Prof-It! Episode 39: 2011 State Championship Report (Two 2nd Places!)

Unlike last year, I followed my own advice from Episode 38 and was able to have a great performance at State Championships. Thanks for watching, and enjoy the episode!

– Josh

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  1. Ed Mandy

    Is it weird that I liked the old low-fi intro better? Maybe I just got used to it.

    Nice work on the two states. Even though you didn’t win, that’s quite a run!

    Man, you ought to start selling JWittz randomizers. It seemed like every time you mentioned Initiative, the phrase “double heads” accompanied.

    It was nice to hear about my boys from Minnesota (Lukas, Nick, and Emmanuel) even though it sounds like they went through Missouri to get to Wisconsin. I might have to show ’em a map before Regionals.

    • Anonymous  → Ed

      I think the first 50 or so comments on the new theme were all positive, but now it seems like everybody is pretty mixed over which one they like better. I’m more concerned with replacing that horrible video intro than replacing the sound, but it’s not every day you get invited into a professional studio, and I decided to jump at the opportunity when it was given to me. I always appreciate the feedback though, I’ll have to see how the opinion pans out when I get the new video as well.

      I think this states run was some kind of way for karma to even out what happened at City Championships to me this year (just watch profit 36 : P). I normally flip pretty terribly with initiative, so hitting some heads was a huge help.

      I didn’t know you were from Minnesota! The only players I knew from there previously were Andy and Emmanuel, but it’d be cool to see you some time. I’ll be at Missouri regionals if that’s where you’re headed : )

      • Ed Mandy  → Anonymous

        Heh Heh. Nah, I won’t be at Missouri. I plan to be in WI, though.

        I definitely like the old music better, but that doesn’t mean that the new music isn’t better. For this type of thing, I think change is good. You have to move forward or things get stale. Maybe you can mix it up a bit and run the old music/video every once in a while, though, for those of us who like the old-school gritty street flavor of the original. :P

  2. MultX

    JWittz is now LvX (the picture) :D He will win worlds by sheer power of hoppip Js))

    Waiting for the video for your theme song) At first i didn’t like it very much but got used to it quickly)

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