Writer of the Month Poll for December 2010 (and an announcement!)

To continue a new tradition here at 6P, please take part in voting for Writer of the Month – December 2010! The top 3 vote-getters will get their smiling picture displayed in the sidebar (which you can see below the ad on the right) and they will be deemed the reigning “Writers of the Month.”

Anyone who gets a non-Underground article published during the past month is eligible (excluding YouTubers and news submissions… sorry guys).

You may vote for up to your 5 favorite writers.

Each person’s name is linked to their author page, so you can check out their most recent articles if you need some refreshing as to what everyone wrote during December.

Last month, Kenny Wisdom took home the title, followed closely by Dakota Streck and Zach Lesage.

Voting will end in 1 week and you must be registered in order to vote.

Good luck to all the writers and thanks to all those who participate in the voting!

P.S. Make sure to click “Submit” after you check off your selections!

Oh and one announcement (and a small update) before you vote…

I’ve decided to disband the idea of the “Writing Staff.” Instead, what we will be doing is taking the top 10 vote-getters from the Writer of the Month poll each month and calling them “Featured Writers.” These people we be listed in the left sidebar of the home page as a featured writer, but more importantly…

Featured Writers will be given a 1 month FREE Underground membership. Just a little something to thank you for positively contributing to the site.

Now… this month we only had 11 different qualifying contributors (and 2 are editors who get free UG memberships anyway), so everyone on this list will get a 1 month free membership as soon as I have some free time to hook you guys up.

If you’d like to become a contributor to the site, please read over the instructions here.

As for other news, I’ve been busy trying to rebuild the framework of the site. I’m making progress, but it’s just taking a while. My hopes with doing this are that the site will run faster and it will be more flexible, so that it will be easier to make design changes in the future. I might be done in a week or so.

I’m starting to run into problems trying finding ways to intuitively organize content and make things simpler for new visitors, so that’s another thing I’ll try to work on eventually.

I’ll make another post later this week detailing all my goals with the site and where things are headed in 2011.

Anyway… get voting!

(Make sure you log in, otherwise you won’t be able to view the poll below. If you don’t have an account yet, register here for free.)

[poll id=”15″]

EDIT: D’oh, I also forgot about winners of Bug of the Month and Suggestion of the Month.

Bug of the Month winner for December 2010 is Logan H. who is bugged that I haven’t posted any Underground Freebies. I’m bugged at myself for not doing this, and I’ll try to alleviate this issue when I can.

I have been e-mailing people subscribed to our mailing list snippets from Underground articles though, and I have been keeping up with that for the most part. I’ll try to do something about the UG Freebies though.

Suggestion of the Month goes to Bernardo who suggested that we make a way for newer players to submit decks to get reviewed and turned into articles.

I thought this was a pretty cool idea and it could be somewhat like the deck garage article that were done on Pojo back in the day. I’m not exactly sure how I’ll set this up yet, but if anyone enjoys helping people fix their decks, this would be right up your alley.

Both Logan and Bernardo get to view any 1 Underground article of their choosing for their keen ideas.

And just to keep tabs… last month’s bug was our lack of videos. Still no videos. :( I need to get a new camera and get out to some tournaments.

The suggestion from November was to make Underground articles available for individual purchase, and we did get that implemented! Details here if you want to purchase single articles rather than get a membership.

Thanks for reading all this and happy new year!

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23 replies

  1. Dakota Streck

    What the heck happened to the vote counts? First I have 8, now I have 3? For a while, it said I had 8 (chemical had 7, so did Tony)? Any idea what just happened?

  2. Kyle Warden

    Thanks, so I guess i’ll just refund my membership since now I have a free one…. okay then xD
    Thanks Adam

  3. Adam Capriola

    Ugg poll submission isn’t working, I’ll try to fix it within the next couple minutes.

  4. Kyle Warden

    Holy Corn, I’m tied for 1st with 5 ther peopl lulz

  5. Kyle Warden

    I went from 1st to 5th xD oh well can’t when them all. I would like to mention 2 of the top3 from last time are there again.

  6. Jonah Davids

    OMG! I’m in 9’th! This gets better every minute!

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