SP-ar Wars Episode 6 Grand Finale – The Force Unleashed – Blaziken

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As the Galactic City Championships come closer to an end, the end of the SPar Wars is even closer. As revealed in the last episode, the Rebel forces have managed to steal the SP cloning technology and secretly clone their own chicken-based (not Ewok-based) Pokémon SP resulting in Blaziken FB LV.X.

The Rebel forces are impressed with Blaziken FB’s strength with the Force but are concerned he may be turned to the dark side by SPoldemort, the SP Empire’s evil wizard ruler. Blaziken FB is unaware of the other Empire-controlled Pokémon SP and will have to deal with the reality of who he truly is before his final epic battle with SPoldemort. The Rebels make plans for a final attack on the Death SPar in hopes of destroying SPoldemort and of bringing balance to the Evolution/SP sides of the Force once and for all.


Chapter 1: Blaziken: Chicken on Fire

(Note: Feel free to skip to the very end and see the decklist and matchups)

Blaziken FB was created by using a genetic combination of a chicken and DNA from Blaziken. The recipe used by the Rebel forces turned out to be quite simple (downloaded on YouTube from the makers of Amish bombs and mini spit-ball launchers):

1 Genetic Mutation Machine (stolen from moon of Endor – perhaps available on Ebay)
1 Adult Chicken (preferably alive)
1 Blaziken Claw (these actually grow back when removed, so don’t be alarmed)

Now Blaziken PL, like Garchomp SV and the Luxray twins, had been captured and cloned by the Lord SPoldemort. All 3 of these SP clones had wreaked havoc on the rebel forces over the past several years. Blaziken PL had also been sent to a remote, 9-sleeve rebel planet and had not been seen on the front lines of the galactic City Championships in quite some time.

And, quite honestly, he felt a little chicken about getting back into battle. Maybe that was because he was a chicken, but deep down, he just wasn’t sure he had what it took.

“Mmmm….much doubt I sense. Believe in yourself you must,” came an all-too-familiar voice from behind him. Master Comoda always seemed to sense his thoughts and show up at the right times.

“You’re right, Master Comoda,” Blaziken explained. “Many people thought I had what it took, especially with my bud Heatran LV.X, but I just couldn’t seem to pull it all together. I was just too slow of a chicken. In fact, I probably couldn’t even cross the road, even if everyone still debates why I even try to do this all the time.”

“On your strengths you must focus, not your weaknesses. Friends you also have.”

Comoda was right again, Blaziken admitted to himself. How was it that this green little dude could be so brave and wise, and yet he was just a scaredy cat, um, chicken? He did have some good powers, and he had a ton of Pokémon buds. For example,

  • He was a Stage 2 with 130 HP, which wasn’t too shabby
  • He had a really cool Poké-Power “Fire Breath” which automatically Burned his opponent’s active Pokémon.
  • He had a 2 pretty cool attacks. For CC, “Clutch” did 40 damage, and his opponent couldn’t retreat (the power of the CLAWS!!!). And for RRC, “Fire Spin” dished out a whopping 100 damage, but he had to discard 2 Fire energy

“Master Comoda, you’re right,” confessed Blaziken, “but those stupid Ewok-mutated SP clones are just too fast and powerful! How can I compete with that?”

“Do not hate SP, young poultry Jedi,” cautioned Comoda. “Controlled by the Dark Side they are. But not all.”

How could he not hate SP? thought Blaziken. They had made his life miserable being stuck on Binderia. They had kidnapped him and made one of the most powerful SP-iths ever made, Blaziken FB Level X. He closed his eyes, trying not to picture the horror of seeing Blaziken FB.

To his utmost shock, as he opened his eyes, there in front of him was his worst nightmare (well, besides crossing the road) – Blaziken FB LV.X!!!! He quickly grabbed his Light Saber and took an attack stance, claws flashing wildly.

“Resist fear, Blaziken!!!” warned Comoda, but it was too late. Something deep inside of him went beserk, almost like he’d gotten his head chopped off. He lunged at Blaziken FB and came down with a deadly strike. At the last second, Comoda jumped in front of the light saber attack meant for Blaziken FB and crumpled to the floor.

“Master Comoda, Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” cried both Blazikens. Blaziken PL reached Comoda first, but to his complete bewilderment found only Comoda’s clothing. With tears in his eyes, Blaziken PL yelled at his FB clone. “This is all your fault!!!!” and ran back to his coop, being careful to cross the road.

Chapter 2: Comoda’s Guidance

Blaziken PL could not seem to fall asleep that night as images of what had happened kept flashing in his mind. Why had he let hate take control of him like that? What had happened to Master Comoda? What would the Rebel leaders do once they found out what happened?

Release your fear and anger, young Blaziken, came an all too familiar voice.

Was it his imagination? He scanned the darkness in his coop, but no one was there.

I am with you, young Blaziken, came a second thought into his mind.

It was Comoda! Now he could see see him, and he was still alive, if only in a creepy, ghost-like way.

“Master Comoda, I am so sorry!” wailed Blaziken. “I lost total control. You’re right, fear and anger suck!”

Conquer anger and fear you must. The Dark wizard you must destroy.

What??!??!! This wasn’t making any sense (kinda like combining Pokémon and Star Wars and even a Harry Potter Spoldemort reference). Comoda wanted him to destroy SPoldemort???

“Seriously, Master Comoda, I’m glad you’re not dead, or um, I’m at least glad you’re a ghost. But I have no chance against SPoldemort.”

Go with Blaziken FB. Together you can defeat the Dark Wizard. May the Force be with you..

And with that Comoda faded into the darkness.

“Wait! Comoda! But I’m not ready!” But, try as he may, Blaziken could no longer communicate with Comoda. He decided that he would have to do what Comoda asked and face his greatest fears and anger.

Chapter 3: A Plan is Hatched

Blaziken PL had gone to Blaziken FB’s coop but found no one there. As he searched the starship, he found everyone busy in the launch hangar. Gengar Lockwalker noticed him and approached.

“I heard what happened today with Comoda,” Lockwalker shared empathetically. “Don’t let it bother you too much. I had the same thing happen with Comoda’s brother Yoda and with Obi Wan. It’s a little creepy, but you’ll get used to it. Plus, Comoda visited several of us in dreams tonight too and told us to prepare for the final assault. And we are going to need you”.

Blaziken was still traumatized from the earlier events, but he wasn’t going to fail Comoda again. He WOULD complete this mission. “Alright,” he told Lockwalker, “I’m in.”

The plan was simple. They would take a stolen Empire transport and use Blaziken FB as an SP impersonator. A small force of other Pokémon would join them on the mission to destroy the Death SPar and SPoldemort and end his reign of terror once and for all.

Chapter 4: Journey to the Death SPar

As they traveled to the Death SPar (a week or so journey- don’t ask me how this works with space travel), Blaziken PL and Blaziken FB got to know each other a little better.

Although cautious at first, Blaziken PL noticed that FB actually had a good sense of humor. He loved to tell chicken jokes and had the loudest clucking laugh you’ve ever heard. Lockwalker and Lando Gyraradosian also made them practice repeatedly together with the Force, and Blaziken PL came to appreciate some things about FB and how they worked together:

* Blaziken FB had 3 attacks with his Level X. The first, “Luring Flame” for 1 Fire, could drag an opponent’s benched Pokémon to the Active Spot and burn it. The second, “Vapor Kick”, for a Fire and Colorless, could do 30 damage plus another 30 if the opponent had a water Pokémon in play. Finally, his favorite attack, “Jet Shoot”, also for a Fire and Colorless, could do a massive 80 damage, but the opponent could do an extra 40 damage to him the next turn.

  • Blaziken also had the Poké-Body “Burning Spirit” which allowed attacks done to a burned Pokémon to be increased by 40. This worked fantastic with Blaziken PL’s “Fire Breath” Poké-Power.
  • Blaziken FB could also take advantage of all of SPoldemort’s Galactic Trainers and Cyrus Conspiracy cards, giving them an incredible speed boost.

And, more than anything, Blaziken PL felt his confidence returning. Comoda was right – he needed to believe in himself and his friends.

Chapter 5: Death SPar

As they approached the Death SPar, Blaziken reflected on his feelings. He had come to realize that not all Pokémon SP were bad. Sure, they were powerful, and it was wrong to mutate little fuzzy Ewoks, but that wasn’t their fault. In a way, he kinda started feeling sorry for them.

“Death SPar in sight, Commander Lockwalker,” informed Blaziken FB. Blaziken wondered if it had been wise after all not to tell FB about his true nature. But, in the end, did it really matter? What mattered was what you choose to be, not how you were born. But how would FB react if the truth was ever revealed?

The plan was working perfectly. They used an old access code which caused some concern, but it seemed to work. The plan was for FB to lead them as if they were all prisoners and take them directly to SPoldemort. So, even though they were a Motley Crew (or Crue?) as they traveled through the Death SPar, no one really bothered to stop them.

As they approached SPoldemort’s chamber, Blaziken grew more and more nervous. Somehow, this all seemed too easy. The guards in front of the chamber stopped them.

“Why are you here?” they questioned.

“Lord SP-oldemort asked me to bring these prisoners immediately,” explained Blaziken FB. “And, unless you want to see him really mad, I suggest you let us in immediately.” They parted immediately and let them through.

Chapter 5: The Final Confrontation

The team was greeted by a traumatic sight. There in front of them was SPoldemort with one of the Luxry GL LV.X clones. “How dare you betray me! I shall enjoy teaching you who your true master is. Don’t you know that I created all SP clones?”

Blaziken PL noticed a look of confusion and doubt creep across FB’s face, but there was nothing he could do about it as things were happening so quickly.

SPoldemort noticed Blaziken FB and the other Rebels. “Lord SPoldemort, I have captured the rebel leaders and brought them to you,” said FB, his voice trembling.

“Very good, FB,” he acknowledged with a haunting smile. “But, I recognize a chicken when I see one. Guards, destroy them!”

With that, all you-know-what broke loose. Light sabers, lasers, and Poké-balls flashed everywhere, and blue bolts of Force-powered lightning slammed into the Rebel forces. The Rebels were losing ground, and they noticed Blaziken FB wasn’t around. “Blaziken PL, go find FB – we need him!” cried Lockwalker. After frying a Dialga G (fire weakness was so nice), Blaziken dashed out to find his SP counterpart.

He found him around a corner crying his eyes out.

“Look FB, I know it was a shock to realize that SPoldemort created all SP, but he doesn’t control you.”
“That’s easy for you to say,” whimpered FB, “but I can’t evolve. And look at what we SP have done! We are all part of the Dark Side!”

Blaziken PL didn’t know what to do. The Rebels needed them NOW, and they all needed FB to stand a chance.

“Listen, Master Comoda once told me that what matters most is what you choose, not how you were born. He always told us to face our fear and anger. You can do it!”

Right then, a ghost-like image of Comoda apppeared, smiling and dancing the Jerk. A smile appeared on FB’s face. “You’re right, PL. I want to be good. Let’s go kick some Booty Chicken-style!”

Chapter 6: The Final Showdown

As they exploded back into SPoldemort’s chamber, things looked grim. Lockwalker and Gyaradosian had both gone down, and there were only a few Rebel forces remaining. Even worse, the tortured Luxray LV.X was approaching them.

“No, I want to help,” Luxray explained quickly. “Not all of us want to be controlled by SPoldemort. Let’s go, Power Rangers!”

So, the remaining Rebel forces rallied together for the final battle:

Pokémon – 232 Torchic PL
2 Combusken PL
2 Blaziken PL
2 Blaziken FB SV
2 Blaziken FB LV.X SV
1 Luxray GL RR
1 Luxray GL LV.X RR
3 Sableye SF
2 Uxie LA
1 Uxie LV.X LA
1 Azelf LA
1 Crobat G PL
1 Smeargle UD
1 Unown Q MD
1 Lucario GL RR
Trainers – 274 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
3 Energy Gain
3 Poké Turn
2 SP Radar
2 Aaron’s Collection
3 Pokémon Collector
3 Bebe’s Search
1 Luxury Ball
1 Premier Ball
1 Junk Arm
1 VS Seeker
3 Rare Candy
Energy – 105 R
4 Call
1 L

traniveThe Rebel forces fought with a passion that caught even SPoldemort by surprise. Where SPoldemort was motivated by power and greed, the Rebels fought for peace, love and all that was good about Star Wars and Pokémon. The SP clones could not stand against the combined burning power of the Blazikens.

FB was able to 1HKO SPoldemort with an epic “Jet Shoot” with Burning Effect for 260 damage- (80+40) = 120 x2 weakness (apparently, SPoldemort is weak to Fire) = 240 + tails flip for burn, just enough for Voldemort’s 250 HP.

The Blazikens and the rest of the Rebel forces destroy the Death SPar. In celebration, they head to Endor to light up an Ewok club with hip-hop star Taio Cruz and his “Dynamite” single (Justin Bieber was invited as well but was apparently evaporated in the Death SPar – good or bad?)


The Force was once again in balance, and the SP clones who broke away from SPoldemort would continue to help rebuild the galaxy until their time passed (i.e., card rotation). Would the Pokémon universe always stay in balance with the Force? We can only hope.


I hope you enjoyed the series! It was fun to write about some lesser-known Pokémon and see how to best use in the current format. The decklist is in the section above, and I really struggled to find the right balance of SP speed with a Blaziken evolution line. Honestly, the deck can be a little clunky running both SP and Stage 2 evolution lines, but I think it could still do decently. Here are a few notes about some of the cards in the decklist:


Blaziken PL line: I felt 2-2-2 was most consistent since I only ran 2.

Blaziken FB: I felt a 2-2 line was most consistent, but others might find a 3-1 line to be better.

Crobat G: Get that extra 10 damage when needed.

Azelf/Sableye/Smeargle/Unown Q/Uxie/Uxie LV.X: standard draw/search/starter Pokémon. I debated putting in Spiritomb but felt it slowed down the SP lines too much.

Luxray GL LV.X: Aside from obvious disruption plus, it also helps in Water-type matchups like Gyarados and Kingdra.

Lucario: A nice tech as use can utilize different type Pokémon to attack opponents for weaknesses.

Supporter/Trainer Lines:

The list is a bit more trainer-heavy in order to take advantage of the SP speed. In addition, it also takes advantage of SP trainers and Cyrus’ Conspiracy and has a few rare candies for added speed.


The deck can run on very low energy with Blaziken FB, and I also opted to go with call energy for a more consistent start.


GengarLock (Even). Blaziken FB can be very disruptive to the trainer lock and can usually break with Luring Flame. But, a lot depends on Fainting Spell flips, and Blaziken PL is susceptible to Shadow Room snipes.

Gyarados (unfavorable). Even with the Luxray tech, this is a tough matchup. Very difficult to stop a Gyarados swarm.

LuxChomp (slightly unfavorable). The reality is that Luxchomp is still a little more powerful and disruptive than BlazeBlaze. Plus, power sprays on Blaziken’s “Fire Breath” can really limit the damage output.

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  1. dunnod

    Well written article. I really enjoyed this series. Thank you for putting creativity, not just in the rogue ideas, but the storyline as well. AWESOME!!!

    One thing though:
    “260 damage- (80+40) = 120 x2 weakness (apparently, SPoldemort is weak to Fire) = 240 + tails flip for burn, just enough for Voldemort’s 250 HP.”

    The extra +40 is applied AFTER weakness so it would be 80 x2 weakness= 160 + 40 = 200 + tails flip for burn = 220…either way its a KO :P

    • Tony  → dunnod

      Holy Crap! Does that actually mean SPoldemort is still alive with 30 HP remaining? Did he possibly escape the Death SPar explosion? I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight…

      Seriously, though, good catch- I totally missed that.

      • dunnod  → Tony

        Hmm….I’ll just slip you 2 Poke-turns and a Crobat G :P Unless SPoldemort has a Poke-Body that shuts off trainers, it’ll probably retreat and Seeker itself back up :( Such an OP card he is -_-

        • Anonymous  → Adam

          HE’S ALIVE!!!! OMG now he’s going to play 2 pokehealer +’s !!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

      • Anonymous  → Martin

        but his effect says ater applying weakness. so it does count as damage but doesnt get added on until weakness and resistence is worked out.

  2. the sidewalk

    Anyone open to the idea of running BlazeTran with Vileplume tech to protect you from Power Spray and keep your opponent from Warp Pointing or Poke’turning out of being Clutched or Burned? I would simply include a 1-1-1 line, some Warp energy, and run Spiritomb, but only bother setting up Plume when facing SP. It’ll work. Just you wait and see!

    • Tony  → the

      That’s a cool idea too. I definitely thought about running Vileplume as I’ve written several articles about it, but I just think it’s too hard to get everything set up. But, if you drop the Blaziken FB lines and SP supporters and trainers, I think that could have some potential.

  3. wyeth miller

    funny read XD but it can’t compete with all this gyarados.

  4. Anonymous

    LOL!!!!!!! loved this article. best ever. i espically like the little metagross wheeler and machamp-grevious. it was funny! dacing yoda pwns.
    :( sad to see it be final chapter

    • Tony  → Anonymous

      Thanks for the great feedback! You know, I started with Episode IV, so technically there are some unwritten episodes. But, for now, I think it makes sense to end the trilogy. Too much of a good thing can get a little annoying. But, I’ll definitely try to do some similar type articles in the future.

  5. Joshua Pikka

    those pictures you drew are hilarious.

    Ursaring as Chewbacca, thats the best thing ever.

    Also like Zangoose as Fett and Machamp as General Grevious.

    • Tony  → Jonah

      No one really knows for sure….probably just a former Pokemon card Executive who was fired for creating SP Pokemon and disturbing the balance of the force.

  6. venny kid

    Reminds me of the “Grocery STORE WARS” clip on YouTube. The FDA (I think) created it to encourage organic foods or something…
    Anyway, back to Pokemon…
    Blaziken PL would make a totally ligament tech into Blazechomp, or Blazeray. It’s an awesome combo w/ Heatean and Blaziken FB X. Here’s why:

    1. Burn w/ Fire Breath
    2. Fire Spin for 100 + 40 (Burning Spirit) + 20 (burn damage from Heatrean’s body) + Weakness (if aplicable)
    3. Get those energy back w/ Heatrean’s Poke-Power.
    4. Apply +20 at the end of opponents turn for ANOTHER burn tails (again Heatrean)

    You could also put Department Store Girl in to fish out Expert Belt ( for +20 if needed)

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