Magnezone LV.X (Legends Awakened LA 142) – Card of the Day

Whenever a card called “Magnezone” is released, I make an effort to look at the card, see what it does and then judge if it’s useful or not. Magnezone is one of those Pokémon that almost every card of it that’s printed is at least interesting, if not playable.

The particular Magnezone I’ll be taking a look at today is Magnezone LV.X, which was released way back in Legends Awakened. Magnezone LV.X is a Stage 2 Level Up, meaning it will take a bit of searching and evolving before you get it in play.

For all of this investment, you’re rewarded with a low 140 HP (it isn’t bad, but for a Stage 2 LV.X, it’s pretty low, especially when compared to Regigigas LV.X, Tyranitar Prime or Steelix Prime), an average x2 Fire Weakness, a very handy -20 Psychic Resistance and a massive four Retreat Cost. Finally, since it’s a Metal Pokémon, you’ll have access to Special M Energies.

Since there’s a number of different Magnezone you could run with this card, I will focus my review more on the Level Up. Its Poké-Power allows you to, as often as you like during your turn (Immune to Power Spray) move around Lightning or M Energies from one Pokémon to another.

One great combo I can see with this card is with Blissey Prime. If Magnezone is damaged, transfer all of the Energy away from the Pokémon you wish to heal, place down Blissey, then move them back. Unfortunately, it won’t work with Double Colorless Energy (Meaning Magnezone SF #6 won’t work as well with Blissey because you’ll require a third turn to power up “Gyro Ball”).

pokebeach.comTo round of the review, we’ll look at Magnezone LV.X’s attack, “Cyber Shock”, for the cost of LM does 80 damage, but forces you to discard both a Lightning and a M Energy attached to Magnezone. In addition, the defending Pokémon is now Paralyzed. The attack isn’t terrible against tank decks such as Tyranitar, but for the most part, you’re better off just attacking with whatever Stage 2 Magnezone you’re running.

My Recommendation: I suggest using it in a hit-and-run type Magnezone deck. Since the LV.X is Metal, you can use Special M Energies and it gains an additional 20 HP, you can make it so that Magnezone is very difficult to KO.

My Rating: 3/5 (The extra HP, Metal typing and Poké-Power will all come in handy. The rating would be higher if it had a good attack)

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  1. Eric Lari

    If they release the Pacharisu that was in lost link magnezone decks will have some pretty cool energy acceleration.

  2. Ron Routhier

    I have to disagree with your last statement “The rating would be higher if it had a good attack.” For only Two energy, you can do 80-100 damage, AND the defending Pokemon is Paralyzed. Keep in mind it doesn’t say you have to roll heads for the defending Pokemon to be paralyzed like 99.5% of all the other attacks other pokemon have.
    If you combine this attack with Vileplume (Trainer Lock), then you are a sitting duck until Magnezone decides to kill you off. Only Warp energy can get you out of that one.
    And before anyone comments about how the attack needs 2 different types of energy to use Cyber Shock, we all know Magnezone is probably the most energy friendly deck when it comes to getting energy, moving energy around (Electric Trans), and reclaiming energy from the discard pile (Super Connectivity).
    This is all coming from a Gengar player by the way, I’ve never played Magnezone, but I think this card deserves a 4/5.

    • Dakota Streck  → Ron

      I know, but when you think about it, 80 damage isn’t very useful as it can’t really OHKO anything. You can’t use expert belt if you run it with Vileplume. I’m not saying it’s a bad attack, it just isn’t amazing.

      Also, Paralysis can be good when put together with Trainer lock, but IMO VileGAr is better than Magne(Lv.X)Plume

      • venny kid  → Dakota

        Um… Non-LV.X SP Pokemon??? Most have 80 HP

        Plus, if your oponent can’t get out of paralysis, you hit ’em again for 80 using SuperConductivity and and Eenrgy attachment.

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