Bertha’s Warmth (Rising Rivals RR 90)

pokebeach.comWelcome to today’s Card of the Day. For today’s review, I’ll be taking a look at Bertha’s Warmth, a Supporter card from Platinum: Rising Rivals. Since it’s a Supporter, it is handicapped in that you can only use one per turn, but on the plus side, it gets around Trainer Lock. Like most Trainer or Energy reviews, this will be rather short as there isn’t as much to review.

Bertha’s Warmth, when it’s played, allows you to remove five damage counters from one of your Pokémon SP. I will make a bold prediction that Bertha’s Warmth won’t be seeing any competitive play any time soon. Why is this? It’s because Bertha’s Warmth isn’t that good.

Sure, removing damage counters is always handy, but there are much more effective ways to do so. Between Poké Turn, Seeker, Garchomp C and the rare Alakazam 4, healing five damage counters as your Supporter for the turn just won’t cut it.

One advantage it does have though, is Cyrus’s Conspiracy can search it out from your deck for the time you need it. However, this comes at the cost of breaking the Cyrus’s Conspiracy chain, which in most cases isn’t worth it.

Perhaps the biggest problem with Bertha’s Warmth is for each benefit it provides, there is a card in the format that does it better. If you need healing, Poké Healer + or even Life Herb is probably a better fit. If you’re looking for something to help your in-play Pokémon SP, Flint’s Willpower is a card you should look in to.

My Recommendation: I’d pass on this card. Perhaps something in upcoming sets will be released that makes Supporter healing worthwhile, but until then, it’s best left in your binder.

My Rating: 2/5

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  1. theo Seeds

    the one question that, if yes, would make bertha’s warmth playable is: does it snipe?

  2. Sam Marshall-Smith

    Even if this was a trainer, it would see little to no play, =/

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