PokémanDan’s PokéClass Episode 24 – What Have We Learned?

Hey All!

This week is a recap of States happenings in the UK. Standings, top decks and future predictions are all in this packed episode along with a ton of news about what’s been going on while we’ve been at tournaments. There’s also a quick look at how our new set will shake up the metagame! Make sure you subscribe!


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  1. Matthew Riddle

    Oops, Catcher isn’t in the set….

    Thanks Nintendo! :/

  2. Matthew Riddle

    I’d like to reply to myself and say that Nintendo has really butchered a great set. Oh well, I guess they want the current top decks to have one last spike in dominance before they are rotated out.

    • Joseph Horth  → Matthew

      Too bad Nintendo has nothing to do with the cards in our set, that’d be The Pokemon Company International. Also would you really like a format were Sableye is the best card and we have Catcher?

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