Lumineon (Stormfront SF 4) – Card of the Day

Sorry, no poetry here. I’d joke about not having a creative bone in my body, but that would be a lie. (And besides, I’m sure you wouldn’t find a joke like that very humerus.) So onwards!

pokebeach.comSo let’s take a look. Lumineon has some pretty below-average stats for this metagame, given that it’s a Stage 1 with only 80 HP (Can anyone say “Dragon Rush”?) and a Lightning weakness (just enough to score a “Flash Impact” 1HKO). It’s got a Poké-Power, meaning it’s “Shadow Room” bait, so it’d better be worth it. No resistance, no Retreat Cost, yadda yadda — I’m sure you can see for yourself on that image to the right.

Lumineon SF has some pretty underpowered yet inexpensive attacks. For no energy, you can do a 20 snipe that isn’t affected by weakness or resistance, even on the active. Cheap, but you get your money’s (energy attachment’s) worth. Snipe isn’t bad, but, most of the time, 20 damage isn’t going to do anything game-changing.

The other attack, for one energy, does a decent thirty damage and allows you to flip a coin. If heads, your opponent can’t do anything to Lumineon. Problem is, if Lumineon gets forced to the bench, the effect ends, and you can just snipe around it. That, and it only works half the time you use it.

So obviously, we’re going to look at the Poké-Power. I’ll give you a moment to read what it does.

When I first read that text, the thing that came to mind was Dusknoir from Diamond & Pearl. (For those of you who aren’t in the know, if your opponent has four or more benched Pokémon, its Poké-Power lets you pick one and shuffle it back into the deck.) The idea is to send out Lumineon, drag a basic Pokémon active, have Dusknoir shuffle away something important, retreat Lumineon, and then either KO that weak basic or snipe around it. Great combo — I heard that it was its own deck back in the day.

Obviously, we don’t have Dusknoir anymore, so I thought, “What can Lumineon be used for?” It won’t work too well against VileGar and Gyarados, as they both usually have pretty full benches. You don’t want to use it against LuxChomp, given that they: a) keep basic Pokémon in their hand primarily because putting them down would do them no good, b) generally have a full bench, and c) would KO the Lumineon before you even finished saying the Poké-Power. (And even if you would get something good out of it, they’d Power Spray it.)

pokebeach.comThe answer lies in something very similar to Dusknoir: Palkia G LV.X.

Now, bear with me: This is a wild, wild idea and I’m not even sure if it’ll work. But the one thing that could possibly save Lumineon from being “binder candy with strange effects” status is Lost World.

Basically, get Palkia G LV.X out, keep your bench size to 3, fish out basics with Lumineon, and then “Lost Cyclone” your opponent’s Pokémon away until you get to six Pokémon in the Lost Zone and declare victory.

Additionally, you could use cards like Judge, Looker’s Investigation, and Spiritomb TM to keep your opponent’s hand fresh and full of Pokémon.

Obviously, your opponent can play around that pretty easily. But it’s an idea worth looking in to.

In short, it’s binder candy. You can try comboing it with Palkia G LV.X and Lost World, but, for the most part, it won’t do you any good. And it dies too easily. It does have an interesting and unique Poké-Power, though.


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  1. Red Ados

    Nice, I hadnt thought about that combo b4. It could be teched into other decks as well tho. In the MD-UD Machamp article, there was a Lumineon tech option. Great CotD!

  2. Dakota Streck

    If it didn’t have to be active, I could see trying it out in Machamp SF to help against non-SP decks. Instead of just hitting an Evo for 40 (granted you dont have Prime set up), you could use this, grab something from your opponent’s hand for a KO. The same idea could have given it some use in Gyarados as well. Oh well.

  3. Kevin Kuphal

    I think I read it in another article here a while back, but it makes for a decent tech/combo with Seeker. Use Seeker to make your opponent pick up some basic or evolution from the bench (guarantying that they have a basic in their hand), then Fin Luster the basic back down onto their bench and switch, then free retreat Lumineon to your heavy hitter and take the KO.

    • Anonymous  → Kevin

      The problem with posting articles where you try to think of everything is that you’re guaranteed not to have thought of everything. XD That’s actually a viable strategy, especially in Machamp, and probably would’ve bumped Lumineon’s rating up half a point. Thanks for commenting!

  4. venny kid

    Well, I was thinking an anti-Gyarados combo w/ Gengar Prime:
    1. Fin Luster a Magikarp to the Bench
    2. Cursed Droplet the Magikarp
    3. Send said Magikarp to the LOST ZONE!!!

  5. Papa_Mash

    Seems like the Seeker/Lumineon combo could work in a Machamp SF deck maxing out on Warp Points/Energies or Switches.

  6. Papa_Mash

    Seems like the Seeker/Lumineon combo could work in a Machamp SF deck maxing out on Warp Points/Energies or Switches.

  7. L M

    This card single-handedly won me a local tournament. It was a time when Shuppet Donk was just coming out and a couple of people were running it in the league I go to. I wasn’t running SP yet (so I couldn’t just use Dialga G), I was running Speedrill which got murdered by Mr. Mime SW. Lumineon just ripped their main attacker out of their hand and then Beedrill destroys it. Meanwhile I’m putting excess energy on my bees and my opponent has to somehow change their deck’s strategy to Uxie Donk.

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