PokémanDan’s PokéClass Episode 20 – The Future in Black and White!

This episode, it’s all about our new set coming in April along with a jam-packed news section. I have a lot of content on the Black and White set and important information about new rulings for States, as well as UK States dates. There’s a lot of useful info in this episode with some great stuff happening in the Pokémon TCG!

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous

    nice vid as always. but the first thing you said madibase(the vulture thing) is kingdra prime. spray splash 10 to something then hit it for 50 with sneak attack. also i thought the polar bear thing and the alligator thing(BARNEY!!!!!!!!!) deserved mentioning.

  2. Callylove

    The black bird-thing should be paired up together with Tyranitar Prime. If he uses Darkness Howl to do 20 to every not-dark-type Pokémon in play, then snipe with this bird, it could make a pretty could deck… :)

    • Eelis Peltola  → Callylove

      I like that combo. :D
      Low Energy usage, and “only” a Stage2 line and a Stage1 line, and the option to choose between snipe, spread, or just heavy hits to the active. The only problem will be Donphan hitting your Tyranitar hard and denying spread (w/ Manetric).

      • Anonymous  → Eelis

        next format it id bet manectric will be out. the only problem is phanpy CL and donphan prime have moves that nigate that damage spread(well phanpy negates by 10)

  3. Derek Coontz

    I myself and excited for B/W. The cards look great, the set seems very playable.

  4. Anonymous

    Does anyone know why he thinks Platinum is rotating this fall? Nintendo announced last year they are only rotating 3 sets a year now…….

  5. Ron Routhier

    We have no idea what cards are coming out in this set. P!P will probably break the sets up like they did with Triumphant and COL with Lost World and G-Prime. I doubt we’ll even see Pokemon Catcher until after rotation. I think Trainer Lock will be even more prevelant in the next rotation in conjunction with this set.

  6. Mark B

    Pokemon Catcher will probably the most hyped card amongst all the oldschool players once this set hits shelves.

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