Double Colorless Energy (HeartGold & SoulSilver HS 103) – Card of the Day

pokebeach.comWe’ve got COTD’S, we’ve got free articles, we’ve got forums, we’ve got top notch players being payed to write articles! But you know what were lacking…


Because of this, I suggest people start writing poetry COTD’s. Why would we do this? Here’s why:

  • Many times, COTD’s are done on cards which most people know about. Turning these into poetry might make them more interesting.
  • Poems are very entertaining.
  • Poems might relieve some of the intensity of the current events.

For today’s Card of the Day, I will do one on Double Colorless Energy:

When the Garchomp takes the front,
The C or the SV,
It wouldn’t be,
so great for thee,
If not for DCE.

Two Energy are supplied,
But Colorless only,
Never has,
It been so great,
Until the DCE.

Scramble I suppose was nice,
But it went off to sea,
All that remains,
Alongside E-gains,
Is faithful DCE.

Because this card is really neat,
and made Garchomp C great,
I’d have to say,
without delay,
Out of 10 I’d say 8.

Rating: 8/10

Writing a poem about DCE might be more interesting than simply reviewing it. After reading my own COTD’s, I often draw my own conclusions, but after reading my own or others poetry, I am more prone to stop, think, and ponder the meaning of it all.

In conclusion, I think that poetry might actually be a good idea for COTD’s. I am prone to believe the majority won’t like it, but there are some out there who might enjoy it.

Till next time,


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        • Andrew Adams  → Sophie

          If you were trying to be sarcastic, “more” was the word you were looking for. As it stands, you’re suggesting he’s not hypocritical (which would actually be the correct judgment).

        • Sophie Grace Hirst  → Andrew

          Your inability to perceive my statement as one that lacks sarcastic tone (in others words, I was actually asking chartaxe to be less hypocritical) suggests a lack of emotional intelligence. This is a serious problem that many people who use internet forums excessively have and, considering it is often quoted as being the most sought-after skill by employers, should be of real concern.

        • David Reichenberger  → Sophie

          Sophie, you previously mentioned potentially writing articles for the site. Have you considered it further? Based simply off the ability to stand your ground and still provide evidence as to why you’re right, I think you could produce some high-quality articles, especially once you become more confident in your own playstyle.

        • Sophie Grace Hirst  → David

          Thank you for your kinds words. Yes, I certainly have given it much though, and I am pleased to say I have begun constructing what I hope to be the first of many contributions to SixPrizes. You can expect an entry in due course.

        • Andrew Adams  → theo

          I didn’t ask a question, but yes he was. He wasn’t asking her sincerely if she would be less constructive. He said it sarcastically to point out the fact that she wasn’t constructive at all.

        • chrataxe  → Sophie

          I may critique many things rather harshly, that’s just my honest opinion and me not holding punches. I’ve never once left a crappy one liner that doesn’t help anyone.

        • Sophie Grace Hirst  → chrataxe

          Are you completely blind to the fact that your response to my ‘crappy’ one-liner is as unhelpful as my original post? In fact, your irritating reply has led to a string of ‘crappy’ posts. In many ways, sarcasm is less helpful than limited feedback. My post, at least, made it clear where I stand on the poetry gimmick. Your post seemed to serve the purpose of either massaging some kind of superiority complex (which would be highly worrying), or encouraging a reply that offers more constructive feedback. It failed on both counts.

  1. thomas clip

    Great poem! I think it’s a great idea for COTDs. I’ll try to work on one.

  2. DrMime

    Any poem about the Pokemon from Nantucket and I’m out of here.

  3. Perry Going

    only an 8?! this card single-handedly changed the whole format.

    • Jonah Davids  → Perry

      Actually,it just let luxchomp and sablock rise to the top. It didn’t change the format as much as Pokemon Collector, or Cyrus.

      • Perry Going  → Jonah

        why are you only thinking of garchomp? It brought back Garde/Gallade. And what place did that come in? Collector was not as good as Roseannes was and Cyrus was only used in SP decks because Roseannes was still in format. DCE formed what was playable last format and is a very useful card now.

        • Jonah Davids  → Perry

          Your right! It completely slipped my mind when I wrote it, but you try thinking something that rhymes with Gardylade.

  4. Profile Deleted

    tbh this site doesn’t lack poetry. I respect doing things differently, but this site has way too many “poems” imo ;)

  5. Sebastian Hunter

    This card is 9/10 I’d say… cooler illustration then the Base Set one too :P

    IDK about the poem though…

  6. Dane Carlson

    I like the poetry idea. It makes it much more interesting. :P Especially when you’re talking about something as popular as DCE. LOL :)

  7. Anonymous

    I like it when people shake things up a little. I salute your bravery.

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