PokémanDan’s PokéClass Episode 16 – New Stuff, Lost World and Uxie Trouble

It’s been a while since my last episode, so here’s the first of the new year!
PokéClass is back for 2011! This episode takes on the new format of the show and includes news about our new Call of Legends set, a discussion about Gengar Prime, Lost World, and donks. On top of that, we have a deck analysis on Uxie Donk and a section about a new part of my show to featured in future episodes.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous

    Just a few things I want to say:
    I’d say that Cyclone Energy, and Unown Q, and one or two Expert Belt are a no-brainer, and Victory Medal should at the very least deserve a mention. What are you going to do if that Unown R is stuck active? Can’t get an Uxie Donk if you can’t finish off the active with Uxie. Likewise, if your opponent starts with something like Dialga G, you can Cyclone it to the bench and Seeker it up. Or, if your opponent starts with Dialga on the bench, attach Cyclone to a benched Uxie, QUICK the active, and retreat.
    You can also Cyclone Energy away those pesky Spiritomb, if you’re lucky enough to start with one in your hand.

    The Chatot with the hat is absolutely adorable! I like it!

    The fade-in-fade-out with different songs is really odd. Maybe make the cross-fade a little quicker, so there’s less time where two songs are playing at the same time?

    Overall, much better than previous episodes I’ve watched. Keep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous

    great video. but i have to say about donks that like someone piont out in prof-it that if the rules say that at the end of your turn. if you have no pokemon you lsoe. this is not the best as snipers get a little cheated and cards like rescue energy become so much more helpful and that the best decision is to allow 1st trainer but no attack.

  3. thomas clip

    Cool video, although I think I like the other background music.

  4. Colin Peterik

    gahahah!!! props on Public Domain “Generic Rock” #05-A in the intro!! LOL

  5. Travis Yeary

    Sorry but I’m 100% against donks. Are you saying you like winning/losing a game in 2 minutes, and then doing nothing for half an hour? That’s not even playing the game.

    And don’t get me started on Uxie Donk. It says in the official rules “The winner of a game should never be determined randomly” however, with Uxie Donk, thats EXACTLY the case 9/10 times, as it comes down to a coin flip for who goes first.. The only defense is to almost fill up your bench in your opening hand, don’t go first, or play a specific counter Pokemon. To me that’s just not fair, as I like my games to last longer than 1 turn.

    • Chris Barrieau  → Travis

      I understand your point of view. However, I am for donks, and here are the reasons why.

      1. If they were put into the game, then it’s certainly for a reason: To be part of the metagame. I’m not saying I would have put them in myself, but they’re in, so we’d may as well accept them, right?

      2. I know that winning/losing a game in 2 minutes is not the most fun thing, but it is definitely a competitive strategy. Uxie Donk may be good, but it does not destroy everything, and does not win 100% of the time.

      3. I would not agree that Uxie Donk Decks “randomly determine winners”. I think the intention of the rule that says “The winner of a game should never be determined randomly” relies more on something along the lines of… “If two players win simultaneously, do a sudden death instead of a coin flip” or something like that. Because it does happen with decks other than Uxie Donk that games are decided on a coin flip. As for the opinion on if Uxie goes second then it wins, that’s not necessarily true. I know it’s hard to win if you go first against Uxie, but it’s still possible. For instance, if Uxie Donk plays against Vilegar and the opponent has a spiritomb start, then Uxie would have to tech against it. (Such as with Cyclone Energy or Regice.) Every deck has decks they’re good against, and decks they’re bad against. Uxie is good against decks with low HP basic pokemon, and bad against SP (high HP, lots of basics), and most of all, Vilegar (spiritomb starts).

      4. Finally, I understand that not everybody does this, but if I were to play Uxie Donk, then I would enter the tournament with my Uxie deck, and bring another fun deck with me. This way, my opponents would not get bored if I win, or if I fail to get anything out and end up losing.

      And so ends my opinion on donks. I think they’re part of the game, and since there’s not much you can do about it, you’d might as well accept it instead of being disgruntled about it, right? They’re part of the game, and as a good player, it’s each and every one of our responsibilities to take advantage of every feature of the game in order to strive to be the best. …Or at least play competitively. :) And like I said. I know not everyone brings spare decks to tournaments, but maybe we could spread the word to suggest to donk players to bring spare decks for fun games? :) I know I would. =]

      • Travis Yeary  → Chris

        I know they’re allowed and I need to deal with it, but I always try to discourage it. I just think it’s the least fun thing you can ever do in the game, and building a deck around it is basically saying to your opponent; “I’d rather just win than actually play a game with you.”

        Either way, Nintendo is trying to take it out with the coming rotation. When rare candy is broken, and bts is gone, first or second turn wins are going to be almost impossible, as there will be no broken basics, and it will be impossible to get an evolved pokemon before your second turn.

  6. Profile Deleted

    Cool article. Im wondering, is there any reason why uxie donk is more popular than shuppet (shuppet used to be THE donk deck some time in the past).

      • Profile Deleted  → Daniel

        yeah but that has to be the case both before and after triumphant why is uxie donk suddently better now?

        uxie is more focused on turn one win and shuppet is more on constant high damage with no drawback

        maybe because judge hits hand so hard

        • Anonymous  → Profile

          uxie donk dains seeker and junk arm from triumphant. inreasing the donk potential amazingly. also shuppet since it loses its wall mr. mime, has nothing to really bring up except maybe a shedinja SV. this can easily be koed by a basic form of sp or other low enegry decks like gyrados. also yes more decks are running judge and lookers. but the big thing why shuppet is losing its way around is it lost its wall.

  7. Anonymous

    “Call Of Legend” is only going to have 95 cards. Look at what cards are confirmed and check out the set number…..

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