Vote for Writer of the Month – February 2011!

February flew by… which means it’s time to vote for Writer of the Month!

(Side note: Does anyone know why February only has 28 days? Like why don’t a couple of the 31 day months chip in to give February 30 days, and then all the months would have either 30 or 31 days?)

We had 13 different contributors this month compared to 17 last month. February was a short month though… so it kind of makes sense that we were down in that regard.

But the positive behind that stat is that it gives the contributors a much better shot at cracking the top 10, which nabs them a FREE 1 month membership to SixPrizes Underground!

If YOU would like to become a contributor to the site (and have a chance to snag a free UG membership), check out the instructions here.

Vote for your 3 favorite writers from last month (February 2011).

(No top cut voting this time… poll closes Sunday March 6th at 11:59 PM EST.)

  • Lynx Meche

    points to Merissa It’s Merrisa =3 My name is spelled kind of funny.

  • Dave Hueglin

    Hopefully 28 days makes for a shorter winter! Living in Canada as I do, I’m quite ready for spring.

  • Joshua Pikka

    You asked why February had 28 days.

    It goes back to the original roman calender before Julius Caesar.

    King Pompillius made a calender with 10 months and 355 days. (no july or august, because there was not yet Julius Caesar or Augustus)

    Of course 355 is an odd number, and romans thought it unlucky to have months with even numbers, so each month was to end with an odd number, except one. Since February at that time was the last month of the year and it was a bleak time, they decided that february could be the unlucky one, and it would have an even number.

    When Julius Caesar and his Gregorian followers came around and added months and took away days from each month, the even-ness of february did not change (except in leap years).

    So there ya go, I bet ya wish you wouldn’t have asked that question hey Adam?

    • Adam Capriola  → Joshua

      hahah thanks man, yeah I wasn’t expecting a history lesson but I guess it’s good trivia to know :)

  • Joshua Pikka

    Adam I wanted to do something like videos and stuff for maybe we can work together for both sites. Let me know if you wanna do any co-op stuff.

  • Jay Hornung

    Come on guys vote for Jay Hornung, don’t let Kenny Wisdoms “rugged good looks” fool you. Jay is twice as sexy!

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