Card of the Day – Spoink (Triumphant TM 77)

pokebeach.comHappy New Year 6P! Today for your COTD I will be reviewing Spoink TM. No, this isn’t a so called “joke article.” These are my actual thoughts on a very overlooked card from TM.

Let’s start with the basics. Spoink TM is a basic Pokémon, has a times two weakness to Psychic, no resistance, one Retreat Cost and 50 HP. At this moment, Spoink isn’t looking like a very good card. Its weakness will put it in range to be donked by the most popular card in the format: Uxie. 50 HP is yet another reason to trash it, allowing it to be “Sabeldonked” or “Chompdonked”

Spoink’s attack, “Sleep Pearl” is where it is severely underrated. “Sleep Pearl” puts the defending Pokémon to sleep and then requires you to switch Spoink with one of your benched Pokémon. The attack costs merely a Psychic energy, so it can start working T1.

Here is why I think “Sleep Pearl” could be a good enough attack to make a deck around. If you use “Sleep Pearl” to switch to one of your benched Pokémon such as Spiritomb AR, you can Trainer-lock your opponent to prevent them from using cards such as Pokéturn or Warp Point and Deck lock them so they’ll draw garbage Via Chatot G.

Using Cyrus’s Initiative, you can get rid of key cards in your opponents hand, furthering the lock. To do actual damage, you can fill your bench with Darkrai G, putting damage on the sleeping Pokémon. While that Pokémon is asleep, they won’t be able to attack or retreat, letting you sit around and lock them till they wake up. You can even use Power Spray because of the Darkrai G and Chatot G filling your bench.

pokemon-paradijs.comProblems the deck faces are Mewtwo LV.X, Machamp SF and Dialga G. Mewtwo and Machamp can both be easily countered by 1 card. Grumpig LA. It is an evolved Pokémon so will be able to attack Mewtwo LV.X and won’t be KO’d by Machamp SF’s “Take Out.”

Those two are both weak to Psychic, making it easier to remove them from the board. Dialga G is more of a problem as it shuts down all Poké-Bodies in the deck. A Blaziken FB LV.X can easily counter it.

While I believe Spoink will definitely be a fun League deck, I have a feeling it might even linger to the top tables of lower level tourneys. This is why I thought is good enough to do an analysis about.

DISCLAIMER: I am not claiming that I discovered this deck. Others have probably figured this out by now and may have even taken it to CC.

Rating: 3.1/5

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    • Anonymous  → Rokman

      wouldnt work. since shiftry pokebody only works during your opponent’s turn. flipping for asleep would be inbetween.

    • Eelis Peltola  → Rokman

      Poke-BODY: Unlucky Wind
      As long as Shiftry is your Active Pokemon, whenever your opponent flips a coin during his or her turn, treat it as tails.

    • Jonah Davids  → Dakota

      I’m not sure what you mean there, it could probably win VS. Uxie/Shuppet Donk.

      I would play it over Uxie Donk but thats just me.

  1. jw

    genguy, I’m a little sceptical of a spoink deck. I’d be really interested to see a deck list, I think you should make an article on the deck for 6p.

  2. Win Gull

    I think Spoink is a really fun idea, but what would Spoink do if the opponent flipped heads and woke up?

    • Jonah Davids  → Win

      I forgot to mention it in the article but regice would be supreme here. You would drag active a useless tech so they wouldn’t escape the lock. Don’t forget about the hand lock aspect to, this will prevent them from drawing energy to retreat.

      • Eelis Peltola  → Jonah

        Regice doesn’t let YOU choose the Pokemon that is dragged. Almost all decks have something on the bench that they don’t mind sending active, Crobat G being the most popular.

        Personally I think this deck just can’t work(or I’m just being trolled here…):
        How do you win? You’re not drawing prizes, not burning cards from the opponent’s deck, not even trying to clear the opponent’s field of Pokemon(yes, there’s a deck that tries to do that, too)!
        Like said, Sleep doesn’t last forever. Actually, you’re lucky if it even stays until your next turn. First, there’s the coin flip. 50% chance that your strategy doesn’t work. After that, there are cards like Warp Energy and every single Stage 1 and Stage 2. If you don’t have a second Spiritomb on the bench, Cyclone Energy counts too.
        Dialga G Lv.X counters the deck pretty well, removing the Trainer lock.

        Of course, if you’re able to drag up something that can’t retreat with just one Energy and the opponent has a bad starting hand and you’re able to keep the Chatot lock up for the entire game, you could wait until time is called and finish the locked up Pokemon with Blaziken FB Lv.X.

    • Jonah Davids  → theo

      You don’t. It’s just a lock deck. Decks like Drapionplume don’t deal high damage, this deck deals very low damage.

  3. theo Seeds

    for a darkrai g deck i think parasect would be better.

  4. Colin Peterik

    Woah woah woah. We’re supposed to sit here and let Infernape FB Lx.X get a 2/5 and SPOINK GETS A 3.1?!??!??!

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