Granbull (HeartGold SoulSilver HS 22) – Card of the Day

pokebeach.comGranbull was released a couple of sets ago, but for some reason, it didn’t win Worlds last year, or any other tournament for that matter. Join me as I attempt to unravel a mystery that has bewildered the Pokémon community since its release.

Granbull has a great Colorless typing, meaning it can hit Garchomp C LV.X for twice as much damage. 90 HP isn’t bad for an unevolving Stage 1 Pokémon. The Fighting Weakness hurts, but what really kills this card stat-wise is the massive Retreat Cost of CCC. You’ll definitely be packing some Warp Energy if you choose to play this card.

With no Poké-Anything to be seen, Granbull’s playability will be based solely on its two attacks. The first, “Timid Tackle” for the nicely managed cost of CC does a solid 50 damage. In addition, when you use “Timid Tackle”, two things happen: Granbull receives 20 damage and is switched with one of your Benched Pokémon.

That is really fantastic, reducing Granbull’s HP to 70 which not only puts within “Dragon Rush” range, but it also makes it very easy for Luxray GL to 1HKO it as well.

When I saw the massive CCCC cost “Chomp” requires to be used, I was thinking it must say something like “Knock Out all of the Garchomp Pokémon your opponent has in play.” Instead, it does a terrible 40 damage with the “Rage” like effect of doing an additional 10 damage for each damage counter on Granbull.

My Recommendation: Don’t play it. Ever. If you see someone using it, give them the cold shoulder for a week. At least.

My Rating: 1.5/5

Note: This card was requested via the COTD Request Thread. I only say that because I received a few questions asking why I review uncompetitive/uninteresting cards sometimes, so now (in case you hadn’t) know why.

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  1. Anonymous

    well theres a thread about this deck on deck discussion here. it seemed like a good concept. set up quickly. hit for 70(with expert belt) turn 1 or 2 then switch to spiratomb AR. and keep a palkia lock going. while it does damage itself it kould be damaged through mesprit locking(sweeping them away with pgx), trainer locking(spiratomb) and also you could lost zone a damage granbull if it got really weak(or use seeker/ssu). while it doesnt have a big playablity it can become a fun league deck.

  2. Andy S

    If there was a card that could knock out all Garchomps at once, it would be the world’s most expensive card.

    • Colin Peterik  → Andy

      Ha not really considering there are only ever 2 Garchomps in play..
      See: Entei + Raikou LEGEND.

  3. matthew green

    I think saying don’t play this ever and giving it a 1.5 is a little over the top.

    I am not going to say great things about this card, however it can be played. Anytime you can do 50 for a DCE and have the ability to switch with a benched pokemon you can make it work somehow.

    Switch with a Mewtwo or Spiritomb for stalling and throw a nidoqueen in there to take the damage off and you have a fun league deck. Or after you switch it you can seeker it next turn. Again, not going to be used at any tourneys, but at league I say give it a shot, if you like Granbull.

    • Dakota Streck  → matthew

      Ok, maybe the “don’t ever play it” was a bit over the top, but the 1.5/5 wasn’t. I mean, sure you could send up a Mewtwo Lv.X or Spiritomb to disrupt your opponent, but Dialga G Lv.X would make this strategy impossible (now, a lot of LuxChomp decks tech in Dialga).

      Running Nidoqueen and/or E-Belt wouldn’t be that much better, LuxChomp/DialgaChomp can still 2HKO it for two Prize cards. Also, making the deck reliant on Nidoqueen will slow the deck down a bit. On the other hand, if you don’t use Nidoqueen, it will keep taking damage. Also, Dialga G would completely kill the deck.

      It seems like an interesting concept, but IMO is way outclassed by CurseGar/Magnezone/Gliscor decks. If you’re going to League and don’t have any of the other Tier 1/Tier 2 decks and you believe in “winning doesn’t matter, its about having fun”, then go for it because such a deck is bound to be fun.

  4. L M

    I agree with NJPokedad. You could easily do something like Cursegar “hit and run” style. The fact that you can start the attacking immediately is nice. Plus since it is colorless, there is a plethora of secondary attackers you may choose from. It can also easily combat the most prolific attacker in the meta right now (Garchomp C). It at least derserves a 2.25/5!!! :P

  5. Colin Peterik

    It’s not that bad… 50 and switch for a DCE can be used to send Chomp C X’s to the Lost Zone if you switch out to Gengar Prime. It’s also pretty darn good against decks that have no way of sniping/gusting (IE: no popular decks right now unfortunately..) It can buy you at least 2 Prizes in those matchups, (Timid Tackle twice, Chomp once). Oh god, I thought Chomp cost CCC.. Oh well, it’s pretty terribad. Still, it’s best attribute is sending Garchomps to the LZ.

  6. wisconsinsquad

    What are you talking about this card is awesome!!! It’s in all of my decks!

    Okay, just kidding. 1/5, or .5/5 is more like it…

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