UG Writer of the Month Poll for February 2011

He’s never right!

What’s goin’ on everyone??

I can’t believe it’s March already… I sure hope that darn gopher was right and Spring will come early. I also hope you do AWESOME at State Champions, which start on Saturday March 12th!

(Man… that’s gotta be one of my all time worst/corny lead ins EVER…)

Nah but seriously, I really want to see everyone crush it at States this year. I’m really pushing the writers to give you guys the info you need to get an edge and pull through later this month. I told them to “write articles that will help everyone kill it at States” (or something along those lines).

Later today we’ll have an article from J-Wittz detailing his testing with the Palkia / Lucario deck which has been touched on in a few of our previous articles.

On Thursday Dakota Streck will be making his Underground debut with an article on how to do really good at States (he’s sent me a rough draft and it’s about 10,000 words and has a few rogue-ish decklists… I think everyone will really like it).

Then next week Jason Chen and Tom Hall will have a couple more articles helping you get ready for the big day, then we’ll have a tournament report from John Kettler and analysis from Mike Fouchet after the weekend.

So we’ve got lots of great stuff in store for you!

But in the meantime… I need you to vote for your favorite Underground writers from last month! (February 2011)

[poll id=”22″]

The poll is really important because the top vote-getters are given more article writing opportunities and incentives, so please take this seriously and put some thought into your choices.

You are allowed to vote for who you thought were the 3 best writers during the month of February 2011.

Take your time and be confident in your selections. You may need to re-read some of the articles, go back through forum posts, and collect your thoughts to make a rational decision.

Voting ends Sunday, March 6th at 11:59 PM EST.

Make sure you click “Submit” after you check off your selections.

Thanks to all who participate and thanks for being an Underground member!

Aside: I am planning to go to Pennsylvania States on March 12th and Delaware States on March 19th. I don’t know if I’ll be playing, but I want to hang out and maybe film some of the event. Say hi if you see me!


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