo. I see it more as a tech in luxchomp than the “main attacker”.

  7. Colin Peterik

    I think you failed to mention one of the most important techs for toxitank, and that is…. BROKEN TIME SPACE! If you lay it first, they won’t be able to knock it out all game.

    • Dakota Streck  → Colin

      Yeah… There is a flip side, though. If they get it out first, you can’t use it all game. It would be a killer idea if Scott was in the format… I miss Scott :(

    • Jonah Davids  → Colin

      I considered BTS but here is the thing. I’d rather a tech for a multitude of purposes as opposed to just 1. BTS will aid my opponent more then me.

  8. Sergio Ortiz

    High risk at a competitive play, but it’s sure the best way to use your luxrays GL LvX at league play

  9. Sergio Ortiz

    High risk at a competitive play, but it’s sure the best way to use your luxrays GL LvX at league play

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