3rd Place Provincials Report + Mother Gengar List!

Hello 6P! I’m sorry I haven’t written much lately. I’ve been devoting most of my time to testing, and haven’t put much time online.

So, the night before Provincials, I’m facing a dilemma. Should I play a 4-3-3-1 Gengar SF line and a 1-0-1 Nidoqueen RR line, or, play a 4-2-3-1 Gengar SF line with a 1-1-1 Nidoqueen RR line. I asked the UG staff for help, and Cabd said to play a 4-3-3-1 Gengar line and a 1-1-1 Nidoqueen line.

I don’t have a ton of room, and don’t want to go over the 24 Pokémon limit. His suggestion proved correct though, as later I would succumb to this decision I made.

I also considered adding in a Froslass GL, but I thought it wouldn’t come in handy. ANOTHER bad decision. I end up going with the 1-0-1 Nidoqueen line.

I get there and I sit with a bunch of my friends from league. We discuss the tournament and we talk about what we are going to play. I’m playing Gengar SF/Crobat G with Nidoqueen tech, or Gengar G. ;)

26 Seniors, 5 Rounds, Top Cut Of 4.

Round 1 VS. Randy P. with Tangrowth/stuff

This guy was really nice. He said it was his second tournament, and that he was hoping to have fun. I start Spiritomb with Psychic and Pokémon Collector in hand. He benches a bunch of random basics such as Togepi, Growlithe, Magmar etc… I draw the first prize my 3rd turn after “Shadow Room”ing his Magmar twice plus a Flash Bite.

By the time I’ve drawn 3 Prize cards, he has set up a Tangrowth CL and Knocks Out my Gengar with “Grind” I flip heads on “Fainting Spell” and proceed to clean up with Nidoqueen’s “Ruthless Tail.” I have 1 Prize card remaining when he stalls with Mime Jr. CL, but he wakes up and I Knock it Out FTW!


Round 2 VS. Boyce F. with Lost-Vile-Gar

pokebeach.comMy memory is fuzzy, but I think I start with a Gastly and set up 2 Gengars. He sacks a Spiritomb to set up his Gengar Prime and Vileplume, and by the time he’s done his first “Hurl Into Darkness” I’ve drawn 2 Prizes. He starts to Cursed Droplets some stuff like my Nidoran and Spiritomb, but I set up a knockout on 2 Pokémon with “Flash Bite” and “Compound Pain.”

At this point, I’ve got 2 Prize cards remaining with 4 Pokémon in my Lost Zone. He gets a Gengar SF out, and Shadow Rooms my Gengar LV.X I drop another Crobat G, and KO his Azelf.

He does yet another “Shadow Room” on my Gengar LV.X I “Shadow Room” his Gengar SF. He promotes his Gengar Prime, and uses “Cursed Droplets” to send my Gengar to the Lost Zone. I can’t get the KO that turn so pass, expecting the Lost World and the loss. He is unable to get his Lost World though, so next turn I get a Gengar and KO his Gengar SF! GG!


Round 3 VS. George Y. with Gyarados

After reading up on past city reports, I wanted to be sure I could outplay G-dos. This is part of what led me to choose this deck. I start with a Crobat G and Gastly, and get the turn 1 Gengar with Rare Candy and Psychic. I start to take prizes off all the pixies he’s playing, and he takes a long time to finally get out 2 G-dos.

At this point, I’ve taken 3 Prizes and he’s taken none. He Knocks Out my Gengar and I win the “Fainting Spell” flip. I take yet another prize off something (I think it was Ditto LA) and he Knocks Out my Gengar with “Tail Revenge” I flip heads on Fainting Spell. :)


Me and my dad walk to Subway to get a sandwich. Nathan tells me he thinks I can make top 4. I tell him I probably wont and am just here to have fun, not to win.

We talk for a bit more, and then we talk to Nevoh who is having the worst luck with starts. He either starts Regirock or Spiritomb with nothing good in hand.

Round 4 VS. ??? with Vilegar with Nidoqueen Tech

He thinks I’m playing Vilegar so doesn’t bother to set up his Vileplume. We both set up Nidoqueen though, but I have Crobat G, giving me the advantage. We start the Gengar exchange, which is the most boring mirror ever, but a misplay can cost you it.

At one point when we have about 10 minutes remaining, he sends up his Spiritomb so he can “Darkness Grace” to evolve his Haunter. I use my Azelf’s “Lock Up” on it and it creates a nice little infinite lock because of his Nidoqueen.

With about three minutes left, he draws a Warp Energy and KOs my benched Gengar. Time is called and I’m turn 0 and leading by a prize. I “Flash Bite” and “Shadow Room” for the KO on his Spiritomb. He decides to “Shadow Room” my benched Uxie, a misplay that lost him the game. I Psychic Restore under and he can’t take a prize next turn, so I win!


I’m really pumped at this point because I know I can make top 4 no matter what. Nathan congratulates me and the next pairings are up! We have to do deck checks though which led to me getting bad draws.

Round 5 VS. Chris V. with Healix

pokebeach.comWe both start slowly but he sets up a full Steelix about turn 5. I take a Prize off Skuntank G with Gengar, but he KOs it and I flip tails on Fainting Spell. He Pokémon Reversals a bunch of stuff up and takes 6 Prizes.


So, I wait for about an hour, and then I find out I’m second out of top 4. I’m facing my opponent from round 4, which I’m not happy about, now that he knows what my deck is.

Round 6 VS. ??? with Vilegar with Nidoqueen Tech

Game 1:

We both set up fast, but he gets a Vileplume out, single handily winning him the Gengar Exchange because of my inability to play my Nidoqueen.


Game 2:

I draw my opening hand and I start with Azelf. He starts with Oddish and goes first. He passes and I hope to topdeck an Energy so I can Donk with “Lock Up” and Expert Belt plus Oddish’s weakness. I wiff it though and he proceeds to steam roll me with a hand full of trainers.


So, I end the day happy, but frustrated I didn’t play the 1-1-1 Queen line or Froslass GL. Mr. Mime was a total waste of space, and I only used him once to see if my opponent had Lost World. I had a great time though!


  • Nathan Cheering me on
  • Team Card Masters for top-cutting all age divisions!
  • Nevoh for humor
  • Great Judges and organization
  • Event running quickly
  • Gengar
  • Crobat G
  • JUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the Supporter)
  • Pulling 4 Mime Jr! in 8 packs!
  • Top Cutting
  • Underground, its so amazing!


  • Not playing 1-1-1 Queen line and 4-3-3-1 Gengar line
  • Not playing Froslass GL to decimate those Vileplumes
  • Mr. Mime >:(
  • Not donking last round.
  • Gengar Mirrors for being boring

So, this article is kinda short, and since I’m not posting my list, I figured I should at least post some list. This is the Mother Gengar list I tested, and it works really well:

Pokémon – 274 Spiritomb AR
4 Gastly SF
3 Haunter (Your choice)
4 Gengar SF / 3 Gengar SF, 1 Gengar LV.X
2 Nidoran + RR
1 Nidorina RR
2 Nidoqueen RR
2 Uxie LA
2 Crobat G PL
1 Unown Q MD
Trainers – 234 Pokémon Collector
3 Bebe’s Search
2 Twins
1 Lucian’s Assignment
3 Rare Candy
2 Poké Turn
1 Junk Arm
1 Luxury Ball
2 Pokémon Communication
2 Broken Time-Space
Energy – 10 7 P
2 Rescue
1 Double Colorless / Warp / Psychic / Twins

This list works amazing against Vilegar, Shuppet Donk, Dialgachomp and Machamp. It can use Nidoqueen to take down a bunch of random decks to. Watch out for Lostgar though, it can single handedly destroy this deck. You may even want to tech in a Regice.

If you’ve got any questions or comments about my report or list, feel free to post them in the comments!

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  1. Anonymous

    To clarify, i’m not actually UG staff, just a UG member. My hate of 1-0-1 lines stems from my meta, california, with craploads of vileplume variants. That’s why I said to go with the 1-1-1.

    • Jonah Davids  → Anonymous

      I know, I asked the UG staff, but members can also respond. I thought our meta would be G-dos heavy, but apparently the G-dos hate turned to Vilegar.

      • Anonymous  → Jonah

        I know that YOU know, but non-UG members never saw the post, lol. Unless Adam gave some noob like me a surprise promotion.

    • Jonah Davids  → Anonymous

      I know! Its probably my favourite supporter. Theres just so many times when your opponent has a ridiculously good hand, or just Uxie’d, and you Judge it away. Their face is Priceless!

      Many people say lookers is better because its more versatile, but who cares about that extra card when you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone?

  2. Colin Peterik

    Just pointing out the obvious, the correct play is 1-1 Blissey PL.

    • Jonah Davids  → Colin

      I actually have to disagree. While blissey is certainly the safer play, it is much more one sided. Nidoqueen is also a secondary attacker, and can heal what Blissey can but to every Pokemon.

      • Willy Goebel  → Jonah

        personally i prefer blissey, in part because it helps you empty your hand against vilegar, but thats just me. the choice between blissey and nidoqueen is by no means obvious, and there is definitely no absolute correct play.

        • Jonah Davids  → Willy

          Another reason I didn’t use blissey is that it can discard trainers
          and Pokemon in the Vilegar and Lostgar matchup, but there is no
          Poltergeisting in the Gengar mirror, and Nidoqueen’s abiity to 2HKO
          Gengar Prime as well as heal cursed drops damage is invaluable. I
          agree in a Vilegar deck that Blissey is the Correct play, but this
          isn’t a Vilegar deck.

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