Skarmory (Undaunted UD 21) – Card of the Day

pokebeach.comWelcome to today’s review of Skarmory from Undaunted. When translations of Skarmory were first released, it received a lot of attention because of its Energy acceleration attack, “Steel Coat”, which allows you to grab a M Energy from your deck and attach it to one of your Pokémon for M.

Obviously, the best factor of “Steel Coat” is in its wording, which clearly states that you’re allowed to grab Special M Energy as well as Basic ones. Apart from Energy Exchanger and Skarmory, there are very few ways to search out Special Energy from your deck.

The two decks that most commonly use Skarmory are Scizor Prime and Steelix Prime decks. Typically, they’ll run four copies to maximize the potential of starting with it. However, I’ve recently explored using Skarmory with Magnezone LV.X (with SF 5 being the Magnezone under it). In a perfect world, it would allow you to have a 140 HP Pokémon that can reduce damage done to it by 20-30 and retreats to the bench after each attack, making it very difficult to KO.

pokebeach.comSkarmory’s second attack, “Razor Wing”, is a mere shadow compared to its first attack. For MCC, you get a low 40 damage with no special effect. I can tell you right now, out of 1,000 games, it would be uncommon to use it once; it’s just too weak of an attack to devote an extra two Energy to.

Skarmory has 80 HP, which should help to prevent it from being donked by anything but a Machamp. The Fire weakness isn’t too hurtful as the only commonly played Fire cards are Charizard and Blaziken FB, which will likely be able to 1HKO it regardless. The -20 Psychic weakness helps to give it some durability and the Retreat Cost of one is average.

My Recommendation: Skarmory is a pretty nice card that not every deck can use, but in the ones that can, watch out. While playing it in Steelix and Scizor should be a no-brainer, I suggest trying it out in other decks as well and see what you come up with. With a card as flexible as this, there’s bound to be a lot of untapped combinations out there waiting to be discovered.

My Rating 3.75/5

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  1. Peter Bae

    I acutally think that Skarmory UD is only a good starter with Scizor Prime. With STeelix, I found Jirachi RR, SMeargle, or Sabelye to be better as Steelix already has an energy acceleration attack and is easily achieved by discarding the energies with Blissey PL. So Sableye, Jirachi, or Smeargle would be better for Steelix PRime IMO

  2. Colin Peterik

    “Lock Up”
    … Good Game.
    Just kidding. But it will be annoying until you draw a Warp Point. A great starter in Steelix nonetheless.

  3. Anonymous

    i dont think hes that good. i mean by t2 he still gets 2 metal on scizor weather it be 1 from steel coat and 1 for turn energy. or 2 turn energy. in our format if you dont attack by t2 your most likly going to lose. and in steelix, sableye,spiratomb,jirachi,smeargle are better starters has peter said before steelix has own energy recover.

    • Dakota Streck  → Anonymous

      I disagree. While all of those Pokemon are great Pokemon, I believe in Steelix especially, but Scizor as well, Skarmory is a better fit. Not only being able to accelerate your Energy attachment, but being able to find all four of your Special Metal Energies is something very powerful that shouldn’t be overlooked.

      Also, just because a deck isn’t attacking by turn 2, doesn’t mean you’re going to loose. Steelix even t32 worlds last year and I’m pretty sure it ran Skarmory. I know what you mean, but I just think that Skarmory is better :P

        • Anonymous  → Julliant

          It was released. Undaunted came out on Aug. 18th and Worlds was on Aug. 14th and 15th. They could’ve gone to prereleases and got the cards from there.

        • Julliant Chen  → Anonymous

          The set is only legal for competitive play after its official release date and Undaunted was not released until AFTER Worlds, you couldn’t use the Undaunted cards you got from Prerelease for Worlds.

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