Impress Your Valentine Pokémon-Style!

Hi everyone! With Valentine’s Day approaching, I wanted to be sure you considered an eco-friendly way to recycle/reuse your Pokémon Cards. Valentine’s is a great time of the year to show someone special that you care about them (even more than even Pokémon).

I’ve created several categories of Poké-Themed Valentine Messages, so feel free to use the ones that best fit the message you need to share.

I also made sure to have a “Call of Legends” section as most of us are having a hard time finding an actual use for 99.9% of the cards in the set, and reusing as Valentine’s cards might make us feel a little better about buying them.

Category: Call of Legends

Category: Cute and Sassy


Category: Goth/Creepy/Odd

Category: On or Slightly Over the Edge


Make sure to let your Valentine know how much you love him or her and Pokémon! Also, I would love to see some replies to this article about any cards I may have missed. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Chris Barrieau

    Or here’s my favourite on the cute side:

    Use a Flareon card, and have, as the message:

    “Valentine, you make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.”

    <3 ^^

  2. Anonymous

    LOL, funny stuff. the over the egde section was the best.

  3. Anonymous

    I really like the first picture, with the Pikachu. That’s just adorable. X3

  4. Joel Howe

    Hmm, what cards should I use if I want to get straight to the point?

  5. Andy S

    LOL maybe a Gardevoir card (Gardy is the embrace Pokemon)

  6. Joshua Pikka

    I want more of the over the edge cards.

    Good idea for those. Though with so many Likitung cards you could go much farther.

  7. theo Seeds

    why would you give away lost world? it’s the only useful card in the set.

  8. Derek Coontz

    I gave a friend of mine a Triumphant Luvdisc card. When she asked me what it was, I told her to read the Pokedex info on the bottom.
    “Its heart-shaped body makes it popular. In some places, you would give a Luvdisc to someone you love.”

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