Prof-It! Episode 37: Lost World and Gengar Prime Analysis

In this episode I talk about the impact that lost world will have on our format, and I talk about the best way to run the much-hyped Gengar Prime. Check it out, and thanks for watching!


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    • matthew green  → wyeth

      Why don’t you build a list and give it to us!

      Pokemon should be about building and testing your own builds and then comparing with everyone else to make it better. That’s where the fun is, not copying someone else’s list.

      By the way – I am not being rude just giving an idea.

  1. Matthew Riddle

    I’m shocked Mr. Mime (CoL) isn’t mentioned as a great tech in Lost World Gengar decks. Boy, in my testing, it’s been the MVP. So what if my opponent sees my hand, I can constantly keep an update on how many Pokemon my opponent has in their hand for Gengar Prime or how many trainers are in their hand for Poltergeist with the Stormfront Gengar. Mr. Mime becomes a target after a while, and that’s cool, because it takes the focus off attacking Gengar.

    • Anonymous  → Matthew

      I mentioned Mr. Mime a little bit in one of my recent COTD videos–there’s an annotation to it when I talk about Mime Jr.

      • mewuk85  → Anonymous

        even palkia g paired with honchkrow sv is a supreme team. with the lost world staium. pichu is beast in it as well. :)

  2. DrMime

    So my question is, if turbo LostGar is the right move for someone’s meta–they haven’t figured out how to play VileGar in your state maybe–then why not just play Uxie Donk? They run virtually the same engine, and you can win in turn 1 rather than turn 7. So why mess around?

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