Dusknoir LV.X (Stormfront SF 96) – Card of the Day

pokebeach.comYo! kn3ll_ here, with your Card of the Day! Stormfront is certainly gone with next rotation, so let’s make good uses of its cards we still can… Cards like Dusknoir LV.X.

Dusknoir LV.X, as its name suggests, is a Level-Up of the Stage-2 Dusknoir. It’s got 140 HP. Awful bulky for a ghost. A x2 weakness to Dark isn’t anything to really be worried about, and a -20 resistance to colorless is a blessing. A Retreat Cost of 3 is high, but not too bad for a LV.X, I guess…

As far as Dusknoirs go, Stormfront 17 is the one you’ll want to pair with this. It has an interesting Poké-body, but it isn’t the Card of the Day.

Dusknoir LV.X has no attacks, so you’ll rely on the Dusknoir you leveled up from to hit with. But it does have a very unique Poké-power, “Ectoplasm”. When Dusknoir LV.X is Knocked Out by damage from your opponent’s attack, Dusknoir LV.X has the ability to enter play as a Stadium card. How cool is that??

So, when Dusknoir LV.X enters play as a Stadium, your opponent still takes a Prize card, and in-between turns, you put one damage counter on all your opponent’s Pokémon. That’s serious. Damage creep will hurt them a TON and opens opportunities for dozens of combos. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The problem here, folks, lies in Dusknoir LV.X’s Poké-power. It’s a Poké-power. Even if you did get “Ectoplasm” to activate, it’s as simple as your opponent producing another Stadium to end its effect. Your opponent will inevitably be up 1 Prize when you do this, too. It’s just the nature of the card. We’re not even counting in the difficulty of getting a Level Up of a Stage-2 Pokémon in play.

Dusknoir LV.X gets a 5/5 for originality, but a 2/5 for playability. It’s simply too difficult to set up and too easy to counter. It’s a very interesting card, and has a lot of potential in different formats. But that’s not what is, unfortunately, and Dusknoir LV.X will end up with the short end of the stick, becoming binder fodder despite being what should be a really cool card.

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  1. Nicolas Montes

    No offense, but you should have your articles checked just a little bit. Ectoplasam can not be Power Sprayed because it happens during your opponent’s turn. For similar reasons, it can also not be Psychic Locked either.

        • Tamao Cameron  → Nicolas

          It was never there, I read the article when it was at 0 views and had the same concern as you until I reread and realised he never mentioned power spray.

    • Daniel Middleton  → Nicolas

      i read this straight after you posted this comment and talk about power spray was definatelly there. Anyways, very interesting card and well written COTD by any means :) ive always wanted to try to get this card working..

      • Sam W  → Daniel

        I didn’t realize that it couldn’t be Power-Sprayed. I still think it’s far too difficult to play, requiring 4 cards to get the stadium to activate and being countered by other Stadiums. But thanks to all who liked it!

  2. Taylor Duffin

    I also disagree with the playability of this card. It was a crucial card in the deck that won Utah states.

  3. Burrows Jacob

    I don’t know why this card hasn’t been looked at more, it can be broken. I have made a killer legues deck, you use it with Dialga G’s deafen and tank while your opponent slowly dies.

  4. void

    okay playability is high ur not thinkng enough, azelf, dialga, unkown g, q , dialga lvl x cynthias feelings max level and some more cards that let u draw

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