PokémanDan’s PokéClass Episode 19 – Money Matters #2

This episode continues the Money Matters article started in a previous episode. Get to know the most expensive decks out there and other ways to build competitive decks for a fraction of the price. I’m going to show you that a competitive deck doesn’t have to cost a lot to be successful.



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  1. Anonymous

    great video like always. but you forgot the secret kingdra tech against luxchomp. exploud SV

  2. Sergio Ortiz

    one of the best videos by pokeman dan’s, thumbs up!

  3. theo Seeds

    great vid, yadda yadda. I know this isn’t about lists, but do people in the uk run uxie x in gyary instead of luxray?

    • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → theo

      As a UK player, I’ve never heard of anyone using Uxie X INSTEAD of Luxray.

      DGX is Gyara is quite common though.

  4. Peter Bae

    not true. Luxray gl lv.x has dropped in price dramatically. Luxray gl lv.x go around for 40 onEaby completed listing (whichis the price ppl actually buy at). Not to mention that Promocroak hasnt been seeing play in many SP builds anymore. Even if they did, it has also dropped in price to about 15. Also most SP builds now run 3-1 Garchomp C Lv.X for better SP match ups and 3-1 Lxuray GL Lv.X for Gyarados match ups. And for budget decks…. Sablelock is acutally quite cheap. Most expensive cards being just the SP Engine + 2~3 garchomp C. For budget decks.. there are so many good budget decks. A lot of the magnezone prime builds are extremely cheap yet very powerful because of tis ability to OHKO a Gyardos easily.

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