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pokebeach.comInterviewer’s Questions is a Supporter that was brought to us with the rest of the HGSS Unleashed set. In a format where Trainer Lock is one of the most played decks, being a Supporter is both good and restrictive. However, one question that you must ask yourself when trying to decide if a Supporter is worth playing or not is, “If this is the only Supporter I can play during a turn, will it generally be worth it?”

For cards such as Bebe’s Search, Pokémon Collector or Cyrus’s Conspiracy, the answer is definitely yes. For this card? Let’s find out! Interviewer’s Questions is one of those “Look at the top X cards of your deck. Choose as many X cards as you like…” cards, which typically don’t see as much play.

This is because, when you’re dealing with these types of cards, there is a good deal of luck involved. Sure your odds are increased or decreased by the number of X cards you include in your deck, but often times that isn’t as great as it seems. It can often force you to play more copies of a certain card than you would like to just so you can have better luck with the draw.

In this case, Interviewer’s Questions allows you to check out the top 8 cards of your deck and choose as many Energy cards as you like. If it was restricted to solely searching for Basic Energy cards, it would quickly be passed up without another thought, but its ability to fetch out Special Energy cards as well has intrigued some players enough to give it a shot.

pokebeach.comTo answer the question I posed earlier, “Is it worth it?”, I would say no, it’s not. Now, I don’t say this solely on this card’s effect, but also because a much more effective Special Energy searcher, Energy Exchanger, outclasses it on almost every level. Being a Trainer means it doesn’t use up your Supporter slot and since it can get the exact Energy you need means it is more efficient as well.

The simple fact is that generally, players don’t want an enormous amount of luck involved with their decks, so playing a Supporter card that relies so heavily on luck usually isn’t in their interest. I would like to say one thing about it, though.

Unlike a lot of Supporter cards in the format, Interviewer’s Questions is able to collect multiple Energy cards, which many cards can’t do, so that is one thing going for it. Unfortunately, I doubt that will be enough to change most players minds about this card.

My Recommendation: I would say use it next format, but this card will be out before EE will.

My Rating: 3/5 (It isn’t a terrible card, just not as good as some other stuff)

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  1. Poet Larsen

    I run a blazechomp deck and I run two interviewers questions. I run 10 energies and 9/10 times I get at least one energy. I think one energy which may not seem great can help in the long run. Most of the time though I usually get more than one energy.

  2. Andrew Daley

    in certain decks such as BlastGatr whee they need a lot of energy and have a lot of energy this deck should be run but other than that I agree with you.

  3. matthew green

    I think this card is misunderstood. Cyrus is huge because sp is huge. If no one ran sp decks then cyrus would be useless.

    Any card paired with gatr like magnezone loves this supporter. I think it would fit well in charizard too.

    All in all i believe next format will see decks that will use interviewers.

    I agree though 3/5 is a good rating.

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