Non-Cities Tournament Report + Jirachi Spam List

I’m hanging out at the local league, brooding over not being able to attend Cities. Suddenly, the league leader announces that we will be having a mini CC today. 1st place will get a Clash of Legends box, 2nd a Legendary Dogs tin, 3rd Pokémon Rumble and 4th, a World Championship deck.

We are all quite excited, and I fill in my decklist, anticipating a good record. I’m playing Smorgasgar, a Gengar deck with disruption. We will have 4 rounds of Swiss and a top cut of 2.

Round 1 VS. Matt with Vilepluff

pokebeach.comI have a mediocre start with a Spiritomb, 2 Poké Turn, 2 Psychic and 2 Uxie. He gets an okay start with Skuntank G and Spiritomb but is forced to go first. He passes with nothing to “Darkness Grace.” I topdeck a Judge, and play it without haste.

I hit gold with Gengar SF, Gastly, Pokémon Collector, and Psychic. I attach to Gastly and “Darkness Grace” up to Haunter. He appears to also have hit the jackpot and by the end of the turn he has both a BTS, Sunflora and a Jumpluff in play. I topdeck an Unown Q and then notice his Jumpluff has no energy attached to it, and he has no cards in his hand.

I perform a rather risky move and Collector for 2 Crobat G and a Chatot G. I “Quick” the Tomb, double “Flash Bite” the Sunflora, and “Disrupting Spy” to give him nothing to work with. I then KO the Sunflora for my first Prize. After that, its “Shadow Room” to the finish.


Round 2 VS. Rose with Donphan

I go first and Donk her lone Unown Q with my lone Unown Q. I hate Donking, in fact I really, hate Donking. The game I just played was down to a coin flip. I would have been donked as easily as I donked her. I really hated doing it, but I wasn’t gonna give up a win. After Donking her, we played again. She steamrolled me when I started with 4 Spiritomb and 3 Psychic. LOL ;)


So, at this point, I’m really pumped. I know if I get lucky with my pairings I can pull through. The pairings are up and I am facing a G-DOS! It’s an okay matchup, but one I’ve barely tested.

Round 3 VS. ??? with Gyarados

pokebeach.comThis game is pretty interesting. I know my strategy will be to spam with Giratina and Judge, but I’m not sure if I can take a loaded G-Dos 1 on 1.

I start with my Spiritomb and benched Gastly. Him with his Sableye. He “Impersonates” for a Collector and fetches 2 Karp and a Regice. I realize I need to take the early lead and Collector for a Giratina PL, Gastly and Mesprit. I play down all 3, and shuffle away his hand.

I draw an okay hand, attach and “Darkness Grace” into Haunter. He studies his hand while I study his face. I can tell he has a good hand and my prediction is accurate. He Plays BTS, slaps down a G-dos, Bebe’s for an Uxie and “Impersonates” for 2 Karp and a Regice.

I evolve to Gengar SF, SSU up the Mesprit and play it back down. I then use Judge. I draw into a Warp Energy, Warp my Tomb to the bench, and use “Shadow Room” on the Sableye. He tells me has 2 Uxie, 2 Mesprit and a Rescue Energy in hand, so he attaches the rescue to G-Dos and “Impersonates” PONT

Fast-forward till we are tied at 1 Prize remaining. His G-dos is Belted and has no damage on it. He seekers his Mesprit and I bring back my Crobat G. He doesn’t play down the Mesprit because, he knows I’ll snipe it for the game. My Gengar SF is belted, and he’s exhausted all his Crobats, Pokéturns, Junk Arm ETC. He uses “Tail Revenge” for 110.

I’m unsure what to do, and I’m nearly ready to consider scooping, then I have a sudden idea. I play down my Crobat G and use Lucian’s Assignment to move all energy to it. I Warp Point my Gengar and bring up my Crobat G. His field consists of only G-dos and Regice. He is forced to bring up Regice, and I bring up Crobat G. I use “Toxic Fang” and that seals it. GG


I’m really excited at this point. I know if win the next round I’ll at least get a Legendary Dog tin.

Round 4 VS. Axle with Jirachi Spam

pokebeach.comThis is a really fun deck me and Alex (Axle) have discovered. (Disclaimer: I like to say we discovered the deck, others have already discovered Jirachi Spam. I have not discovered Jirachi Spam. We have however, created this deck. If you don’t think so, feel free to tell me in the comments.)

It’s basically where you Spam with Jirachi RR & Judge, and use Mightyena PL to cleanup. Your hand is constantly getting refreshed, so you can pick and choose what you need from it, and let the rest get shuffled away. All while throwing your opponent off. By the time they’ve set up, they have to deal with 80 damage per turn and poison. Defiantly cool. I knew I would have a slight advantage, as it has a very trainer based engine.

I start Gastly, which is good. He starts Jirachi, which is bad. He goes first, attaches Rescue Energy, and passes. I draw, Rare Candy into a Gengar AR, Collector for Gastly, Unown Q and Spiritomb, retreat Gengar, attach, and “Darkness Grace” into Haunter.

He plays BTS, slaps down a Mightyena, plays Judge, puts down a Smeargle and “Detours” I draw an Energy, attach that, and “Darkness Grace” into Gengar SF. By the end of his turn, he has 2 Mightyena, a Skuntank G, and a Jirachi active. I Bring up my Gengar AR, (Cursegar) attach my 3’rd Energy, slap on the Belt I got from “Detour” and “Shadow Skip” into my Spiritomb.

He uses “Final Wish” to fetch a Pokémon Collector, uses it to get an Uxie, an Unown Q and a Mesprit, uses them all, and attacks with Mightyena. Unfortunately for him, I can 1 shot his Mightyenas while I am above in the Prize trade. He once gets his Blaziken FB out, but he can’t put it to good use. GG!


So, I made cut! I’m really excited, till I find out I’m playing the guy playing “Four Corners” His variant is basically a mash between a Sabelock, Gyarados, Machamp, and Dialgachomp. It has a small SP engine with a 4-2 G-Dos line, a 2-2-2 Machamp SF/Prime line and a 1-1 Dialga G LV.X with a 2-2 Garchomp C LV.X!

On the bright side, I know his deck will be very “Clunky” and not as well rounded as the average “Four Corners.”

Top 2 VS. ??? With Four Corners

Game 1.

pokebeach.comHe gets a good start with a T2 Garchomp C LV.X I Judge him though and he can’t recover. GG!

Game 2.

With the help of Chatot G, I “Shadow Room” his lone Dialga G to the end. GG!

So, I ended up winning, it was a lot of fun! I got great pulls in my Clash of Legends box and I had a great time!

Okay, so I decided to do this as a split article, I’d like to talk about a deck I (with Axle) have created. I use the term “created” loosely, as I may not be the first to have had these ideas.

The deck I’d like to talk about is Jirachi Spam. I mentioned it in my above article, and its a really a fun deck to play. The idea is to use Jirachi RR to “Detour” Judge. Because of all the trainers you pick up off the Judge, you set up quite fast.

When your Jirachi dies, you use “Final Wish” too search for whatever you need. An example would be if your opponent has a Dialga G LV.X in play, searching for a Cyrus’s Conspiracy to set up your Blaziken FB LV.X. One of my favorite things to do is search for a Black Belt and make a big revenge KO. It all depends on the situation your in. Here is the list:

Pokémon – 23

4 Jirachi RR
4 Poochyena PL
3 Mightyena PL
1 Mightyena LA
1 Blaziken FB SV
1 Blaziken FB LV.X SV
2 Skuntank G PL
2 Uxie LA
1 Azelf LA
1 Unown Q MD
1 Mesprit LA
1 Smeargle UD
1 Regice LA

Trainers – 31

2 Black Belt
4 Judge
1 VS Seeker
4 Broken Time-Space
1 Twins
1 Pokémon Collector
1 Bebe’s Search
1 Cynthia’s Feelings
1 Snowpoint Temple
1 Luxury Ball
1 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
3 Pokémon Communication
1 Energy Gain
1 Junk Arm
4 Great Ball
3 Seeker

Energy – 6

3 Rescue
2 Cyclone
1 R

The list looks rather inconsistent, but works quite well. I recommend playing it in a low Trainerlock meta, as it is quite inconsistent with low portions of various supporters. Great Ball could easily be replaced for Dual Ball, or something similar. Mightyena LA is for SP’s, and is also an amazing Regigigas counter. The Blaziken FB LV.X is to counter Dialga G LV.X or Vileplume, and the Regice for Spiritomb.

I don’t want to go into detail, but the strategy is really straight forward. You spam Judge with Jirachi, and use the trainers you pick off of it. When your Jirachi dies, you use “Final Wish” to search for a Supporter of your choice. After that, rush them with your Mightyena. Its a really great league deck, and quite fun to play against.

So long,


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  1. Tonu Taitto

    Eh, how does Mightyena LA counter any basics without Dark Energies? I would assume that hitting up to 60 damage with CC attack cost isn’t what you were after. :D

  2. Alex

    Hi what exactly did you get in you CoL box? Any primes, T/S/S noteworthy cards?

  3. Dakota Streck

    Yeah, a little while back I had played with something similar to that Jirachi deck. While it wasn’t tier 1, it certainly was a fun deck that didn’t to terrible. A big part of of its strength is that the deck is very flexible with a lot of options. Great article, Genguy!

    • Jonah Davids  → Amin

      4 Corners is a deck which uses 4 types/varieties of Pokemon in order to counter what decks are popular.

    • Colin Peterik  → Amin

      It used to be a very effective deck in past formats that would exploit x2 weakness on that era’s most popular cards, with the goal to always have type advantage and to score OHKOs for low investments in energy attachments. I don’t think it has really been good since ’06.

  4. Tom Contello

    why judge and not PONT? 6 cards > 4 and your opponent gets nothing….seems twenty times better o_O

  5. Tom Contello

    why judge and not PONT? 6 cards > 4 and your opponent gets nothing….seems twenty times better , why spam 4 card refresh when you can have 6.

    • Jonah Davids  → Tom

      You can’t really spam PONT. The idea is to disrupt your opponents set up with Judge spam, and set yourself up whilst that happens. If you were spamming PONT, your opponent would simply set themselves up and a herd of Mightyena’s would be easy to defend against.

  6. Tom Contello

    I see your point, but it seemed like you wer emore focused on card drawing than disruption. I do agree judge is a good 2 for 1 card.

  7. Olliver Barr

    I love crazy decks, and i might just have to build jirachi spam. Good going BTW.

  8. Mark B

    Interesting deck idea. Otherwise, the editors in charge of these submissions should really go over these things with a fine-toothed comb. Something “Defiantly cool” certainly isn’t “Definitely cool”.

  9. Anonymous

    I’ve always loved the Final Wish Jirachi, I use him with twins and pokedrawers in all my decks. I call it the “Luck Engine”

    • Andy S  → Anonymous

      “Luck Engine”, huh? You’d need a lot of luck to get the cards you need there. Try using multiples of the cards.

        • Andy S  → Jonah

          Sorry if I sounded like I insulted the deck, but I think giving away four prizes to use all ‘Final Wish’ Poke-Powers isn’t worth it, so maybe a stronger draw engine would be good?

        • Jonah Davids  → Andy

          You dont give away 4 Jirachis. That would be madness. You let 1 die,
          get the appropriate card, and go from there. By the time your Jirachi
          Dies, you’ll have 2-3 Mightyena on the bench.

        • Jonah Davids  → Andy

          Don’t worry about it ;) its probably my fault for not explaining well enough!

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