Pachirisu (Call of Legends CL 18) – Card of the Day

pokegym.netOf all the Pachirisu in the format, only one is really playable. Today’s review will be of Pachirisu, from Call of Legends. For starters, 60 HP is a bit disappointing since the majority of Pachirisu have 70 HP. A x2 Weakness has become the norm for HGSS-on sets, which I personally don’t like. I thought having some +10-40 Weaknesses helped to give the game more variety, but apparently PCL doesn’t agree.

Anyway, the -20 Metal Resistance is nice, but won’t be all that useful during a game because the most popular Metal Pokémon, Steelix, Dialga G LV.X and Scizor, will most likely be able to 1HKO it regardless. Having a Retreat Cost of C allows you to keep it from being active without much difficulty.

“Self-Generation”, Pachirisu’s Poké-Power, is the reason the majority of players will use this card. When you put it on your bench, you may attach two L Energy in your hand to it. Well, the first thing I notice is the Energy will need to be from your hand, so using this effect multiple times per turn is usually out of the question.

“Shocking Bolt”, for LL, does 50 damage, but forces you to put all Energy cards attached to Pachirisu into the Lost Zone. While this isn’t attack certainly isn’t terrible (it even gives you a slight donk possibility), odds are you won’t be using Pachirisu to attack too often in favor of another, more powerful attacker.

It seems the most common deck to use this card is in Magnezone decks. By using Magnezone LV.X’s “Electric Trans”, you can move those two L Energy to Magnezone, which can be great for quickly charging up a powerful attacker.

Some players are trying to make a Magnezone Prime deck that uses Pachirisu to keep attaching Energy to it. The goal is to use Seeker/SSU to keep reusing “Self-Generation” and Bronzong SF to keep your hand full of Energy. I personally don’t like this idea; it seems to clunky and slow to me, even with “Magnetic Draw”. You’re better off running 1-2-of this card in Magnezone as a tech for a surprise Energy charge up.

My Recommendation: See above Paragraph

My Rating: 3.5/5 (States will show us if this card has a place in the tournament scene)

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  1. Anonymous

    Ummmm, no bad feelings or anything, Dakota, but you’re forgetting something kind of important. Remember Raichu Prime/Lv. X?

  2. matthew green

    There are many ways to use thiS card. Energy switch, lucians and magnazone or raichu. I think this card really makes a lot more electric decks playable.

  3. Travis Yeary

    A play-down effect that allows you to get attach 2 basic energy to that pokemon is kinda useless… unless it’s Lightning energy. Seriously, this guy would allow Raichu HS or Raichu prime to attack every turn. There are also plenty of other Lightning type pokemon that are constantly throwing energy into the discard. Very high compatibility with both Magnezone and Raichu, and uber-easy to re-use with seeker. (I got seekered 3 times in one turn because of “Portrait” in a game I played earlier)

    Overall, this guy will be beastly when Mesprit, and power spray are gone. Plan to see it in electric type decks when the rotation is HS on.

    • Anonymous  → Travis

      Yeah, total agreement. Except slight note. If this was water energy instead, it’d make Blastoise UL (Same power as Raichu Prime but for water energies) a beast, and LOTS more reliable. So any type except water or electric, actually.

      • Matthew Tidman  → Anonymous

        Definitely agree, though water already has Rain Dance which lets you continually play down water energy and it can’t be power sprayed (though Mesprit is a solid lock against it). There’s also Floatzel UL which lets you attach an extra water each turn, but like Feraligatr, it’s not a basic.

      • Travis Yeary  → Anonymous

        Really? My roomate plays blastgatr, and almost never has energy in the discard because floatzel g lv.x always gives it back. I think fire and lightning type generally discard energy more than water in most situations, and fire already has enough support.. I wouldnt see a use for him at all if he was water.

        • Anonymous  → Travis

          Yeah, really. I ran that deck for five premier events (Two cities, three battle roads) People have lots of ways around floatzel GL. Level down, fainting spell (sometimes you have to use the non-x’s attack), crobat G, brightlook’d/dragon rush’d, etc. Floatzel GL is great on the bench, but you’re in a major hurt once you lose him, if your entire deck assumes he’s around the whole time.

          If this Pachirisu did water instead, you could use him in a seeker loop so that blastoise would be the only evolved Pokemon needed for the deck, making you a crapload more consistent, and would raise blastgatr’s speed to the middle, instead of the slow but steady force it is now.

  4. Anonymous

    i cant beleive you forgot to mention raichu prime. this card though wont see much tourny play i think. but can be a fun league deck.

  5. Matthew Tidman

    Pulled a reverse at my prerelease and used it game one to attach 3 energy on my first turn. It’s an awesome card if you have the ability to fund it. The attack is complete crap, though.

  6. Kyle Madison

    i hate the word donk. please get rid of it. erase it from pokemon tcg. it’s way too new school for me to appreciate.

    • Willy Goebel  → Kyle

      dude you know whats even worse than the word donk? people that post the same thing 3 times.

        • Willy Goebel  → Kyle

          bahaha the only point youve proved is that you have no idea how to handle yourself on this website. poeople arent gonna get rid of a word, especially not when someone with your attitude is asking. keep it real bro.

        • Kyle Madison  → Willy

          Handle myself on a website? Let me know when there are specific rules that should define my behavior on a website please. If you do not like my attitude, than dont reply to my comments. On top of that; your attitude is no better considering you’re more than willling to argue with me. As far as “keeping it real,” I think I have done that by expressing my honest and obviously truthful opinion. Thanks for your time. . .”bro.”

        • Willy Goebel  → Kyle

          Commenting Etiquette
          Be cool. That’s all we ask. The writers and editors put a lot of time into bringing you these articles, so show some respect. It’s ok to be critical, but please be civil about it. Don’t embarrass yourself in front of everyone by making juvenile remarks because you may regret it later. If you have issue with someone, “Get a room.” Nobody wants to see your childish back-and-forth banter. Think twice before commenting, use proper grammar, HAVE FUN, and thanks for adding to the conversation!

          LOL learn to read. its on every single page

        • Kyle Madison  → Willy

          its OUR childish back and forth banter sir. It takes two to argue, but in this case ive successfully made you look like an idiot. Keep arguing and u will only prove that even further.

        • Willy Goebel  → Kyle

          you asked for a word to be entirely erased from existence dude, the only person who that makes look like an idiot is you. now i know youd really like to continue this conversation to try to redeem yourself but i think i speak for the entire sixprizes community when i say that your name shouldn’t be on this page any more times than its already here. if you have nothing better to do than argue about your inability to adapt to the slang that real players use, then take it to the forums, not the card of the day page. pachirisu shouldn’t have to tolerate your illogical crap.

        • Kyle Madison  → Willy

          once again u reply which only proves how oblivious to trolling u r. have a good day sir.

        • theo Seeds  → Kyle

          Basically what you just did is you said something dumb at the beginning, drawing him into an argument, and make him look like a fool by saying something smart. This is a stupid plan. But still, congrats. You are either a really smart person or a really dumb one.

          Why did i go through the old articles?

        • Micah Tate  → theo

          Because the old articles are still good reads XD And trolls are somewhat amusing

  7. Kyle Madison

    i hate the word donk. when did this dumb word become involved in the pokemon tcg?

  8. Kyle Madison

    I have a question that has been frustrating me since my current return to the game. When the hell did the word “donk” become so prevalent within the game. It is the most annoying word I’ve ever heard and I would like to rid the game of it.

    • Dakota Streck  → Kyle

      While I believe that donks are somewhat bad for the game, I don’t have a problem with the actual word.

      In other news, I should have a Card of the Day on Azelf Lv.X ready soon for you guys.

  9. Quarter-Turn

    Oh, how this review might change taking Zekrom into account.

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