Lucario (Call of Legends CL 44) – Card of the Day

pokegym.netWelcome to today’s review where I’ll start reviewing Call of Legends cards! To kick off this event, I’ll be reviewing Lucario CL. For starters, Lucario is a Stage 1 Fighting Pokémon, meaning it should have a slight speed advantage over Stage 2 decks. Its ability to hit Luxray GL and Magnezone for Weakness means we’re off to a great start.

The Psychic Weakness is pretty bad, meaning both Gengar and Uxie LV.X (a card that 80% of all decks play) can 1HKO it. The C Retreat Cost is acceptable (I act as if P!P would actually change the card effect if I didn’t like it).

Lucario has two attacks in the form of “Dimension Sphere” and “Sky Uppercut”. The first costs two C Energy and provides a base damage of 30. In addition, for each Pokémon in your Lost Zone, “Dimension Sphere” does an additional 20 damage. WOW! This attack definitely offers the potential to be hitting for hysterical amounts of damage.

Because of this potential, Lucario has received massive hype, most of which is deserved. However, in order for this deck to be effective, you will need a way to quickly, consistently and effectively get multiple Pokémon into your Lost Zone. That’s where Palkia G LV.X comes in. The object of the deck is to maintain a strong Power Lock, use “Lost Cyclone” to quickly send Pokémon to your Lost Zone and Lucario hitting for 90+ each turn.

“Sky Uppercut” has no place being anywhere near this card. For FFC you get a pitiful 70 damage that bypasses Resistance. I’m waiting for the PCL to stop printing these types of attacks. They usually cost three Energy, do a low amount of damage and ignores Resistance. That isn’t good!

pokebeach.comI can very confidently say that the popularity of this deck will depend heavily on the popularity of LostGar. Not only will your opponent be trying to get Pokémon into your Lost Zone, but so will you! It’s just too easy for them to plop down a Lost World and beat you.

In addition to a deck fully based on Lucario, I have tried running it as a thin tech line to fight off LostGar decks. While I haven’t done enough testing to show if this is actually a viable strategy or not, it has shown promise.

My Recommendation: If LostGar or similar decks end up being severely over-hyped, I think this could become a pretty good deck choice.

My Rating: ~3.75/5 (Only time will tell exactly how well it can do in this format)

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  1. Alex Holdway

    There’s a guy at the league I go to trying this out. He calls it LucarioDonk and plays pretty similar to UxieDonk without the consistency (he says only works 4/10, unlike his UxieDonk which works 9/10).

    He basically goes through the whole of his deck getting a Stage 2 on the bench with Unown Q and then sends Palkia G Lv.X and the Stage 2 to the Lost Zone with Expert Belt and DCE for 170 damage turn 2.

    Total. Madness.

  2. Jonah Davids

    Nice article! I disagree with Uxie “lv.x” being played in 80% of decks though. 50% of Vilegar don’t, G-dos doesn’t, Machamp rarely plays it…

  3. Matthew Tidman

    You know, for all the complaining about Lost World before it was released, if it hadn’t been released than this card would have been completely overpowered and would have made Palkia Lock a dominant deck once again.

  4. Poet Larsen

    THis is a good tech in lostgar. If someone pulls out an absol or some other dark pokemon to hit gengar for weakness, then use this to KO right back. Most dark pokemon have fighting weakness, and I say most.

  5. Sam Stevens

    why not use it with absol prime, as absol does potentialy 90dmg with 2 special darks (same as gdos) then sets up lost zone for lucario… if your playing against lostgar or other lost deck just dont use absol… then again 1 pokemon lost zoned to OHKO gengar prime is much better than them hurling 2-3 pokemon, for a lost deck the opponents lost zone is your prize pool so its 1 prize for 1 lost prize… not bad

  6. Anonymous

    You could make a great Mewbox with this, Cincinno/Zoroark, and Muk. :D

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