First States EVER! Wisconsin Midwest States Report

Hey SixPrizes! It’s Franco! First of all, I would like to thank you all for reading my article on Andrea Ceolin’s LostGar deck! It is the top read article on SixPrizes in the past month and it has only been around for 2/less than two weeks! Also, thanks to Adam for making it a featured article!

Anyway, this is my first tournament report, I didn’t have notes so it might not be as detailed and I forgot about taking notes like until the last round (*bonk*). Anyway, I had a BLAST at my states, it was my first one too so I was really happy.

pokebeach.comNow the deck I ran was actually VileGar, not LostGar. I was thinking about doing LostGar but I decided to make the switch because of my testing results. I will place the decklist at the end of the article.

So, I went with my friend, JW, to the site. I was like OMG when I saw it. (This was my first States so… yeah.) After turning in my decklist, I traded for some stuff for MagneRock (I might do an article on that) and I faced a person in Masters with my LuxChomp and it didn’t go so well.

I also met J-Wittz (Josh) and gave him some Hoppips and he signed one for me so that was really cool. So, after buying some cards and 2 reverse holofoil Bebe’s Search for $6, I waited a while and then pairings were up.

(I didn’t memorize anyone’s names, sorry! L )

Round 1 Vs. Nidoqueen – Victreebell Deck

This person goes to my local league so I was a bit surprised that I had to face her first round. I start Spiritomb and Gastly, she starts with a Nidoran female. She goes first so she attaches and hits my Spiritomb for 10.

I draw Pokémon Collector for an Uxie, Oddish and another Gastly. I “Darkness Grace” afterward for Gloom. She draws and gets a Nidorina out and almost KOs my Spiritomb. I then Bebe’s for a Haunter, evolve my Gastly, and Darkness Grace KOing myself for Vileplume.

My opponent then Pokémon Collector’s for a Bellsprout and two other Pokémon I don’t remember. Then she evolves into Nidoqueen KOing my active. I get Gengar out the following turn and have two energies attached to it and sweep her Pokémon. Good Game!


Afterward, I trade some more and go to the next round.

Round 2 Vs. Machamp Donk (DonkChamp)

pokebeach.comThis guy had purple sunglasses as well as a Togepi plush with purple sunglasses attached to it too so it was cool. As my opponent was shuffling, he dropped a Machoke from his deck so I knew what he was playing.

He goes first with an Infernape 4 active and Uxie on bench. He passes. I draw, Pokémon Collector for a Spiritomb, Oddish, and Gastly.

I then Darkness Grace for a Gloom. My opponent uses Pokémon Collector for Azelf, Uxie, and Unown Q. Then he uses “Time Walk” to get a Machop out of his prizes and Uses “Quick” on Infernape, attaches an energy and passes.

I draw a Vileplume and evolve Gloom and I Collector for an Unown Q, Gastly, and Uxie. I then use Quick on Spiritomb, “Set Up” from Uxie and Darkness Grace for a Haunter.

My opponent uses Professor Oak’s New Theory (PONT) to shuffle away his hand. He then evolves Machop into Machoke. I draw, get an energy onto Haunter and make it into Gengar SF via Darkness Grace.

My opponent then PONT’s again and passes. I get another energy onto Gengar and retreat Spiritomb and sweep my opponent with “Poltergeist.” Good Game!


(Machamp SF pic, right thumbnail)

After that I trade SOME MORE (I love trading) and wait for the next round. I also trade Yoshi for two reverse holo Power Spray, a reverse holo Energy Gain, and three reverse holo SP Radars for a reverse holo Lost World, a DCE(?) and two reprint Scythers. Thanks Yoshi!

Round 3 Vs. VileGar with Machamp tech

pokebeach.comI think that this was against Yoshi’s daughter, except that I am not really positive about it. So, I start double Gastly and go first. I attach a Psychic and then use “Pitch Dark” to end. My opponent then uses Pokémon Collector to get two Gastly and something else and Darkness Graces to get a Gloom out.

I then draw and get a Psychic energy. I attach the Psychic to my other Gastly and “Trick Gas” for 10. My opponent gets a Gengar out, gets an energy on it and uses “Shadow Room” on one of my Gastly.

I then evolve my active Gastly into Haunter and attach another psychic to it. I then use “Sleep Poison” and put my opponent’s Gengar to sleep and poisons it. She then Bebe’s for a Gengar LV.X and levels up her Gengar to get rid of the status conditions. She then Poltergeists and KOs my Haunter.

I then draw and get MY GENGAR THAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. I got really mad and then Palmer’s Contribution (my only Supporter all game) to bring back the KO’ed Haunter. Now my opponent builds up a Machamp, attaches a Rainbow Energy and just sweeps my bench (all basics) with “Take Out.” Good Game!


Afterward, I trade for reverse holo staples, reverse holo Copycats/PONTs, more Magnezone stuff, and have a lunch break with my dad, brother, and friends at the site.

Round 4 Vs. VileGar with Lost World

No, this is not like a hybrid between VileGar and LostGar, he ran two Gengar SF and only one Gengar Prime. So I start first and have a Gastly and Oddish while my opponent has a double Oddish start. I get Spiritomb out and evolve into Vileplume for some odd reason. My opponent then gets a Gengar Prime and Gengar SF out so he uses “Cursed Drop” on my Pokémon to send them to the Lost Zone.

I get a Gengar SF right after him and we both exchange prizes until time is called. I had 2 Prizes and he had one. He was turn 0. He brought up Oddish and since I only had an Uxie with an energy on it, (I attached it on the next turn) I was 10 damage away from making the match go to sudden death. (That was turn 1.) It ticked me off.

So then he warped the Oddish out of there and put in a Gengar SF with LV.X and leveled it up which I could have Knocked it Out with Uxie LV.X’s “Zen Blade” attack. (That was turn 2.) So on turn three, I decked out and passed and my opponent KO’ed my active Uxie LV.X with Poltergeist. Good Game!


Afterward, I claimed my door prize. I wanted a playmat (I would get one later on) and I got a Garchomp tin with some stuff in it. At first I was like “this sucks so bad” because all I could see was damage counters. Then when I opened the tin, I saw Pre-Release sleeves (the Celebi kind) and I was like okay.

pokebeach.comAnd then I opened up the deck box and I saw a bunch of energies and four Copycat and four Sages’ Training and… A RAYQUAZA AND DEOXYS FULL LEGEND!!!!!!!! Then I was like skip the playmat, I got a full Legend for FREE!

Then I looked through my other cards and then I got a Vileplume UD, Tyranitar SF, Garchomp C LV.X Promo, and an Uxie League Promo. Then I asked the first person I saw if they were willing to trade their playmat and they said yes.

They wanted two Magnezone Prime for it so I jumped at the deal (it was the HGSS playmat too). I wanted a playmat so badly that I was so happy. After all of that, I was pumped up and ready for the next two rounds.

Round 5 Vs. ChenLock

Okay, let’s put it this way, I started with Spiritomb, locked his trainers, KO’ed his only Mewtwo counter (Honchkrow SV) and walled my opponent with Mewtwo LV.X while having a Gengar Prime and Gengar SF and Vileplume on my bench. I won. Good Game!


Round 6 Vs. LuxLock (LoxChomp)

Okay, my opponent starts Roserade, I start Gastly. I Pitch Dark and pass. My opponent Collectors for some stuff I don’t remember about and passes. I get Mewtwo and Spiritomb with Collector. I put up Mewtwo by evolving Haunter and retreating it and bringing up Mewtwo. I pass.

pokebeach.comMy opponent attaches Energy Gain to his Roserade and “Poison Binds” locking my Mewtwo. I however had the Warp Energy so I attach it to Mewtwo, Seeker it up to get rid of the damage, and Collector for an Unown Q and use Quick.

I Darkness Grace for a Gengar SF. Afterward, my opponent locks Spiritomb in the active slot with Poison Bind. Now, I use Collector for two Gastly and drop them. I use Darkness Grace to evolve one into Haunter. My opponent now KOs my Spiritomb and gets a prize.

I then send out Mewtwo and Twins for a Psychic energy and Mewtwo LV.X and after that, it goes downhill for him from there. I get a bit nervous and almost rush him because whoever wins this match might make top-cut but he scoops anyway. I want to thank him for being patient when I was un-nerved and was cool when he lost. Good Game!


So, I wait for a while and I didn’t make top-cut. There was a lot of 4-2’s but I wasn’t one of the ones who made it. I was 10th place and for my first States, I was pretty darn happy with it.

Afterward, I traded some more (got more Magnezone Prime) and participated in the side tournament which you get a booster pack every time you win. It was $5 for entry but I got 1st place with LuxChomp.

I faced Donphan for the first round and ALL OF HIS DONPHAN WERE IN HIS PRIZES! I felt sorry for the guy but hey, a win is a win right? Next, I played Gengar Prime with Mew Prime and Palkia G LV.X and I beat that and then I beat a Tyranitar deck thanks to my trusty Toxicroak G promo!

So I got 4 packs in all and in my first one I pulled a Shiny Dialga and in my other three I got a reverse holo Dual Ball, reverse holo PONT, and Lost World so I got my money’s worth. In all, my day was pretty exciting and fun. I am looking forward to Regionals which will be in Wisconsin Dells so see you all there!

Props: dad for bringing me to the event

-J-Wittz for signing my Hoppip and playmat

-Yoshi for giving me a really good deal for reverse holo Cyrus Engine

-All the people I traded with

-Troy for hosting the event

-The guy who traded me that playmat (Thank you so much!)

-JW and my other friends for being there

-My brother

-One of my friends making top-cut

-My door prize

-All the judges for being impartial and quick

-Everyone at the event

-Having a blast at my first States!


-Not making top-cut

-Not drawing into a search Supporter round 3

-The cops for coming when somebody’s I-Pod got stolen o.o

-My brother not making top-cut

-My friend not making top-cut

By the way, here is my decklist I promised:

Pokémon – 30 

4 Gastly SF
3 Haunter TM
2 Gengar SF
1 Gengar Prime
2 Oddish LA #112
1 Gloom LA #97
1 Gloom LA #96
2 Vileplume UD
3 Spiritomb AR
1 Regice LA
1 Mr. Mime CoL
1 Mewtwo MD
1 Mewtwo LV.X DP-28
2 Uxie LA
1 Uvie LV.X LA
1 Azelf LA
2 Unown Q MD

Trainers – 18 

3 Bebe’s Search
3 Pokémon Collector
3 Twins
3 Seeker
2 Copycat
1 Palmer’s Contribution
3 Broken Time-Space

Energy – 12 

6 P
3 Warp
3 Rescue

Thanks for reading and see ya!

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  1. Dakota Streck

    Good job, a very solid performance. Do you have an idea as to how many people were at States (sorry if I missed it in your article)?

  2. eli moses

    Lolz i was there i saw you i was the one who WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ANyways nice job i was wearing an aaron rodgers jersey

    • Franco L III  → eli

      ooh yeah, I remember you. I sat next to you like round 2? Yeah, cool. Did you get anything cool from your box?

  3. wisconsinsquad

    HEY MAN! I’m the guy in purple! The purple pro. :) I got 4th…

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