PokémanDan’s PokéClass Episode 18 – Lost World for the Game!

This episode is all about the release of Lost World and what impact it will have on our game as we know it. Hear my opinions as well as the true facts behind why LostGar is so successful in Japan and why it might not be the same story over here.

Hope you enjoy.

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  1. George


    I agree that Palkia G may be the thing to look for with Lost World. Only time and play-testing will tell.

    • Daniel Middleton  → George

      I definately agree. With most, if not all, decks relying on benching ‘coming into play’ pokepowers, Palkia can send 2 pokemon to the lost zone and then lock. Maybe we’ll see some Palkia Lock being played now?

      • Jonah Davids  → Daniel

        I don’t think so. Its good, but they’ll easily be able to defend against it. I believe Spreadgar will become popular. Because they both revolve around Gengar Prime, you’ll have 2 win conditions!

        • Anonymous  → Jonah

          they confront on 2 fronts yes. but they work on different attacks. spreadgar would use cursed droplets while lostgar would use hurl into darkness. i do think the better option is cursegar with a gengar prime. when you would get the knock, switch to gengar prime instead of spiratomb to use catastrophe and lost zone them. this attacks on 2 fronts. and can trainerlock for a jority of the game. ill be trying that deck out.

        • Chris Barrieau  → Anonymous

          I have actually been working on a deck like you just mentioned, but my playtesting results came back rather negative: It’s way too slow. That, or I’m just playing against a lot of super speedy decks in my metagame. :P

      • Poet Larsen  → Daniel

        You could use palkia G to get rid of bench pokemon then use a seeker to get rid of more. Thats what I think is the best tactic.

  2. Anonymous

    GREAT VIDEO!!! finally i see someone saying its overhyped. i mean its got twins speed. the only speed card in hgss-on. thats the only reason it does well in japan. its not too fast. but it still has a chance at shaking up the format for a few weeks. how could you leave honckrow SV out of techs for sps.

  3. Perry Going

    i lol’d when he said, “they even misspelled phanpy in its poke-body, twice”

  4. Andy S

    Lost World + Gengar Prime will be soooooo hard to beat. We’d better find a counter ASAP

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