Taking Another Look at Magnezone Prime, Part 1 – Brief Overview

Hey guys! Long time no see! Guess who’s back? Yup, it’s me, Peter Bae! I’ve been deciding what to write about lately. I’ve thought about decks revolving around Lost World at first but gave up. I’ve also thought up of SableLock, but there are much better articles written by J-Wittz for the Underground membership. (I HIGHLY suggest that you get the membership, it has helped me in my game and deck making skills so much that it is well worth it)

P.S. For the next 2 months or so, I’ll be moving back to Korea to visit my dad, so I won’t be able to write too many articles as I won’t be able to keep up with my play testing.

Magnezone Prime

Lately, I’ve been having this fascination with Magnezone Prime. I couldn’t stop loving it.

Why do I love this lovely magnetic creature? Well it has a beefy 140 HP, has resistance to Metal which is great because the number of DialgaChomp player will increase. It also has a lovely Poké-Power called “Magnetic Draw” which lets you draw until you have 6 cards in hand. It is a mini Claydol that we all so miss very much.

Not to mention that it has a great attack called “Lost Burn”. This is great attack as it does 50× for as many energy you send to the Lost Zone that is attached to ANY of your Pokémon. The attack cost is 1 Lightning and 1 Colorless, so if you ran pure Magnezone Prime, you would be up and running turn 2.

Doing 50× damage means you can easily 1HKO any Pokémon that is in the format. Dialga G LV.X with an Expert Belt + 4 Special Metal? Sure thing, only 4 energies to be Lost Zoned. Of course, with MOST good cards comes some disadvantages.

The main drawback I see is that it is a stage 2, so it requires more set up than any other deck. Also it has a heavy 3 Retreat Cost. Not to mention the x2 Fighting Weakness, but it won’t really be too much of a problem as I can’t see decks like Machamp seeing increase in popularity due to Gengar Prime running wild, meaning everyone will try to run a counter for it like SableLock or Dialga Chomp.

What decks are available for Magnezone Prime?

pokebeach.com1. Suprisingly, Magnezone Prime has a lot of support cards. There is Magnezone from Stormfront, set #6/100 which has a Poké-Power that is the same as Typhlosion Prime’s “After Burner” but with Metal or Lightning Energy. Also comes with a great attack that is essentially the same as “Shadow Skip” but can abuse Double Colorless Energy. There is also Magnezone from Stormfront, set #5/100 which has the same Poké-Power as Sunflora HGSS but searches out Metal or Lightning Pokémon. Also the Magnezone LV.X from the set Legend Awaken which gives you energy manipulation.

What does this give us? This can give us a a Trainer Locking type deck which uses Magnezone from Stormfront #6/100 to do medium damage while trainer locking your opponent WHILE having a consistent draw power with the heavy damage output when needed.

So the first deck we will look in to is the Magnezone Lock.

2. Despite what people think, Magnezone Prime goes very well with Feraligator Prime. At first glance, you won’t see any synergy, but they work quite well. Remember Magnezone Prime’s attack “Lost Burn”? Well if you take a second look, the card states “Put as many Energy cards attached to your POKEMON as you like in the Lost Zone”. Since it doesn’t specify which Pokémon, you can attach all your Water Energies to Feraligatr Prime and use that is a feeder for Magnezone Prime’s attack. Not to mention that Feraligator has a really good attack which is the same as “Rage” from Machamp in Stormfront.

pokemon-paradijs.comSo the second deck we will be looking into is the MagneGator.

3. This is a personal creation of mine after searching for some partners for Magnezone Prime. This uses the Fire Draw Power that Charizard uses. Using Magnezone Prime as the main attacker, Typhlosion Prime as a back up attacker and energy acceleration for Turn 1 “Lost Burn” with Magnezone Prime, and Ninetales for further draw support and “After Burner” feeder for Typhlosion Prime.

The basic strategy of the deck is to set up Ninetales or Magnezone Prime first for draw power. Than get a Typhlosion going. When you have all 3 set up, normally you’d have an energy attached to Magnezone Prime and a couple fires in the discard pile. You will use “After Burner” from Typhlosion Prime to attach to your Magnezone Prime and attack if you wish. Normally by the time you set this up, you’d have at least 3 energies on board, so you don’t have to waste the Lightning Energy attached to Magnezone Prime.

So the third deck we will be looking in to is the TyphloNineZone. (Just kinda came up with the name because I didn’t wanna type all 3 Pokémon)


There are many more partners that can go well with Magnezone Prime. You can just Magnezone Prime as a support of the deck and a back up attacker because it has a good draw engine and high damage output late game. I’m sorry for this really short article, boys. I didn’t wanna give out the decklist in this first article like the Machamp one as no one really actually read the full segment but just Part 1 for the most part and was satisfied. (Well, LockChamp had many views but not MespritChamp). Well thanks for reading and I’ll be submitting Part 2 – Magnezone Lock sometime next week in Korea.

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  1. Anonymous

    “Not to mention that Feraligator has a really good attack which is the same as “Rage” from Machamp in Stormfront.”

    Slight oopsie there. Gatr’s attack does 60+ damage on the DEFENDING pokemon
    Machamp’s does 60+ damage on machamp.

  2. Anonymous

    Haha. I came on here to check out Tony’s Magnezone list from cities and there was a new Magnezone article.
    I have a pretty nice list made for states. I can’t believe how good it is.

    I play the Magnezone 1-1-1-1
    Prime seems like the most useless but he can also hit high if needed and the draw power isn’t bad

  3. Sam Marshall-Smith

    eerrrrr… most of the article is in the wrong place….. Hard to figure out but a good article.

      • Sam Marshall-Smith  → Peter

        The part of the article explaining about the decks is over the there titles, such as a description of MagneGator (Its MagneGatr BTW) being under the Magnelock heading.

        • Peter Bae  → Sam

          actually, description of each decks came first than what the deck was called, I think it was only you who thought that, but thanks for the input ill think about it when i write articles next time

  4. Matthew Tidman

    Excellent, I started throwing together a MagneGatr deck the other day, and I’m looking forward to seeing your take on it.

  5. Anonymous

    nice article. though magnegator should be spelled magneGATR. there is no o in feraligatr. but no problem. i tested it out. i lvoed the one shoting ability. though i often had bad drawing and would get energy stacked in my hand.

  6. Eelis Peltola

    There aren’t too many Magnezone articles and the deck itself has so many versions, I’m looking forward to your take on the deck.
    The Fire Magnezone variant looks pretty complicated, do you sometimes have problems setting that up fast enough?

    • Peter Bae  → Eelis

      usualkly the set up is complete T2/T3. The most problem i run in to is energy deprivation. You need to know how many energies are prized and conserve them as you only have 12 energies to spare

  7. mewuk85

    Free tip…….to gyardos players. if you are scared aginst a “LOSTGAR” deck try teching a MEW PRIME, 1 PSYCHIC energy and a CYRUS’S CONSPIRACY…… you can turn 1 a cyrus to grab a collector and energy and a poke turn:):):) and u know what the mew is for :):) i promis u if you are a smart player many many many matches will turn in your favor XO

    • Peter Bae  → mewuk85

      if gyarados still turns out to be a major contender… lostgar will just tech honchkrow SV to “Darkness Restore” a Magikarp to the bench (after playing seeker of course), than use Gengar Prime’s “Cursed Droplet” attack to drop 4 damage counters on the Magikarp, killing it. Than the Poke-Body will send it to the lost zone. Gyarados is not afraid of having one of their gyarados lost zoned but rather the MAgikarps

  8. Anonymous

    Nice article peter I am the kid you met at league playing scizor-steelix lol

  9. Anonymous

    Nice article peter I am the kid you met at league playing scizor-steelix lol

  10. Anonymous

    Nice article peter I am the kid you met at league playing scizor-steelix lol

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