Vote for Writer of the Month – March 2011!

Another page torn off the calendar… you know what that means!


I would normally write something witty right here, but I have to catch a flight Thursday morning at 5:30 AM and it’s 10:43 PM Wednesday night as I write this and I haven’t packed yet… so let’s get to it.

P.S. Remember that the top 10 vote getters get a FREE month of SixPrizes Underground!

In the words of Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar:


If YOU would like to become a contributor to the site (and have a chance to snag one of those free UG memberships), check out the instructions here.

Vote for your 3 favorite writers from last month (March 2011).

Poll closes Wednesday April 6th at 11:59 PM EST.)

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In other news…

Regionals in the US are on Saturday April 16th. That’s like really soon… just over 2 weeks away. Good luck to everyone planning to attend and happy playtesting!

To find a Regional Championship location near you, search here.

Also check out the beta version of Pokémon TCG Online if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s pretty cool!

Time to pack… I’ll be back to answer comments and e-mails on Sunday night.


P.S. Congrats

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  1. Anonymous

    Woops, I forgot to submit anything this month. Oh well, that’s what i get for not being able to attend states. I’ll be back before regionals i guess.

  2. Jay Hornung

    I appreciate all the people who voted for me, if you enjoy high quality articles please vote for me. I have a few more much larger and more indepth articles in the works but I won’t bother if you guys aren’t enjoying what I’m writing. So if you like what I’m writing please vote for me so I know you guys my stuff.

      -Jay Hornung
  3. Franco L III

    Hey guys, thanks for voting for me! Not trying to brag or anything (but I am sorta lol) my “Andrea Ceolin’s LostGar Predicted Deck List and Analysis” article is almost to 3,900 views ATM! Thanks so much to all who voted for me and read/viewed my article! Please vote for me! Thanks!

  4. Anonymous

    Top 10, baby! Yeah! Thanks y’all for votin’ for me!!!!!! WOO!

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