Prof-It! Episode 36: City Championships 2010-2011 Recap

In this episode, I do a report on my last two tournaments, a recap on the top decks this City Championships, and have a brief conversation on the upcoming set, Call of Legends. Thanks for watching!


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  1. Anonymous

    thats a shame about the whiffs on the cyrus. congrats on doing good in cities. in call of legends i will stake money on rosaanes or claydol. lostgar will shake up the format. i still think though luxchomp will win most the time against it.

  2. Joey A

    Sweet review j-wittz! like always. I have a question. Should i run charizard or gyarados? Thanks!

  3. Ashley Kendall

    Nice review and congrats on your win! How did you feel your Sablelock compared to the Luxray variant? Would they each play differently in different Metagames, or did you feel like one played significantly better?

    • Anonymous  → Ashley

      Mine had a better vilegar matchup and a slightly better dialgachomp matchup, while his had a better gyarados matchup and maybe a better sp matchup, but no hard counter to machamp and mewtwo X.

      He ended up doing a lot better than me on the weekend (16-2 overall vs my 11-4), but he was able to dodge mewtwo both times, as well as machamp, but he ended up beating gyarados multiple times while I lost one in a close game. I ended up beating a machamp and 2 decks with mewtwo X in them (the gengar/donphan deck had one too) so I was still happy with my build.

      In the end it just fell to preference–he played loxchomp at nationals, and I tested my current version of sablock for a while, so we both went in confident with our decisions. I’m sure it’s possible to fit both luxray GLX and a 1-1 honchkrow to get the best of both worlds : P

  4. Marcel Mravec

    Great job! I would like to see your decklist’s backbone. 2-2 honchkrow, 1-1 blaziken and 1-1 luxray?

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